Sengoku Musou Sanada Maru/Samurai Warriors Sanada Maru – New Characters Full Movements

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Sorry for having missed the special attacks, but i really forgot about that…

Masayuki: Attack Power Up (Like Toyohisa Shimazu)

Chacha: Heal your allies ( Just like Oichi)

Sasuke: Makes doubles (Like Nene, Hanzo & Kunoichi)

Yukimura has the same fire attack (Kid version a bit smaller while the adult the fire is larger)

I know they are missing Katsuyori and Hidetada, but they have the same movements as the generic spear & sword, nothing has changed.

Yes Kid Yukimura doesn’t have a Chi attack.

This is supposed to be a showcase for all the new movements, If Muramatsu comes as DLC playable character i’ll make a showcase apart for her, so thats why im making this video now, if you got any requests subscribe, give a like & comment.

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