There is no choice but to say no more! Three emperors who appeared in Russian royal family, their name was false dmitry

◯ ◯ which was supposed to have accomplished deathlessness was actually living in xx across the ocean.
There is such a legend (the name of Ton Demo theory), you have heard it once or twice.

In the old days there are tombs of Christ in Aomori, Genoshi Genoshi went to Mongolia, Hidetoshi Toyotomi, Louis XVIII and Russian imperial anastacia.
Well, these survival theories are only the things that the masses' romance and desire walked alone.

But even in these legends, there are occasions when we move history.

The youngest child dormitory of the Russian Ivan Empress (1530-1584) is a good example.
Indeed, three people also appeared false dormitory who gave the name of a dormitory.

Hyacher Tsar Ivan Empress, come on!

Speaking of Russia's Tsar (emperor and monarch), Peter the Great, many have strong individuality.

Even so it was prominent Ivan the Thunder Emperor .
Ivan who lost parents after childhood (mother poisoned) was brought up while being kept exposed to influential nobles and being exposed to an ugly power struggle.
At that time in Russia, torture and killing that was unbearable to hear, such as eradication, obscurity, living skin peeling, etc. were carried out smoothly, and Ivan himself was also treated like neglect from influential aristocratic Shoeski family .

There is no husband with a mat feeling in such a condition, Ivan Empress grows up in a cruel character.
You acted violently against friends, murdered dogs and cats.
At the age of 13, he plays until he committed throwing a powerful aristocrat Andrey Schouksky who took a rude attitude to a starving doggy.

It was a warm hearted wife Anastacia who changed such Ivan.

Thanks to her, Ivan became quite gentle in character.
I was blessed with six children, if the warm home stayed as it was, no later tragedy would have happened.
But peace does not last.

Unfortunately, this anastacia is killed in 1560 (births unknown).

Ivan suspected that she was "poisoned," and the tagg got out.

Quoting from Ivan IV / wikipedia

Corps of fear straddling black horses, straddling black horses

Ivan tortured the aristocracy who seems to be the criminal and slowly killed him while suffering.

It was the Zuri direct guard "Oprylicniki" that made a drama at this time.

A corps of terror, wearing a black clothes, straddling a black horse.
A broom made from animal hair and a neck of a dog are attached to the saddle of the horse of Opreinchiki, and the meaning of "sweeping out the enemies of Tsari and biting" was put in it.

They slaughtered aristocrats and commoners who were deemed suspicious of the rebellion.

"Opinionikichi walking with the insurgent!" Pictures of people who run away and quoted from wikipedia

Such short temper of Ivan causes a tragedy irreparable.

He disliked Elina, the bride crown prince of Irvin of the same name.
This pregnant wife is not pregnant women's clothes set by the Russian Orthodox Church, but furious at being thin clothing, adding beating of kicking to beat, causing miscarriage.

The furious prince, naturally protested against his father voluntarily.
However, when it is reversed to that attitude, it strikes his son 's head rarely with a cane with an iron hook.

I returned to myself, was my child's breath and lying in the blood sea (I drew that figure portrait posted on wikipedia · poor blood Those who do not hold back).

genuine dormitory that has been throat cut and died

After the death of Ivan Empress, Russian leading aristocrats had been hit hard.
Prince Ivan who was an English teacher was killed by his father and what was left was harmless and powerless prince.

It was a really harmless Fyodor I who succeeded the father's trace.
It was the older brother Boris Godunov of the wife Irina who was practically holding the power of politics.

Boris Godunov / quoted from wikipedia

There was a great miscalculation on Boris who intends to successfully adopt it.
Between Fyodor I and his sister Irina, no child was born.

For him who wants to stay in power as a guardian of his nephew, this was a problem. In this way, the next Tsari can be taken to a Femalei Irish brotherly dormitory.

Young dorms are exiled to Uglich by Godunov.
And in 1591, the dormitory who was playing in the garden was found in a state of being thirsty and dying.

It was Godunov who was impatient. He did not intend to do so.
But from the situation, he will do what he thinks.

The findings were surprising to everyone.

"When I was playing with a knife, epileptic seizures occurred and I had to cut my throat."
What a stupid!

Of course, even those of those days, nobody believed that story.
Currently it is considered to be "being a knife throwing play, if it is in a state where the blade is directed towards himself".

False Dmitry I Appears! And to human cannon

Seven years after the death of Dmitry in 1598, Fyodor I died without a baby.
This breaks Lyuriku morning.
Godunov will be Tsarri as Boris.

However, the popularity of Boris, which was regarded as killing a young dormitory, was extremely weak.

Two years later.
In Japan, there was a battle of Sekigahara, around 1600.

"Dmitry was alive!"
Such a rumor has flowed.
Eventually rumors will spread to the story that "truth is true, Poland is supporting him".

Occasionally Russia was suffering from great famine.
People of those days regarded Boris as a reward for evil.

And the many evils of the Ivan Empress, too, forgotten all of the brutal nature that the young dmitry was showing clearly, soon began to wait for that self-sounding son.

While overwhelmed by the army of Fake Demetrie I, he left a young son Fyodor and fell in 1605.
Fodor II and his family who continued to crown will be assassinated.

It was false Dmitry I who got to the throne instead.
He made an official investigation, and disseminates the result that "the killed dmitry was a substitute".

False Dmitry I · The feeling of absolutely peddle was deliberately drawn in such a way / quoted from wikipedia

Thus false Dmitry marries Princess Polish Marina Munishvna.
I was a daughter of Boris, a sister of Fjordol II 's sister and made me a congratulatory servant, Kuseniya renowned as a beautiful girl.

But false Dmitry I 's made a mistake.
I admitted my wife Marina's Catholic faith and did not convert to Russian Orthodox Church.
We also defended many more Catholic Poles.

These attitudes were regarded as "false Dmitry I lewd religion", and in 1606 the coronation ceremony, mobs invaded the bedroom.
A fake dormitory who hastily jumped out of the window and broke his leg was killed without a doubt.

The burned remains become exposed persons, and furthermore they are stuffed into cannons and shot back to Poland. Speaking of human cannon, there may be people who remember Okamoto manager of brush, but well, it is not such easy thing.

Besides, involved in this false dmitriy I, many Poles were killed or exiled.

A vagrant said "Dmitry is alive and me."

The fake story of this hand is a one-shot story fight. When you become the second person, you think "No, no, there is a sky."

However, it is truly late Russia. The second person comes out.
It is named Fake Dmitry II.

It was Vasily IV after the death of false Dmitry I became the throne.

This is a man who can not eat.
He reported to the Boris the death of a real dormitory, betrayed becoming his vassal, served false Dmitry I.
However, he was still betrayed, this time he was a man accusing False Dmitry I Is a fake and pulled the trigger of assassination.

1607 years of reign by such Vasily IV.
A vagilant will claim to do so.

"Dmitry is alive, I am"

Somehow, it seemed like a contest of a monster engine "I am God" "No, it is me", but even if it is a vagrant, if the original appearance is good, it creates an atmosphere with a gap Perhaps it is a cause.

Changing into beautiful clothes, he prepared his hair with a sharp point, he says he looked something like a royal figure.
No, no matter what you think, it is fake …… Because the people welcomed him with enthusiasm, there is no other meaning unknown.

And when this false Dmitry II gave a court to Tushino, people caught Vasily IV and moved to Tusino.

Moreover, it is.
There was also a marina that was a wife of Fake Dmitry I in that.

Marina gets married when he meets Fake Dmitry II, "he is my husband" and declares.
No, I do not quite know what I am supposed to do.

quoted from wife Marina / wikipedia

Thus false Dmitry II is advancing to Moscow with the help of Poland.
Although it was good until advancement, it would have been easy to change such as enthusiasm for fake counterfeiters.

False Dmitry II who lost support of Poland in the near future will also leave Tusino and it was shot dead by grudgeful surroundings.
It was in 1610.

The appearance of False Dmitry III! Alright to me no more

Well, Vasily IV who was hostile to Fake Dmitry II.
In 1610 he went to betrayal of the aristocrat and was taken home.

I'd like it to come to a halt sooner or later, false Dmitry III will come here.

Please be assured.
This will disappear from the history at the last and instantly.

When False Dmitry III emerged in 1611, plotted conspiracy by hand with Cossack, and was arrested and executed in 1612.

However, the seat of Tsari remains open.
In 1613, the Russian nobles raise a 16-year-old boy called Mikhail Romanoff.
He pulled blood of Lyuriku morning and he was considered suitable as a clean boy.

And the Romanov morning with him as his ancestor will survive until the Russian revolution of the 20th century.

The possibility that the fourth false dmitriy strain will revive, as it was a little left behind, is Russia.
Marina, who was a wife of Fake Dmitry I and II, had a boys called Ivan in their arms.

She thought that this boys should be Tsar.

But the mother and child was caught by Cossack and Ivan was executed.
She died a year or so after her child's death.
There was nothing after this that the fourth false dormitory appears.

It is said that three fake things come out or it is said that the skin of the face is thick … ….
Regardless of the first one, no one would believe it after the second one. In fact, their identity is also unknown.

It is Marina who became the wife of the first and second person.
As it was a handsome guy so it was an ant so ♪ or something like that … Well, it is Russia that I can not say it without it.

sentence: Blue Koyaki


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