Peppermint Work Management

Peppermint Work Management empowers law firms with a complete view of personnel, leveraging intelligent analysis and personnel data to identify the best person for a case, matter, or general task.


Modern law firms need a holistic view of the capabilities and availability of their team to ensure cases, matters, and general tasks are managed efficiently and effectively.

Peppermint Work Management is a platform which allocates the best person to complete a task to the highest standard with the least delay.

Integrating with existing personnel data, Work Management uses intelligent, automated analysis of staff workloads, employee competencies, experience, expertise and working patterns to provide a lightweight, easy-to-use, and powerful solution to address the resource allocation challenges faced by law firms today.

allocate effectively

Allocate tasks based on a combination of employee competency levels and capacity, whilst taking working patterns into account.


increase productivity

Track the progress of tasks and monitor escalations, in a proactive manner. Re-allocate tasks where absence occurs or working patterns change.


Reduce bias

Let your firm’s data on skills and availability decide who is best to perform a task and remove the potential of unconscious bias in work allocation.


centralise data

Link tasks to data hosted outside the work management system, for example, a Case & Matter Management solution or another a 3rd party system.

Extending your firm’s Microsoft 365 ecosystem

Peppermint Work Management provides a seamless extension to Microsoft 365 and existing data in the Peppermint platform. This enables quick setup and value realisation, saving time and complex data query overheads.