Weekend Summary: Brasilia Open, F2W, SUG6 and EBI

A very busy weekend in the competition Jiu-Jitsu scenario. In Brazil, the highlight was another edition of the Brasilia Open of the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Confederation. In the US, the highlights are for professional events like: Fight to Win, Submission Underground and another Eddie Bravo Invitational GP. Check out everything that rolled over the weekend.

Brasilia Open – Cássio Francis conquers the weight and the absolute

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The federal capital was the scene of another edition of Brasilia Open. And the big highlight of the competition goes to Cássio Francis (Gracie Barra / Cassão Team). Cassão, as he is best known, closed the super heavyweight category with fellow Gracie Barra Daniel Van Huysse. In the absolute, the leader of Cassão Team defeated Igor "Tigrão" Schneider (NS Brotherhood) and guaranteed the double gold.

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Brasilia Open 2017 – Black Belt Adult Male Open Class Final – …

Brasilia Open 2017 – Black Belt Adult Male Open Class Final – Cassio Francis (Gracie Barra) x Igor Ribeiro (NS Brotherhood)

Posted by International Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Federation on Saturday, December 2, 2017

On Sunday, the Nogi competitions took place, and the highlight goes to Marcos Junior (GFTEAM) who won the heavyweight category after defeating Diego Cabral (Zenith). In the absolute, Marcos Junior defeated Alexandre Cavaliere (Alliance) and secured double gold.

In the women's game, the highlight goes to Claudia do Val, who secured four golds at the weekend and advanced many houses in the IBJJF's annual ranking. On Saturday, Cláudia beat Bianca Basílio (Almeida Jiu-Jitsu) for the final of the Absolute for disqualification after four punishments applied to Bia. On Sunday, Claudia had no opponents in the nogi disputes.

Fight to Win 56 – Brazilians win winners of their clashes

Los Angeles hosted the fifty-sixth edition of Fight to Win, an event that is already part of the calendar of grappling competitions in the United States. In that edition, three Brazilians were featured on the main card. Talita Alencar (Alliance) defeated Pati Fontes (Checkmat) with an armlock in fight valid for the Co-main event.

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Diego "No Notion" Ramalho (ZR Team) beat American John Combs (Easton BJJ) in the judges' decision. In a fight with plenty of action, the student of Zé Radiola won the victory and the best fight of the night.

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Closing the Brazilian highlights, Kauan Barboza (Carlson Gracie) defeated Juan Bernardo by finalization (Bow and Arrow Strangulation) and secured the triumph in the event.

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Submission Underground 6 – Jake Shields beats Gilbert Durinho in the main event

Portland received the sixth edition of Submission Underground, a submission event promoted by Chael Sonnen, whose aim is to marry fights between grapplers and MMA fighters. The main attraction was the duel between UFC veteran and former Strikeforce champion Jake Shields against Brazilian Gilbert Durinho, who is part of the UFC squad.

In a very busy fight, the two athletes sought the finalization in the regulation time, however the decision was in the tiebreaker and the American left winner after escaping faster from the back position. At the end of the event, Jake Shields challenged the controversial AJ Agazarm for a duel in the next edition of the SUG

Fabiano Pega Leve and Vagner Rocha were the other two Brazilians in the event's card. The two came out victorious and finalized their struggles. See the results:

Jake Shields defeated Gilbert Burns in overtime (Fastest Escape)

Fabiano Pegaleve defeated Tim Sylvia by finalization (Cow Hand)

Nate Orchard Beat AJ Agazarm by Finishing (Mata Leão)

David Mitchell defeated Anthony Smith by submission (Triangle)

Vagner Rocha defeated Jesse Taylor by finishing (Inverted Triangle)

EBI 14 – Gordon Ryan wins another event belt

People always say "titles do not define you" and that's 100% true. Coming off a crushing performance at ADCC to get my arm popped tonight. The goal for years was to find ways to advance faster than the elite level guys. The goal now is to advance faster than the up and comers. History has always shown (in general) that the new generation will advance beyond the last. Getting to the top easy, but staying on top is what's hard because once you're on top the only way to go down. What you saw tonight was someone (@craigjonesbjj) put me in more danger than almost any black belt world champion / ADCC champion has ever. This sport is evolving at a rate which people do not really understand. If you stop evolving, you will die in this sport. Overall I was pretty unimpressed with my performance today. Did not really feel crisp with my technique and did not get all 4 submissions in regulation like I hoped. Always room for improvement and looking forward to competing next weekend at @kasaigrappling back in NYC. Thanks to mama and pops for making the trip along with @bjjbetty. Thanks to the team. Thanks to the big sis nat. Thanks to all the fans. And fuck the haters. Goodnight friends .. @ebiofficial @ufcfightpass photo by @banejitsu

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Gordon Ryan does not stop for triumphs in 2017. John Danaher's student has won yet another Eddie Bravo Invitational belt. To reach the win, Ryan defeated Rodrigo Comprido's student Dan Borovic by finishing in the round of 16 (heel). In the next phase, Gordon Ryan defeated Eddie Bravo's student Patrick Donabedian and qualified for the semi-final against Jiu-Jitsu's brown belt Casey Hellenberger. In the semifinal, Ryan defeated Hellenberger in overtime and secured in the final against Australian sensation Craig Jones, who had finalized all his previous fights with the same stroke, heel key,

After a busy final, the decision was for the tiebreaker and Gordon Ryan won with a quicker break after almost having his arm broken by Craig Jones.

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Armbar Escape

Gordon Ryan Escapes Certain Submission vs. Craig Jones !!!  🔥 " Eddie Bravo Invitational [edit] Credit: Eddie Bravo Invitational [edit] Credit: Eddie Bravo Invitational - EBI # BJJ #Grappling #Competition #EBI #Training </p data-recalc-dims=

Posted by Because Jitsu on Sunday, December 3, 2017

Gordon Ryan now prepares for the supernatural against Yuri Simões at Kasai Grappling, an event promoted by Rolles Gracie and will be broadcast live by Flograppling.

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