What kind of story is "Water Margin"? A masterpiece until the outlaws of Yi Ching gather at Liangshan night! However, … ….

Ukiyo-e prints or tattoo with the theme of "Water Margin".
The adaptation "south Satomi Hakodendo".
And games, manga, novels etc.

Although the work related to "Sangokushi" has been quite different from the original, "Water Margin" was originally a familiar entertainment for Japanese people.

The skeleton of this work is a story called "108 gorgeous gathers gather and becomes a hero of dissidents."
The story of that wild fun is very interesting, it is a world view that historical fans want to enjoy once …… Actually the latter half will have a melancholy development.

108 outlaws gathered at Liangshan stay

The stage of Water Margin is at the end of North Song.
Despite the imminent threat of northern races, politics got corrupted and the bureaucrats were indulging myself only to fertilize my stomach.

108 popular gatherings will be gathered in times when such popular dissatisfaction gets high.

They are scary! While having a hero like to be a hero, those who murder people with a fistful mouse are also mixed.
There are also villainy people who are killing a traveler as much as they can and such people will join their friends from chivalrous spirit.

In order to join Liangshan, most people will make a fuss that will become an inquirer of some kind, a casual occasion.
Until this subscription, a story can be said as a major highlight of this work.

It is an outlaw literature that is "perfect for stress relief!"

Nobunaga Ieyasu Such ideal leader statues exist!

The point that many readers question with Water Margin is almost in agreement.

"Why is the leader Songjiang and No. 2's Roh Toshiyi so incompetent?"
Although it is not disgusting as a human being, I will pull a friend's leg rather than a do-it-thing thing to do.

This is, in fact, not limited to Songjiang alone.

Liu Bei of "The Three Kingdoms of Justice".
Genkanzan, a journalist for the West Journey.
Exercise leadership It is not reliable somewhere, it is not superior to intellect.
However, he is generous and leaves him to be subordinate.

Actually this is the ideal leader statue.

The opposite type would be Cao Cao, for example.
It is competent and leaves everything to his subordinates.
Suspicion is strong, doubt the actions of his subordinates, and immediately speak out.
Such a leader is hard to work for his subordinates.

It is idealistic and felt that it is a virtuous leader, is not it?
Rather than standing on a person, people are gathered around them and gathered together like a fan.
Such a person is the ideal image of the leader.

By the way, Ieyasu Ishikawa is popular in the Chinese-speaking world.
Ieyasu may be preferred as a "loose and virtuous leader" rather than a type that pulls like Gui Gui like Oda Nobunaga.

Therefore, in Chinese-speaking countries
"Why is there no game of Tokugawa Ieyasu?"
And it is wondering.

Conversely, Mr. KOEI may be a chance.
"Ieyasu's ambition"
It has been released … or not … ….

In bad-end like censored cartoon … …

"Water Margin" is the real thrill of the gathering of the greatest jewels.
However, it is. The trouble is that as soon as the members gather, it will be boring.

Songjiang will return 108 people to the court and go unanimously open.
And they will fight as a member of the Imperial Court.

They bash the "Liao" who has been attaching high-priced reparations to the North Song opponent in historical facts.
People of those days probably had thought about defeating Liao, but it is a terrible history change.
In the story secretaries are secretly in communication with Liao and the country will develop, and somehow we can come to terms with historical facts.

After this, the worshipers will sortie to "The Ranger of Ring (Rabbit Enchanted Enamel) ].
If so strong guys would be a big success with a grasshopper grasshopper, the British people would collapse.
Just like a boy's magazine's censored comic book, the sudden expansion like folding a furoshiki is unfolded.

Neither does it mean that the outlaws are taken into the courtroom fighting in the first place.
Anyway, it does not refresh.
Why is it such a bad end?

Songjie et al also caught in the trap of Yushin

In historical fact, there are 2 million deaths due to this disturbance.
With a considerable upheaval, Northern Song will contribute to weakening and destruction.
If it is such a fierce battle it may be unavoidable if 70% of the ruler falls down.

However, even so, I would like to express complaints that only those who died Assami "can not manage it any more?"
About 30% of the surviving members also went on a journey and cheated on their way, they sensed the danger and ran away … Why are you!

Among them, Songjiang and four other people who managed to achieve a miserable end, somehow managed to open up.
They are caught by Teshi, they are killed with poison and killed themselves.

108 people who ramped up rush only end up becoming four tombs in the end.

Did you disgust with this bad end?
The artist of the Qing Dynasty · Holy Lament made "Seventy times book" to end stories when members gather together. Originally "Water Margin" was shortened to 70 episodes that ended up with a nice feeling, which consisted of the story of "Hundred times book (= 100 talks)" and "" 120 times "(= 120 episodes)" .

This was rather frustrating, and for a long time it was only possible to read this version in China.

I certainly understand your feelings. It is a sad thing to read in the second half, in a way it may be unavoidable.

Even if the superbly got around well, the motherland that loved that much – northern Song would be destroyed by girls' golden distances.
Perhaps it was better for me to leave before seeing it.

masterpiece that wants to support outlaws such a desire

Although it makes me feel dark in the first bad end, this work has a certain refreshing feeling.

There are some disturbing depictions that can not be accepted for a moment, like killing infants in the process of collecting friends, but still a lot of excitement.
The format that the two giant priests are gathered from one to the next is also excellent.
As mentioned above, "Minami Satomi Hakkenden" is a modification of this work.

People always have a desire to see such a story that sets moxibustion in evil even if they break the law.
It is this work that you realized such a wish.

There is also a drama version of that corresponded to Japanese, so if you do not mind.

sentence: Blue Koyaki


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