What is the ultimate beautiful girl work "Red Mansour Dream" in China! Are you a Hayashizumi Yujin, or Seong Bull?

About ten years ago from now.
A certain adult game in Japan received bashing in China.
Although it was not released yet in China, is it Naze?

One of the heroines was named "Hayashirozumi".

Although it seems that there was a similar controversy also in the name of the people of Sangokushi from this time ago, it is not that ratio. I totally stepped on the tiger's tail.

Hayashi Ozumi (Rinku Goku) is the highest beautiful girl in the history of Chinese literature, which appeared in "Red Mansions Dream (19459005) It is an eternal lover.
It would be unlikely that their response would be expected to be put out in an objectionable work.


what kind of heroine was Mr. Hayashi Mizuma?
Is it actually existing?
Because Japanese are not so familiar, let's explain from that side.

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The ultimate beautiful girl novels "Red Mansions Dream" wanting to be alone on the side of a beautiful girl

There are only teenage beautiful girls around the hero, each one has its own personality, they like the hero.

If you follow only such a synopsis,
"It was a cartoon of a boy's magazine"
"What is that game?"
There are also people who think that it is.

Such a story is not a monopoly patent of nothing but manga, game, light novel.
This world view of the long novel "Red Mansions Dream (Rourou) " established in China in the middle of the 18th century was exactly such.

That is, Hayashi Mombama (Rinku Gogaku) ​​ is not a real person.

The outline of this novel is quiet.
Mr. China's big noble · Jia (?) . The bishojo no young girl 's bishoujo (19459005) is living happily at the Joshua mansion called "Sakae Kuniwa".
In the surroundings of such, there is a delicate and highly prideed forest Walls ball, a gentle and calm guy (19459005).
Furthermore, a beautiful girl with a rich personality was around the jewel.

It depicts the brilliant everyday of such jewels and beautiful girls – it is the world of "Red Mansour". There is a world like a dream.

Although sometimes described as "Chinese version" Genji Monogatari ", I feel there is only one thing in common that there are many heroines and strong romance elements.
Although the heroine of "Genji Monogatari" often tends to be selfishness of a man, the beautiful girls of "Red Mansion Dream" are all cute and love the jewels.

Speaking of ideal Harlem, is not it here? "The Tales of Genji" is a heroine quite dying.

The words of the hero who are said to symbolize this work are as follows.
"Although the body of a girl is made from water, the body of a man is made up of mud.If it comes to girls it makes me feel refreshed, but when I am with a guy it is seriously stinky and stinky "Minimum"
"A girl is also a virgin, but if she intersects a guy it will not get muddy"

Is not this going through this line two hundred years ago?
Traditionally in China, a man who was old and experienced was the subject of praise.

However, in this work, I admire that young ladies are the best.
It is reversal of values ​​and that this work is not just a harem thing.

Mr. Hayashi Momi is a Moe element Tonkotsuri Death ♪

The main heroine is two people, Mr. Hayashi and Masaru.

Which fans like "Rei and Asuka" are fans of "Evangelion"? As Chinese people contend with each other, the Chinese people were excited by which one they liked.
Their specs are like this.

◆ Hayashi Menzaku (Rinkan Giku)
Appearance: Sick, weak, slim shape. The character is "baby kid" (girl frowning brows). It is thought that setting the eyebrows well with heartache and poor physical condition is conscious of the beauty of the ancient Chinese legend · Nishi
Personality: Delicate pretty dirty. Even a small thing is prone to be hurt by pride and it is easy to get angry, and it is also a downside
Attitude towards the hero: I feel slightly tsundere. I like too much and can not become obedient

◆ Sei Ho (19459004)
Appearance: Yang Qiang type glamorous type. Healthy beauty
Personality: Warmth and well-made honors type. Not very angry, good wife's wise mother type
Attitudes towards the hero: obediently show favor.

How is it, this.
In China, it is said that it is told that "If you fall in love, it is a forest ball and you get married, it is a treasure troublesome, is not it?" It is such a feeling.

For other sub heroines, it is compatible with odorious natural system, tomboy system, and cool system.
Nevertheless it goes without saying that they are still very popular.

There was a famous scene in this soldier.
Collect the petals that were scattered in the garden with a small plow and bury them in the garden.
This scene called "Mayumi burial flower" is very popular from the gentleness of sensuousness of Mayuzumi, the beauty of the gesture gathering petals.
Paintings that describe Mayuzumi usually have this scene as a motif.

In addition, Yuzumi is a presence not to say to the hero who is in the process and is the only rich neat state, "do it more properly".
Other people do not study very much, too, but I also say disgustingly to the hero who is cute and beautiful girl and caccha uhufu, but I will never do such a thing.

The best, Yuzumaru Tan … … Have you understood until reading this far?
The Chinese indignity against the fact that neighboring countries have unintentionally put out 200 years of historic beauty girl characters on adult games … ….

We are walking the way "scarlet" has already passed over two hundred years ago

At the time of the presentation this work was criticized as "read something weak!"

From a person who likes "Three Kingdoms" and "Water Margin", it surely seemed like this work that was just flirting with a girl was apparent.
I have been banned.

However, enthusiastic fans did not baffle with such a thing.
Among them, there is a maniac called " scarlet " ("Red Mermaid" OTA) in this work.
They have accomplished everything if they are about to do geek pilgrimage, pilgrimage pilgrimage, cosplay, secondary creation, happy end modified work release.

Another author wrote the second half for "Red Mansions Dream", because the author died of Cao Snow Serie as incomplete work.
Even this unfortunate element can also be said to have felt the passion of "We are making it up because the guru died."

The place where the otaku is, the Chinese have already passed over two hundred years ago!

I have also been pushed enthusiastically from this "scarlet", but it was a tremendous passion.

Of course, visualization has been going through many times.
Even if you have never read the original, many people become fans in the drama version.

For two hundred years, this work has been loved by people in China.

Pretty girls living in eternity

When you write like this, it may sound like a selling story just like a girl, but that's not all.

A beautiful worldview like delicate workmanship, such as details depicting aristocratic society and the details of psychological description, are very attractive.
Such a world does not last forever, but this work will change the environment in which the hero was placed drastically change, will celebrate the end of the collapsing world where boys and girls live.

That's why "Hanpien" (like Happy End) "Scarlet" has been modified to create a secondary happy ending version.

But there is also a mechanism in this work that does not have to fabricate a happy ending.
Actually this means that the boys and girls in this work are descending from the heavenly world to the lower bound.

In other words, those who made a sad exit also return to the heavenly world and are expressly saying that "the ground is scary."
I can interpret that kind of thing.

At the same time as being a fantastic setting, it is a setting that can be forcibly brought to happy end by force technique, so please also refer to everyone in Happien kitchen.

"Red Mansions Dream" with a wonderful setting of delicate world view and attractive heroine.
It is a work that will be fun even if you see the action of "scarletness" which has changed not only the world itself but also the value itself even though it is thought that it is a weak person from the world.
There are many people who are familiar with "scarlet" two hundred years ago.

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