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Not even the Russian winter was able to cool the climate of the fights that took place in the first ACBJJ World Nogi Championship, better known as Berkut. The squabbles between white, blue and purple bands happened yesterday and today it was the turn of the brown bands and black bands to take action.

The Brazilians maintained superiority and took 90% of the golds that were in dispute. In absolute brown, the gold was with Kaynan Duarte, who confirmed the initial favoritism and defeated Serbian Túlio (Gracie Barra). Already in the absolute black belt, Helton Júnior (Cícero Costha / Unity Jiu-Jitsu) beat Max Gimenis (GFTEAM) and won the gold, earning four thousand dollars in prize money. Check out today's results.

Black up to 60kg

In the best of three, Rodnei Barbosa (Qatar BJJ) took the best with two wins and was crowned champion in the category. Pedro Dias (Caio Terra Association) and Leandro "Tatu" Escobar (Soul Fighters) completed the podium respectively.

Black up to 65 kg

The indefatigable Paulo Miyao (Cicero Costha / Unity Jiu-Jitsu) won another title in the ACBJJ. After winning both GPs of the category, Paulo Miyao played the world championship and beat Pablo Mantovani in the finalissima. Alexandre Vieira (Brazilian Top Team) got the bronze after defeating Surkhai Asadulaev (Agate Team – RUS)

Black up to 75 kg

Hugo Marques (Soul Fighters) defeated Rafael Mansur (NS Brotherhood) and won gold in the category. Gabriel "Palito" Rollo (Checkmat) was in third place after beating Felipe Preguiça's brother, Fernando Pena (Gracie Barra).

Black up to 85 kg

Gustavo Braguinha (NS Brotherhood) won the triangular that defined the category up to 85 kg. Dante Leon (GFTEAM) and Lucas Rocha (ZR Team) completed the podium.

Black up to 95 kg

Patrick Gaudio (GFTEAM) defeated Arnaldo Maidana (Checkmat) and won the title in the category. This fight was a rematch of the confrontation that happened in ACBJJ 7. At the time, Maidana came out victorious. Helton Junior defeated Daniel Thebit (Gracie Barra) and got the bronze.

Black above 95 kg

Max Gimenis (GFTEAM) earned gold after defeating Gabriel Fedor (Checkmat). For the third place, Mukhammed Kerimov (Agate Team) beat Leandro Pedrosa (NS Brotherhood) and won the category bronze.

Brown up to 60 kg

Isa Karasanov (Maestro Academy – RUS) defeated Carlos "Bebeto" Silva (GFTEAM) in the final. Shamsudin Magomedov (Frota Team Nogueira – RUS) defeated Giorgy Razmadze (Ludus Alliance Russia) in the race for third place.

Brown up to 65 kg

Gabriel Sousa (ZR Team) confirmed the favoritism and beat the Russian Khalid Asildarov (Maestro Academy – RUS) in the final. It is the second title of Gabriel in the ACBJJ, the Ceará won the gold in the edition with kimono of the world. For the third place, Kurban Gadzhiev (Agate Team – Russia) defeated Zaynutdin Zaynukov (Team Abubakarova) and took bronze.

Brown up to 75 kg

Jonnatas Gracie (Acts) also confirmed his favoritism and won gold in the up to 75 kg category after beating the Russian Islam Dolgatov (Berkut BJJ Team). In the third place, Nathan Chueng (CTA) beat Rodrigo Costa (Gracie Barra) and got the bronze.

Brown up to 85 kg

Serbian Túlio (Gracie Barra) defeated Russian Abdulbari Guseinov (Strela Team) and won gold in the category. For the third place, the Russian Eldar Adilov (Team Abubakarova) defeated the Brazilian Gustavo Maron (Alliance) and got the bronze.

Brown up to 95 kg

Kaynan Duarte (Atos) lived up to favoritism and won yet another triumph in 2017. The student of Pablo Ledesma and André Galvão made a Brazilian final against Pedro Rocha (Soul Fighters) and came out victorious. Kaynan also came out victorious in the Kimono edition of the World Championship. For the third place, Ruslan Abdulaev (Team Abubakarova) beat his compatriot Georgiy Emelyanov (Strela Team) and took bronze.

Brown over 95 kg

Victor Hugo (Ribeiro Jiu-Jitsu) defeated Renan Vieira (Atos) and won gold among the heaviest. For the third place, Khamzat Stambulov (Agate Team) beat Saidkhasan Abubakirov (Berkut BJJ Team).

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