What caused the Mayan civilization to be destroyed? 2 million people disappeared somewhere.

All the prefectural residents in a certain prefecture in Japan disappeared, neither the location nor the cause is known.
What on earth have they become?
There is a trace of fighting at the prefectural government, but what happened?

A story of shrinking just by imagining, in history it is horrible as such events are sometimes present.

About 2 million people, almost the same as the total population in Gifu prefecture, built up cities and civilizations, and then disappeared suddenly.

It is Maya civilization .

What happened to Maya civilization 1200 years ago

around 909 AD about 1,200 years ago from now.
At around the time that Japan was in the middle of the Heian era, Maya civilization was destroyed in Latin America.

The same civilization extends from southern Mexico to Guatemala, Belize. Over the centuries, we built our own culture and technology, and 2 million people lived there.

Such a big city suddenly became ruined and people returned to their primitive lives.

What on earth happened?

It does not mean that people disappeared overnight, civilization collapsed.
Over the course of about a century, the Mayan civilization seems to have declined and was destroyed.

It declined in the city unit, fought to compete for the pie that was left behind, and it was destroyed.

Maya civilization spreading from southern Mexico to Guatemala, Belize

Did it be a complex element from changes in climate and environment to political struggle?

Why did the Maya civilization decline?
I would like to list the main theories below.

Volcanic eruption and major earthquakes
theory Overview
Drought (climate change) Rain does not rise and crops can not be destroyed. There was also climate change from the taken soil. However, looking at the bone of an ancient Maya, the nutritional condition is not bad
Environmental destruction I changed vegetation by burning field agriculture and farmland development. However, there is also a counterargument to this
Reference article → https: // bushoojapan.com/scandal/2015/07/21/54982
Invasion of enemies Foreign enemies came through Mexico and it was destroyed. However, artefacts of other civilizations are not widely discovered from the ruins. Furthermore, it is unknown where the intruder disappeared
If pyroclastic flow occurs as in Pompeii it could be destroyed overnight. But in Maya people are away over a century and the time to extinction is too long
Ruin from trade route change The theory that the town has lost its bustle, gradually declined and went to extinction as trade routes in Latin America were changed. However, this is also a counter argument that the trade route was changed because the cause-and-effect relationship declined and it faded
Plague epidemic There is no large epidemic outbreak before the invasion of Europeans in the Western Hemisphere
Political Struggle War broke out due to political struggle and evolved into killing

Actually, there are 88 theories on Mayan civilization and collapse in all, so after all we can not identify what is the real cause after all.

It is thought that some factors are compounded.
For example, it is because drought triggered epidemics, political struggle occurred by the upset, and that's why.

If you see anything excavated from the civilized ruins, it will come to your mind that the end of the Mayan civilization was not calm.

Uxmal ruins "pyramid of wizards" There is a legend that was built overnight with supernatural power

Wang clans have been executed in the vicinity of 31 bones of a huge aquarium trace

In each city of Maya civilization, we had a record on a stone monument.

However, seven cities in the first 25 years from the 9th century, five cities in the next 25 years, and eight cities by the end of the 9th century will cease recording.
The last record is 909 years. Beyond this, no records are left.

And after the horrible massacre in the city remains of Maya civilization is left behind.

31 remains of 31 bones were found from the huge aquarium ruins in the ruins of Cancun.
Hands and feet have been cut, men, women including pregnant women, children's things. I was wearing jewelry and shells, and I found that it is a high-profile body.

Near the aquarium, the last kings and cousins ​​of Cancún were buried.
It will be the trace of the king and his family executed.

After such violence, it indicates that intense warfare occurred between cities.

Maya civilization Tikal temple

emphasize war rather than agriculture and further contest for food that has been reduced

Is it a result of the development of the city and the intensification of the political struggle?
Or was there a catastrophe or plague that triggered it?

Anyway for some reason people came to fight.

They attacked each other and began to emphasize war rather than trade and agriculture.
The place where people live is fertile, not a place where agricultural crops can be cultivated in large quantities, but it has changed to a place suitable for defense.

As a result of the war, farm crops and wealth also decline, depriving them of what they have decreased, warfare becomes more intense.

The population has decreased, the city collapsed, people abandoned the ancient Mayan civilization and left for another place.
It was people who were fortunate to have departed, and there were a lot of people who lost their lives in conflict and confusion.

As a result, even though the population of 3 million people has decreased to 1 million people, it is said that the population of around 10 million people has divided 2 million people.

Although there are people who survived, there are also people who are descendants of them, but it certainly can be said that this is a civilization collapse.

The mystery of the collapse of the ancient Mayan civilization – it is exactly the closed-door murder in history.
That mysterious is attracting people today as well.

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