The British George III is too pitiful … … What is the Hanover morning full of the king of Guess?

Very fascinating and hard UK Queen Victoria and her husband Albert.

Reported in an article of the other day, reported that their "child, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren" had some flying characteristics and enjoyed an unexpected living – "No, as compared to Hanover morning, rather than Queen Victoria We were asked to point out that we are an exception.

The Queen Victoria's "child, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren" are overwhelmed with royal royalty!

Certainly, as mentioned briefly in the above article, in the Hanover morning only the Lok Demonians, with the sole exception.

Exception is George III (1738 – 1820).
His grandfather, father and even a lot of kids are incompetent … whereas the person himself was a deceitful person, … may not be such an easy problem to be done.

George III is unable to keep sanity at the last time the philosophy suffered by children, even political execution is impossible.
What was going on?

Who said the British gentleman was historically hit

There is a word UK gentleman.
It is polite and discreet and dressed in a suit.

However, these gentleman statues were rather recent, or something that was made in the hard Vittorian era (1837 – 1901).
Until then, the figures of the British figures were not very well behaved.

For example 17th – 18th century. Back then, the young people of the upper class did a continental trip called "Grand Tour" as a complete finish of academics.

It was nominally a trip to learn about culture and history, but this is quite troublesome from the local people.
Young people who got drunk on the way to go, broke into brothels, bought erotic books …… Young people who overdoed too much have continued.
Well, blooded young people go on a journey in the meantime.

The British kings who are the model of the people also had problems personally.

Hanover morning monks that lasted from 1714 until 1901. As mentioned above, "All but one person except George III," is a bad person.

Making a mistress fun and fun, personality is guess.
Politically incompetent.
Tokoraga general may be pretty matomo when considering the Edo shogunate of the same period, with only the picturesque Boncra king, who was disliked by the people as unpleasant extremely crude people. (Children 55 People Tokugawa Iechi apart).


let's see Zakkry from the Hanover morning monks, George I to the fourth generation.

George I: to make mistress a woman who is slender and women of obesity. The eyes stick out with a red face, I can not speak English (German was born and German and French etc are OK). I am interested only in horses, women, meals. I caught my first wife
George II: Inferior and incompetent. Beautifully intelligent queen is popular and competent. "That idiot king is whispered because the queen is so wonderful" is whispered to the people
George III: Only one thing
George IV: It is hated by the world with divorce riot. I love to play alone. After the collapse is written in the newspaper "It was the worst Guess king"

How about you

. Are not only the kings at the top of Guess?

The marriage couple and the couple were blessed with 9 men and 6 women … …

The only exception is George III.
He is the grandchild of George II.

I do not want to like grandfathers and fathers who liked prodigal and were unpopular from the public.

George III, who thought so, divides himself from a lover who had been dating since he was young, if he crowns at the age of 22.
She was only a nobleman's daughter, and her status as a marriage partner was low.

And when Princess Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Princeton was welcomed as a princess, she loved her alone, and the couple was blessed with 9 men and 6 girls.

King and his wife endowed with diligence and husband and wife. George III tried to protect children from temptation.
But was expectation too big or too strict?

Everyone gains growing greens.
Let's check this again on the list.

Crown Prince George (later George IV): Guess (see below for details)
Frederick: A mistress discovered that he was acting as a fraud, and it was a big scandal
William of Duke of Clarence (later William IV): At the age of 13, she enticed two officials. I associate with actress Dorotea · Jordan and make ten generations. Navy person, both familiar with Nelson's familiar face
Cumberland Earned Ernest: Prince Chinpira who committed rape and attempted murder. The rumor that he made a secret child with his younger sister Sofia
Kent public Edward (father of Victoria Queen): living together with French mistress for 30 years
Public Augustus of Sussex: I married without permission in Italy where I travel. I was admired by Queen Victoria with a relatively good character
Adolfphill, Cambridge: Become a soldier at Hannover. Relatively good

The grown prince is like this.

I have failed to raise children completely.
It was only bad prince who bothered up and it was always causing problems with violence and innocent behavior.

How about the princesses?

The future of the princess is also pretty cool

George III carefully selected the married parents of the princesses.

There was a bitter memory in his mind.

Sister Caroline Matilda of Wales.
She gets a big scandal that she is in close contact with her maidservant in her married wife, Danish, and will be held down.

"Do not become shamed like a sister"
As a father I decided to decide this black as black, as a result my daughters … ….

Charlotte: King Frederick I of Württemberg. Happy end
Augusta: carefully selecting her married woman to miss age of age, lifetime single
Elizabeth: I fell in love with Austrian officers in handsome at a glance, married without permission against my will. "Successfully show your figure as it is ~" and succeeded in religious ♪
Mary: I can not marry a man who fell in love, and the opponent is killed in the battle. Later married a cousin
Sophia: The whole life is single. There is a rumor that it was incestuous with an older brother Ernest. The theory that I made a secretary with a vassal
Amiria: Lifetime single. There is also a closeness to the vassal

Again, it has become quite a hard thing.

Crown Prince George commits two laws

George III loved simple people's hobbies of frugality.

People calling him with a simple hobby calling "farmer king", but this name will soon mean the meaning of "a good boy with a plain hobby" .

George III drawn as thrifty as a simple meal and pictureless frame, quoted from Wikipedia

Anyway, the Crown Prince George is a parisian who rolls out aho.
I wasted gold like a hot water with binge eccentric every day, and got into the mistress and fashion.

"Compared to the luxurious delusion of that idiot prince, His Majesty the King is a good person Muchachacha … …"
Unlike my son, George III was struggling with thrifts.
What a nice good king, the world came to think.

However, woman play, luxury, and the entertainment music were still within the allowable range.

In 1785, the Crown Prince George commits the greatest folly.
I was confidential with the widow with widow divorce, Mrs. Maria Fitz Herbert.

She was a devout Catholic and continued to bash the crown Prince George 's wish to be a mistress, so the crown prince George broke.

At this time the Crown Prince George committed two laws.

"The throne succession law" which prohibited marriage with the Catholic enacted in 1701
· Established in 1772 "Royal Wedding Order" forbidding royalty under the age of 25 without the permission of the monarch

The latter "royal wedding order" was the one that George III made to prevent my child from marrying arbitrarily (abolished in 2013).
But the Crown Prince, Sussex Official Augustus and Elizabeth ignore this and are married.

There are many people who refresh as they can make lovers if they can not marry. What was the effort of Prince George III, what was it ….

Did the spirit wear out over the repeated folly of these children?
In 1788, an accident happens to George III.

The stomach is leaning, breathing is painful, sight is weakened, hearing is also reduced

Beginning was a pain in the jaw.
Painful pain worsens day by day, George III can not sleep a night.

My stomach is leaning, my breath is painful, my sight is weakened, my hearing is also declining.
The mind also has become abnormal with the pain of the disease.

George III who blows foam from his mouth with a strange eyes and continues tweeting meanings unknown to the ancestors and trees. Charlotte quit scary quarrel, and surgeons also threw spoons.

Soon a man named Willis, a surgical doctor, will start trying rough treatment.
I made a blister on my legs on purpose by tying the king in detention clothes and putting out bad bodily fluids.
This treatment was accompanied by great pain.

"Hello, my husband, have you felt hardship"
Currently it is a disease of George III which has the theory of "porphyria" and "arsenic poisoning", but it was whispered at that time that it fell into a crazy heartache.
Anyway, he had several kinds of heartache.

A painful defeat in the American Revolutionary War.
Disturbing situation in neighboring France.
And the prosperity of their sons.

The crisis approached the national affairs, the crown Prince George became regent, George III repeated recovery and recovery of disease condition.
Meanwhile, the French Revolution, the Napoleonic War and the British are in a turbulent era, so what a misfortune.
Just stop it, his life is zero.

At this time the UK got the victory, surviving the difficult aspect, with the work of the generals such as Minister Pitt 's Minister of State, Admiral Nelson and the Duke of Wellington.
But George III and his family will have a tough time.

Prince Charlotte got tired of nursing.
Under such circumstances it is not where you want to find the marriage of the princesses, but some princesses will stay as a single.
Prince Crown Prince George, the other prince continued to cause trouble.

And in 1820.
George III finishes a long life afflicted by sickness and infidelity son.

British Royal Family and Familiarly.
Their appearance had to wait until Queen Victoria throne in 1837 after the short reign of two unbearable sons of George III.

sentence: Blue Koyaki

The symbol of the British Empire heyday Who is Queen Victoria? Approach that person figure


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