Yoshihiro Yoshihi draws the blood of Sengoku's strongest clan is hot! Faint slippage difference which separated fate from surviving Tachibana Muneo

Although martial art existed in intelligence and diplomacy also can not be thrown away, the flower form of the Warring States period is still a frenetic faction I guess.
Do not be afraid of opponent opponents even with toddlers' breasts' stick to it '!
The strongest warrior in the east and west, Tadakatsu Honda and Mune Matsumoto may be their representative, but similar people come out from a clan that is too strong …… Today is a story of a brave man not well known to the world today .

Keicho May 5 (1600) September 13 is the day that Yoshihiro Yoshihiro (Yoshihiro Muneyuki) died.

Does some people have some final forecast on this timing in 1600?
Let's talk from my earlier life by example.

My father is brother of Takahashi Shigeru, relations with Itami Tachibana Musumi

Takayuki was born as the eldest son of Etsuko Yoshihiro 's secretary (Shigenobu) in Eiroku six years (1563).
Because Tsunenobu and Mr. Takahashi Shigeru Father's father · Takahashi Shunku are brothers, he is a cousin of Munehira.

Otomo Tsutsumi of this era is a bit confusing because he is going to adopt this place a bit, but the first name of Takahashi Shunku is Yoshihiro Yoshihiro ("Shimasa" or "Shitatada") Knowing that it is, will it become a little easy to understand?

Because familiar family tree appears in official site of Okura prefecture · Bungo Takada city which is the locality of conscience, please click here if you are struggling.

Although Sengoku warlord enters into a young generation, it is Suzuki, but since his father died in battle of Otagawa in the Tensho Six years (1578), he will succeed his family as a young man at the age of 15.
And as early as Tenga eight years (1580), when Otomo Tsutomu Tahara Kenji (Taburu Chikatsura) caused a rebellion, since war dead is raised, from the whole house "reliable youth It would have been thought that it was.

Afterwards, Yukue has been active when the Otomo family became affiliated with Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Shimazu was conquered.
It is the battle of Toba river in the beginning of the 14th year of Tenpo (1586) which is the first war.

Together at the battle of Todogawa river to prevent Shimadzu's pursuit of fire

This battle is famous for that "various officials in Kyushu and Shikoku have been defeated by the failure of Hidehisa Sengoku, commander of the field from the Toyotomi family", but at the same time Yuzuki is working lionically quickly It was.

The master who undergoes Shimadzu's pursuing · Otomo Yoshimichi (Yoshimune) and Nagami Sogabe Army, Sengoku army and so on, with only 300 forces Selected as a role.
300 was divided into three units, one got a gun, two bows, a three-sided set of long spears, said to have interrupted the crossing of the Shimadzu army.

Unfortunately in the Nagoya Army the legitimate and relatives died after the fierce battle, but we were able to raise the righteousness safely.
Moreover, we have succeeded in delaying the Shimadzu invasion of the prefecture by one day.

At this time, Yukue is 23 years old. It is a really brilliant fight.

Perhaps it was probable that Mr. Tachibana Tachibana who was a cousin later raised bigger warfare with the offensive against Shimazu, so that the work of Suicide became inconspicuous.

It is awesome talent to make the withdrawal war successful.
At least, I think that it should be acceptable to receive an evaluation equivalent to Kanegasaki's retreat (battle of Kanegasaki) … … Is not it because the degree of recognition and the master's level are too different?

Bought the anger of Hideyoshi Otomo Yoshimichi made Assassie reform

Yoshida who picked up his life and position by the work of the reunion will then play a major role in the role of Bunroku in the twentieth year (1592).
When a request for relief from Mr. Konishi came, a false report of "Konishi Corps annihilation" came immediately afterwards, so I withdrew without going to rescue.

This bought the anger of Hideyoshi, it was easily renewed.

Although saying

there were other lords who passed through a request for relief from the Konishi Corps. Did some arbitrary work on the way to be reported to Hideyoshi?
Or it may have been judged that "(from the former capability suspicious) right way, I can not leave Kyushu northern part (about the entering of the Tang) forefront all the time, it will be a good opportunity to change this time" .

Even in Daimyo himself, there are many examples that the vassals survived with excellence, but hey … but the excellence of Otomo's vassals is origami.

Yoshimichi was bowed down by this lord, but a helping boat was issued for the vassal of the same house.

Yukue is one of them, invited to Kuroda Nishimizu (government officials), and is temporarily deposited at the house of Kuroda's secretary, Inoue Kunobu.
And when the bloom got cold, she served herself to Masamo who was Yanagawa Castle owner Hideyoshi's Naozono Daimyo and was granted 2000 stones.

In the role of Keicho, I participate as a member of the Tachibana Army.

I can not abandon the old owner To the Seiji army at Sekigahara

At the time of Keicho 5 (1600), Yukue was at the Tachibana family.

However, the Otomo family owner · Yoshinori (Yoshinori) at the time served the Tokugawa family at this time, and Ieyasu said "If you have a hand in this battle, you may return to Daimyo in Bungo 1 country." As I was told, I says that I was strengthening my determination to work for the East.
As a result, Mr. Kuniyoshi resigned from the Tachibana family and headed east, trying to come down to the lower house.

The gear of destiny begins to go mad

The retired retinist turned to the West Army and thought of getting back to the old by force.
Though it was thought that such a person who had an excellent vassal and had been revamped would do such a thing often, but when he returned to the old, even a former Otomo vassal and surrounding influential people gathered together, Is it such a place as the prestige of the famous house …?

Mr. Koichi, who was heading to the east, also encountered Yoshinobu on the way and heard a story, "As you are going to take the Tokugawa way, Mr. Yoshimasa is going to join the Tokugawa, please join us."
I do not listen to this right.

I can not abandon the former owner, Yukue follows obedience. It was the last branch point that can not be turned back.

I will win the Kuroda 's Senior Fleet, but my mind is absent from midfield by the absence of military defense

Yukiyuki attacks Kitsuki castle where Hosokawa family's secretary – Mr. Yasuyuki Matsui is out.
However, the reinforcements of the Kuroda family came on the way, interrupting the castle attack and becoming a field war.
It is what is called "Battle of Ishigakihara" taking the place name of the battlefield place.

Sorrowfully fought again here and won the victory at the opposing party of Kuroda Army.
However, I do not know when Kuroda Army 's top government officer will head towards relief, so the morale of the Great Friend Army will not rise up.

Basically, any general battle, if General General comes, morale will rise sharply. If you can not grasp the timing, it will keep you hanging out for the other side, so it can be said that it is one of psychological tactics.
If the morale is high from the base, you can say, "Before the enemy's general captain arrives, please make it a cottage!", But at the top of the great friendly friend the top is a righteous. It's in the "Do you understand?" State.

In this way morale goes down jilly, Kōkyu decides the mind.
After telling Farewell to good-bye this time, he led a thirty cavalryers to assassinate the Kuroda Corps and died greatly.

When the last time was left in the Kuroda family, he made him take his neck after self-cutting in order to give his achievement to Keunobu Inoue who was taken care of.
Sanada Yukimura (Shinchi) also has such an episode when it comes to Osaka Natsu's team, but maybe the later generations will reflect the desire to honor the last of the brave (The end of Yukimura It was told that it was unknown who was the head at first when it was slaughtered in the middle).

In addition, it is also reminiscent of his uncle Takahashi Shigeru's death (Takahashi Shunku fought against the Shimadzu army's opponent in the fight of Iwatoya Castle by fighting a soldier and battle dead).

Later, Otomo Yoshimichi surrenders to the Kuroda family and survives. In a miserable state of keeping Akita real season … ….
Instead of listening to what the deceased servants say, I think there has not been anything to think about surviving until the sacrifice of those people.
If I have a negative attitude or pride to the vassal, I will be upset, I am likely to mourn the vassal of the vassal while trying to practice the Buddha around Koyasan.

Owners and Otomo family have survived as high house flags books

Although the Otomi family since then has temporarily been discontinued, it has returned and has survived as a high house flag family.

"Takaoka Famimoto" is a bannerman who hosts an invitation of a courtroom and communicates with a shrine company, and is a post which is supposed to be only a venerable master. In famous places, the victims of the Genroku Ako case (Chushingura), Yoshihiro Kira and Masakawa Imabikawa (grandchild of Imagawa Masami) are the houses of high house bannermen.
They were regarded as worthy of high families in order to fulfill the flow of the Ashikaga family.

Otomo family also was originally Mr. Fujiwara family, and since he served as Bungo Guardian since the Kamakura period, he was a famous family.
That is why the regret of the righteousness and the excellence of the vassals stand out.

Currently, the trajectories of Yoshihiro's people, including Yukihiro, can be seen at the Kobo area historical exhibition hall in Bungo Takada City.

I'd like to visit the land of Yukue, Shunko and Muromo in succession, so it is difficult to see everything on a single trip, and it seems to be quite difficult to see all over with a single trip.
I would be happy if there is a seasonal direct bus and a direct express bus.

Each of the Otomi family 's vassals has its own strong fans, and each otomo family can hope for it if he can make it big.

That way, the role of Korea, which is generally regarded as a matter of concern in the great river, will not need to close up much, and I would like to ask in that direction.

Chitose Changchun

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