What is a tea ceremony notebook? I tried disassembling a book full of maniac information

It is the season where many notebooks line up in various bookstores.
Have you decided the handbook for next year?

If you like history, Yoshikawa Honbukan's history notebook is a classic.

In such a situation, I found a newspaper ad that I care about history lovers.
That is a tea ceremony notebook.

It is full of information useful for practicing as it is a notebook specialized for tea ceremony.
In addition, this year's Woori that the words of the tea ceremony, seasonal words in the world of tea are posted in 848 words! It is said that.

Price is affordable to 820 yen

Even though I like to watch tea tools, I actually drink Matcha actually. I do not have a proper tea ceremony experience, but I would like to do someday more than history lovers.
That is a tea ceremony.

Since the price is also cheap at 820 yen (tax included), I checked what kind of content it was after purchase.

The cover is deep light blue as you can see. The cover of this bright color is unusual.
It is considerably thin compared to history book.
As a style as a notebook, almost a standard configuration is taken.

There is a monthly page at the beginning at the beginning, followed by the main weekly page of
· Monday to Sunday on the left side
· The right side is a complete blank paper
And the words of the season are lined at the bottom of the page.

For example, the words of the December season are as follows.

Feng Shui
Snow storm
Winter covers

Raccoon dogs?
What kind of tea ceremony is used with raccoon dumplings?

As a notebook anyway, it is simple and easy to handle.

The page that fills in the name of the tea ceremony, seat occupant, seat name, waiting floor, tea chest etc.

The composition unique to the tea ceremony notebook is a bonus page of the person who is behind.
For example, Yoshikawa Honbunkan's "history notebook" has an overwhelming quantity and quality of information here.

The main thing is the two-page spread page, there is something like a memo pad to use when joining a tea party.

Name of the tea party, seat lord, seat name, waiting floor, tea ceremony, tea, confectionery, jugs, tea ceremony etc.
I think that you write and record what you actually used and what you use.


how many minutes you can write a tea ceremony is five times in total.

Is it the pace twice a month if it is annual?
Surprisingly few impressions.

If you have more, you may be making copies, but the tea ceremony may be the official one which is enough if there are at most 10 times per year.
Pretty much preparing for getting in kimono is pretty difficult.

Tamaranai genealogy as a warrior lover Who is a disciple and who is a grandchild?

On the next day page, there is a list of one page called the main tea ceremony lineage.
Is not it an irresistible page for people who like the Sengoku period?

It is quite amazing to see this quickly.

Of course, there are a lot of disciples of Sen no Rikyu to the disciples, Oda Nobunaga Toyotomi Hideyoshi Gamo Wataseo, Takayama Nakamichi, Araki Muraki, Orihara Furuta Hosokawa Sansui (Tadatoshi) etc., and so on.
Sengoku is a member of Sengoku.

Next let's look at the next Mr. Grandchildy.
Toku River Hidetada, Kobori Enshu, Kanamori Yoshige (Dan of Konomori Munetaka) and so on line up.

In the next generation, fourth generation counting from Sen no Rikyu, Tokugawa Iemitsu 3 is a generic Shogun, is not a father · Hidetada disciple, but a disciple of Kobori Enshu.
Is it a world of hobbies, did not I want to learn from my father?

However, it is worrisome Tokugawa Ieyasu is not there anywhere?
I guess there was never been a tea ceremony, but did not it lead to something like a licensed outgoing thing?

Tea ceremony home 6 house

From the next page, there are genealogies of six families of the tea ceremony.

Oshisatsuke, Urasenke, Musharagoji Senja.
These three first generations are Sen no Rikyu.

Yabuchi family.
What's this?
Although it is an unknown thing, it is a first person, but a person named Shozo Kenjin (Kenjyuji) is the first generation. It is a disciple of Sen no Rikyu.

The fifth is the Kobori family in Kobori Enshu.
The sixth is the Yamada family, it seems to be Yamada Munefu drift.
The first generation Mr. Yamada Masami was the disciple of the second generation of Senju (Jun Chisune).

Apparently this seems to be the six largest families of the modern tea ceremony.

Continuously, there is a line of Chien's ten-year lineage.
What is this?

Apparently, even if we make tools for tea ceremony, there seems to be a specialized house for each part.
Because there is Senja, is it a kind of big production group of the Sen no Rikyu series, so to speak as a Toyota group? DENSO or Aisin Seiki?

Eikyu is a potter, a man who creates a kiln, a masturbator, a bamboo worker, a bag, a sashimon, a metal piece, a painter, a teacup.
In addition to bamboo craftsmanship, there is "a squirrel maker", but what does this make?

List of the title has also been published

About Kodo, I also take one page.

Although this is also a history hobby which is quite interesting to history lovers, what will you do in case of hay fever? Is not that much there?
In any case, there is a chart which I do not understand as a figure used as a lineage of Shino Tadashi family and Kago's "Genji Ka" in Kodo.

Next is a chronology, the chronology of the family of the one thousand families who have appeared so far, including Sen no Rikyu, is spread.
There were 20 pages with information unique to the tea ceremony notebook so far.

Besides, there is a quick looking table of the full age, the 60th zodiac (which is Koshi), the title list, the age of the age, Kagu.

Is it a funniest issue list?
It is the theme of the ceremony of the New Year's song start by the Emperor.

Heisei 30 is "word". "Wild" in 29 years.
It can be seen that affinity is considerably high with Japanese poetry and tea ceremony.

That is the overview of the tea ceremony notebook.

It is thin compared to the history book, so it is easy to enter handbags and inside pockets.
Because ease of use as a notebook is very simple itself, I think that it is a bad choice for everyone.

Since it is cheap with 820 yen, those who are worried should examine it.

Kawahato twenty six

It is still in time! History diary of Yoshikawa Hibune bookstore updated as much as iPhone for the first time in 60 years comprehensively with 16 images 【2018 update】

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