This is the idea of ​​the 21st century Seki wing! "KAN-WOO Kanau Sangokushi Hiden Jiden" Review Review

"Rogue One" which is a spin-off of the popular movie "Star Wars" series was a revolutionary work.

The first Asian actor appeared as a major figure throughout the series.

Hong Kong's proud Kung Fu Star's treasure Donnie Yen.
China's leading ally member Chiang Wen.
Their blind warrior Chiart and his partner Bayes became popular characters among fans.

The two people played together, and the stage of the Three Kingdoms era was set as "KAN-WOO Kan warriors Sangokushi Hidenjo".

What kind of movie is it all along?

Basic DATA info
The original title Chunmun Length The Lost Bladesman
Production year 2011
Country of creation Hong Kong
Stage China
Era Latter Han Dynasty, the second half of the second century
Major performers Donnie Yen, Cian Wen, Sun Lee
Historical Reproducibility works that should be expected for arranging rather than historical facts
Features Donnie Yen plays Guanha, we have to bow down before the overwhelming charisma

Still short stature short wing feather

Donnie Yen is a kung fu star blessed with all kinds of talent.

Refreshing handsome, physical ability with burning, fluent English ability, distinctive charisma.
But when I was young, there were lots of B class performances, some of them who supported the popularity, and 40 who finally became the star of the protagonist class was past 40.
Compared to Jet Li of the same age, it can be said that it is a late blooming actor.

However, after the break it quickly runs through the Star Route. Because such Donie plays the legendary warrior, Kanu, it can not be a topic.

Of course the fans did not become enthusiastic … … and surprisingly the reaction was skeptical.
Their minds will be consolidated here.

"It's quite short and strange"

Donny's height is nominally 173 cm.
Speaking of Kanu, it is said to be a big man like a cloud, 207 centimeters.

Regardless of the historical fact, in general the figure "Kanu = Giant" is incorporated into the kitchen.

"Is not this a miscast? "

Not only Sangokushi fans but also feel it.
That was Donnie Kanu.

I am sorry, it was not a miscast

This work is the leading role of Kanu.
Cut out what part of him in his life and put it in the movie.
It will be a difficult place.

The Sangokushi movie is long-term and it is crucial to cut out the story of a large number of people.

And in the case of this work, we focused on the "Kanu Chisato Line" which is the point of view of Kanu, and focused on the central character to Kanha and Cao Cao.

The movie will start from the scene where the head of Danny Yen is delivered to Cao Wen.
And Cao Cao tells Mr. Kanu, to the scene recalling 20 years ago.

Why does Cao Cao lament, deeply mourn the enemy 's death, generous, and nostalgic?
The answer will arrive at the viewer as soon as Seku went out.

"If Kanha is Donnie Yen, that can not be helped …"

Donnie gruffy as a star is full of charisma at that time.
You have to keep this at hand.
So it is not surprisingly to make Cao Cao feel, the combination of Kanha and Donnie's stars is overwhelming presence.

It is somewhat convincing that many of the people in the work turn their love of abnormality to Kanu.
I do not care how tall my height is. It is because the charisma makes him look big.

This is Kanpe! !

This is the Real Mikuni Musou

Speaking of familiar action games to all Sangokushi fans, it will be the "Mikuni Musou" series.
Of course nothing of the game, the opening movies are also full of refreshing feeling full of powerfulness.

It is Mr. Kanji Tanigaki of Japan to serve as an action director for the opening movie.
It is also known as the live-action version "Rarouni Kenshin" etc.

Mr. Tanigaki has gained a great deal of trust at Donnie's field, and viewers
"The battle scene of this movie looks like a musical"
It should be that if it felt.
Donnie is an action star like the essence of Musou Action. It is like a Musou is made to make Donnie's actions in the game realize.

The more you see the action scenes of this film, the more you think that this movie is a work for Donnie, rather it was a fateful casting.

How many times have you surpassed Gosho in the history of imaging? !

For this drama scenes, the action scene is a bunch of heaven!
Among them, the biggest attraction is the battle in various parts of Gokusen.

If it is a traditional Sangokushi thing, although Seki is too strong, it almost destroys the opponent with one blow, but this work is different.
Each one is fairly strong, so as to pull out full-fledged action, it is impossible to clear a blow!
Even the first appearance of Hitoshi (warrior who appears in the Three Kingdoms Jiyuu), Andy on is well-established action, and a powerful battle is rolled out.

To be honest, is it too strong for the first person?
Is he the fifth person better?
I mind you, but let's close your eyes.

People who keep Gokan – zoku each have different weapons and fighting types, and the development is that Kanu is shot with poisonous arrows.
Furthermore, at this time, Kanu has a handicap that is accompanied by Liu Bei's side room, Sun Lee. This Kuriran will be caught by the opponent, so we must rescue it, this is also hard work.

This work is not only Kanba, but the keeper of Goshika may also be the strongest in history. Rather, I do not know why this sekiyuu will be died afterwards.

Wei's warlord also needs attention

I took up Kanega center which I play donnie so far, but Cian Wen who plays Cao Cao is also wonderful.

Chiang Wen has all the elements required by Cao Cao.
Presence, education, charisma, charm, cunning, dignified attitude.
Give to those who see the impression of being somewhat crafty, full of charm.

Cao must be equipped not only with ruthlessness but also with warmth and passion to turn to Kanu.
Chiang Wen has it.

If dare to make a fault, is he too tall to play Cao Cao?
Chiang Wen plays the title role even in the new movie "Cao".

Although there are few turns, Zhang Liao and Yongsan are also giving a good taste, Wei's fans are also worth noting.

It is not that there are no drawbacks even so … …

What is praising so far, but this work has some drawbacks as well.

The first one is the romance with Liu Bei 's wife, Kuril.
It is only a refusal of Kanu waving by being insulted.
It is a place where it seems unnecessary if romance like this decoration.

However, there is an intention to indicate high morality of Kanu.
Kanu of historical fact has an episode that had fallen in love with a married woman, but as the times fall, it will be regarded as a monstrously ascetic person.
In order to show it, although there is a pattern that develops such that Cao Cao seduces a beautiful woman with Kanu, I think that this work put this part with another drawing method.

Another one is spoiler, so I can not write in detail, but it's a screenplay setting that there was a black curtain on Kanu attack.

Cao Cao accompanies the Kanegasenri line for some reason why this work.
Traffic is furious when there are people who mock Kanu.

"I will forgive you for those you insulted Kanu! It will kill me!"

What on earth is this Cao Cao? Are you a stalker? Is it Yandere?
Where Cao Cao originally did not raise Kanu warrior, who would want to throw such a thing.
Actually, there was a masterpiece by a certain person.

It is an unexpected person who is falling down if the identity of this masterpiece is a Sangokushi fan.

Ultimately, can you laugh away the identity of the black curtain and too much cruel treatment, do you get frightened? That will be a split of evaluation.

In addition, red rabbits do not appear, there is no scene where Mr. Seki misses Cao in red fighting fight, also the point that Seki wears beard on the way is regrettable for Sangokushi fans.
Although it would be a difficult place to put a red horse in a live-action movie, though.

Despite these drawbacks, Donnie Yen and Chiang Wen are preeminent presence!

The character Kanu is an existence that a person with the best martial arts, time and righteering of that era should play.
It is extremely logical that the best Kung Fu Star in the Greater China play at this time.

This work is a precious work that showed persuasive Kan wing image as of the 21st century.

Author: Musha Shinnosuke

[Reference] KAN-WOO Kanpe Mikuni Shingo Hidenjo ]

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