Why was Nobuyasu Matsudaira driven to his own blade? The miserable last seen by the eldest son of Tokugawa Ieyasu and Sena Hime (Tsutsumi-ji)

brains, appearance, motor nerves, artistic talent … … Everyone wants to excel from people in some sort of field You do.
However, as the level goes up, the more friendly competition is becoming severe, the world is becoming more common. In times of constant warfare, those who have wise men and outstanding talents are the only one who will be forced to “get off the bus” in a more harsh fate ….

The eleventh son of Tokugawa Ieyasu Nobuyasu Matsudaira is the day of self-cutting on September 15th, 1579.

Even in the story about the Tokugawa family, it is a different episode depending on the inexplicability and bad aftertaste.
Let’s touch on the end of this time with the shape of pursuing the life of Nobuyasu this time.

The daughter of Nobunaga and the son of Ieyasu as a result of the formation of the Cheongju Alliance

Nobunaga was born in Sunpu as the eldest son of Tokugawa Ieyasu on March 6th, Yoga Second Year (1559), . My mother is Hayamaji ( Sena ).

Because Ieyasu was still hostage of the Imagawa family at this time, I believe that Nobuyuki was treated in the same way.
When Ieyasu was present at the battle of Oke Okama (1560), it probably was in Sumpu which is the base of the Imagawa family. After that, we moved to Okazaki castle by hostage exchange.

And when the Zhuzhou alliance was established between Yeongdeok 5 (1562), Ieyasu and Oda Nobunaga “Make each other’s children marry and keep a stronger relationship” In that way, the marriage with Nobunaga’s eldest daughter Tokuhime is decided.
It was a couple of the same age unusual in this era.

Since Ieyasu moved to Hamamatsu Castle due to marriage, Okazaki Castle, the place of his father’s ancestor, has been handed down to Nobuyoshi.

Actually, I went to the principal afterwards. It is a deviation from Nobunaga as well as the letters of “Shin”.
Since it seems that there are more cases in “If you are married to have your former name as it is with your young name, let’s make you wear the former priest first”, I wonder if there was a reason to rush between Nobunaga and Ieyasu, “Komagomeko Is not Nobunaga overwhelmed?
…… I feel that the latter probably has a high probability.

Illustration – Shota Tominaga

In the war against Takeda I was given an important role

Then, Nobuyasu became the official Okazaki castle owner and played the first team at the age of 14.
Two years after the first team, Nagasaki ‘s battle has been appointed for the army, so it probably was recognized as a young generals.

In the war against the Takeda family ( Takeda Katsuke ), he joined as a member of the Oda-Tokugawa Allied Army even afterwards, especially in the case of the Ryo Yokosuka of August 1577 In the battle, served as retreat (Shinpei) .

At this time it is said that he did not pursue the pursuit of the Takeda army and did not let the Oigawa cross.
Both Gates and Cross Battle are one of difficult difficulties. I did it wonderfully and I also survived, so I believe that the commandability of Nobusaki was excellent.
Ieyasu should have been satisfied with the making of his son.

However, suddenly the dark clouds are inflated in August, the 7th year of Ten.
Ieyasu, who is usually in Hamamatsu, came to Okazaki Castle and shut out Nobuyuki.

Nobuyasu was made upset on September 15 after having been forcibly made a castle in the Tokugawa territory.

Tokugawa Ieyasu / picture, Shota Tominaga

Nobunaga fears Nobuyasu … Because Shinzo is also excellent

The head of Shinkang was sent to Nobunaga once, and it is said that it was then buried in Wakamiya Hachimangu Shrine (Okazaki city, Aichi Prefecture).

Because things are going too far too suddenly, even from our present day we will open our mouth “ぇ?”

Moreover, there are few reliable historical documents of the same era about this. Although the source is often referred to as Mikawa story, this book was established in the Edo period. Because there are places where it is thought that not only the matter of Nobuyasu but also some places have been altered, credibility is not enough.

About the Shinrant Segment the circumstances that are regarded as standards are as follows.

“Tokuhime, the primary room of the Nobunaga, was badly miserable with the mother-in-law Hiroki.
On the contrary, Shinzo did not attach to his wife’s side, Tokuma gave birth only to his daughter, and he did not give birth to his son.
Tokuhime sent a letter to Father Nobunaga, writing a letter saying that it is a misconduct or incompatibility of Nobuyasu.
Nobunaga was furious at seeing it, and pressed Ieyasu to the gang of the main room with the eldest son.
The opposition voice was also strong in the Tokugawa family, but Ieyasu was not able to go against Nobunaga, he did accordingly

Although Nobunaga is sweet to his daughter, he is not such an incompetent assailant as to kill an allied opponent’s wife in one letter.
There is also the theory that Nobunaga made himself self-edged because he believed that Shinzo was better than his son (Nobunaga), because he was afraid of Nobuyuki, but it was Oda Nobuyoshi underestimated .

Oda Nobunaga Father and Nobunaga handed down family members and the second generation capable of handling the family became an unlucky end

Although I give it to the past article in detail, Nobuo was also a very good commander. Moreover, rather than killing Nobunaga if Nobunaga, I feel like writing a letter of scolding reprimanded to Shinzo.
Because when I am angry Nobunaga or I want to tell you what I absolutely say, I usually write a long letter. In a sense, it is punishable.

The older brother · · · who was killed Masayoshi Ishikawa

In addition, in another record, the part that corresponds to the name of the opponent Shinno fought has been damaged, “Someone of your relatives, not Tokemphei, Mothers’ birthplace, or large There was a theory that it was not broke with “.

Why is this so much different, because the name part is “OOOO”. There is no mistake for someone who is a relatives of the Tokugawa family because “goshi” gets attached, but even this alone does not even know the sex.

Among them, there is a point that I think as a reason to become incompatible with Nobuyasu only for those who are large.

Tensho 3rd year (1575) In December, Ishikawa Masamagasa, a guardian of Nobuyasu, is murdered Mizuno Shimoto, the older brother of the great, in accordance with Nobunaga and Ieyasu’s will.
Even though Shinzo himself did not release his hands, it would be a reason to hold back. Although I am a grandchild, I do not know whether I was meeting.

Also, although the political power of Tokuhime and Tsutsuyama is unknown, since the large people are moving by themselves even after they are older in the later years, I will talk about Nobuyasu belonging to my brother’s enemy It is unusual, even if you are doing something is not surprising.

Ieyasu will not be able to turn down if he desires of his mother.

However, the sensitive nature of the person’s mind is not left in the record. It is not a good idea that the bigger one is also the masterpiece.

The tyrant theory on Templo street is in doubt becoming doubtful

Several other hypotheses that are currently set up can be roughly divided into “the Nobunaga kun (tyrant) theory” and “Ieyasu / Nobuyasu parent / child disagreement theory”.

○ Nobukazu Shinsuke (tyrant) theory
It is a story of the system that this lady, who had accomplished a suspicious death, came together in a fixed way, “This beet was hit by daily action was bad”. To Nobuyasu, the following tyrant has been transmitted.

· It was rough from day to day
· In the Bon Odori, they shot the eyeed people to the interesting half
· Believing in the superstition that “When preying hunting a priest comes down, prey decreases”, believed in the superstition of going for falconry at one time and strangled the monk’s head and killed
· Also violence against vassals

It is the same as “Tyrant” like Takayuki Matsudaira (younger brother of Nobuyuki, son of Yuuki Hideyasu) who is nephew from the case of Ieyasu’s six son, Tadakui, although it is not “pregnant womb 8”. I would like to say whether it was also a template.

When Shingi self-edges, some vassals have died in martial arts, but at least it seems that they have not “wielded violence against their vassals” though.

After all why is it incompatible? Both of us and our servants … …

Another parent / child disassociation theory reflects the society at that time, and many people regard it as an influential theory.

To put it more precisely, it may be a family division theory rather than a parent-child relationship, but let’s look at it well.

○ Parent-Child Incompatibility Theory
“Originally Ieyasu and Nobuyasu were badly in love with each other, and their fathers also had factions, so we abandoned Nobuyasu and tried to converge.”
As mentioned above, Ieyasu and Nobuyasu lived in another castle. Of course, separate vassals will serve near the side.

In addition, because Nobuyuki was born when Ieyasu was in the Imagawa family, education is thought to have been carried out mostly by Hikiyama and Imagawa family people.
Even after a long time, Nobuyuki did not respect his father and Nobunaga as long as “the triple’s soul is up to 100”, and there were no signs of improvement …. It is not an unlikely story.

If I told the vassals “Put in Ieyasu (Peek), let us be the principal of Shinyasu as soon as possible!” Ieyasu suddenly succumbed and failed in Shinsaku and education It is also natural to dispose of the Tsunodate.

Also, “Nobunaga does not request direct seppuku and said” Do as Ieyasu likes “” It is written in an old version of Nobunaga’s public notation. ”

Somewhat, I think that “disagreement theory” may be more likely than you think.

Since Ieyasu has been born at this point Hidekasa ( Yuuki Hidenagasu ) and Hidetada ( Toku River Hidetada ), Ieyasu said “It is impossible to kill his son everywhere However, it is not amusing to think that there is another successor. It seems to be ruthless, but samurai warrior in the age of warring States is “first to leave home” than personal feelings first.

Let’s be a deep emotional day for Ieyasu on the same day as Sekigahara

This day after 21 years, the day of Sekigahara’s battle.
It would have been a day when Ieyasu had mixed feelings.

It was probably because it was such a nervous mind day that I reacted like Tokugawa Hidetada’s late gesture to feel hysterically also felt.
Because Hidetada was born five months ago Shinsuke is self-educated, he probably did not know much about that time.

It is said that the faithfulness that faces were similar to Shin Kang is said to have been kept away, and Ieyasu seemed to be deeply concerned about Nobuyasu until after all. In Hamamatsu we also built a fine temple called Kiyotakuji (Seiryuji).

If there was no evidence of Shinkansen and Honnouji, and if it had been going smoothly, a solid unity between Nobunaga and Ieyasu would have continued in the days of their sons Nobuyasu and Nobuyasu.
People who take the same letters of “faith” are close together and their age is close.

I wanted to see that history as well.

Chitose Changchun

Reference: Nobuyasu Matsudaira / Wikipedia

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