The son of a Nazi executive who testified that "Hitler seen from a child was an attractive man" died at the age of 83

Events of the same age became historical in the course of the years I will go.
There was an event that I thought so.

Mr. Alberto Speer Jr., Alberto Speer's son who served Hitler as a military minister in the Nazi · German regime, died in Frankfurt. Age of the Year 83.

Shall I watch Hitler in wartime, nearly few survivors have left for the nether world?

Age as to whether to become a teen during wartime.
Hitler as seen from the child's eyes seems to be "attractive old man".

Israel 's Harelets Paper reports (September 18, 2017).

The entrance to adults was the observation of the Nuremberg trial

It should be natural that sin does not reach children, but a harsh trial was awaiting for yourself becoming an adult.

In any case, the Nuremberg trial that judges Nazi war criminals began was 12 years old.
Speare, my father, was also sitting in the defendant seat as one of the executives.
That audition was the entrance to adults.

My father was sentenced to 20 years in prison.
After that, Mr. Junior will be forced to live in the absence of father. While bathed in the cold eyes of the world who turned around by defeat.

In an interview with the South German newspaper in 2010, we answer as follows.

"I was asked at all times how I felt about my father, I tried to spend my life with my father, but it was difficult for a young journalist to understand it."

"Hitler, as seen from the eyes of a small child, was an attractive man"

In the interview, the answer which reminiscent of frank personality continues.

"Hitler seen from the eyes of a small child was attractive, visiting Hitler seemed to be a sort of fun event, allowed me to play with my dog ​​and gave me sweets ""

"I'm still 7 to 8 years old, I did not know it."

Nevertheless, the blood did not contend, Nazi was not praised, but the chosen profession was an architect.
It was also my father's job before becoming a military minister.

He was known as a professional in energy efficient building design.

One of the masterpieces is the 2008 Beijing Olympics National Stadium.

Beijing National Stadium photo by BRUNNER Emmanuel ( Manu 25 ) / quoted from wikipedia

However, it seems that its appearance was evacuated by recalling the stadium of the father's Berlin Olympics.

1936 Berlin Olympic Stadium photo by Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-R 82532 / quoted from wikipedia

"My intention to connect the city of Beijing to the future"

I do not seem to be similar to the amateur eye, but I guess there are some juniors who have difficulties in any country.

On the other hand, the person himself answered in a straight line like this.

"It is my intention to connect the city of Beijing with the history of 2000. The stadium of the Berlin Olympic Games in the 1930s is just a giant impression."

First, Mr. Junior that time would be around Yokshachi walking.

Although there was such accusation, we are also designing a football World Cup stadium to be held in Qatar in 2022.
I guess it was a competent person.
It is understood by the customs like wakashime shimeto that it would have been a life with a crucial shoulder too heavy.

Parents are parents and children are children. Thank you for your hard work.
Please rest in peace. Pray hands.

Minami san [· · ·]

[Reference] Harelets paper

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