Shingen Takeda – Rare Weapon | Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada

Finally going to try and do the last of these before the english release comes out lol

Difficulty: Hard or Hell (Nightmare)
Stage: Pursuit at Zenkōji
Requirements: Get an S rank which includes getting 3/4 S’s on objectives and 1/0 A’s
S rank for Objectives:

Complete the stage in under:
9 Minutes = S Rank
10 Minutes = A Rank

Officers Defeated:
20+ = S Rank
16+ = A Rank

Health Stays over:
80% = S Rank
60% = A Rank

Missions Completed:
6 = S Rank
5 = A Rank

Weapon: Battle Fan
Stats: Attack 12, Attack Speed 10, Ice 10, Death 10
Items: (My Japanese isn’t so great, I’ll translate this when I have more time) Rare Horse Saddle (Must have!) + 62 Horse abilities, Recharge Spirit Gauge when on Horse, Recharge Musou when Spirit Gauge is full.


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