"Sekigahara in the North" It looks like Keicho Arai in the battlefield! Kanetsugu / Yoshimitsu / Masamune Sengoku star's strategy tactics

last year's "Sanada Maru" 34 episodes.
Shozo Murakami's act Nao Kaneguchi worried about Cirekire's " Naoe Jiang " reading and became a topic among historical fans.

Illustration · Shimotsuki Kei

However, the depiction of the Uesugi family at this time is here.
In the next turn, "I will have to beat first in order to have the best from Date", and furthermore in the next scene Uesugi Scenic and Naoe Kaneto 's master' s sidelines depressed and already "battle" has ended.

Battle is "North Sekigahara" Keicho Arawa Battle unfortunately it is often ignored by many works.

Why is that?
Is it because it is far from the center?
Or are not you interested?

Kamikatsu Uesugi, Naoe Kaneto · Date Masamune · The famous lord names Yoshimitsu Mogami aligned their faces, just as the actors are in full condition, are not you excited?

This time, even the big drama "Tenchijin" starring Kanetsugu, I would like to look back on the Keicho Arawa battle that was not drawn by Matmo why.

Keiichi Sekigahara north of the Akabane wing battle team
Uesugi Scenario (West Army) Naoe Kanetei main bat 25,000, Shonai direction 3000
Yoshimitsu Miho (East Army) Around 7 thousand (Yamagata direction 3000, Shonai area 4 thousand)
Date Masamune (Tokyo Union) Three thousand reinforcements to Yamagata, General general absence from absence

Aizu subjugation, sudden return & cancel

That was about Keicho 5 (1600) in April.
Naoe Kaneto Tokugawa Ieyasu sent a super rude letter, "Nao Jun" started Aizu conquest. At this time, Masamune Date and Masamitsu Mogami, the two biggest heads of Tohoku, were sided with Tokugawa.

They succeeded in installing promises from Ieyasu that "I will add as much as I cut."
Meanwhile, the West Army's Ishida Mitsunari had confidence that "they are secured by hosting Date and the best wife child as a hostage," they said.

Mihami Yoshimitsu, located next to Aizu and Uesugi Territory, will be the protagonist of Uesugi attack. Ieyasu heads to other warlords and orders that "those who attack from the top mouth obey Yoshimitsu."

"This is a boss! Yoshi Yoshimitsu, I will do my best!"

A beloved daughter · Komihime Toyotomi Hideyoshi was murdered without remnants, Yosuke Mogami Yoshimitsu who was in charge of Ieyasu is exhausted full power.
We pray for victory prayer and prepare.

Mogami Yoshitsugu

On the other hand, at the Uesugi family, we will advance the construction of the Forum Fortress to meet the opponent.
I decided the place of the decisive battle as Shirakawa leather basketball, and the scenic Honjin settled at Mogodo Pass.

However, on July 25th. Ieyasu the very important thing is to reverse the army by receiving Ishida Mitsunari's soldiers and return to West Japan.

Well, what do you do?

As a result, the Uesugi family did not follow the back of Ieyasu reversing.

As a reason for that, it was believed that "Punching the back is despicable, not suitable for the righteousness of Uesugi".
But this is a legend made to beautify or simplify Uesugi of "righteousness".
Currently the theory that it was the aim of suppressing the Ieyasu school and disintegrating was a strong point.

If you leave Date and Mogami and pursue Ieyasu, you may be opposed to the East Army 's back instead.
It was essential to capture the Tohoku Both houses in order to break the grief of the followers.

At the 2009 Taiga drama "Tenchijin" he still adopted the "Uesugi no Righteousness" theory.
When this becomes the big drama "Sanada Maru" of 2016, it is explained by "Nao Kanetsugo" in a line, "It is impossible to move in the state where Date and Muromoto are behind."
It is an example of what reflects the latest research.

I will keep an eye on important matters.

Here is the point!
Date: Not given "a seal of a hundred million watches", it is said to "increase by depending on cutting" to the end
Uesugi: I did not pursue Ieyasu for righteous reasons, but giving priority to top attacks for checking the Ieyasu faction

Yoshimitsu Miho, big pinch!

The most crisis in this situation is Mogami Yoshimitsu.

Why is that?
Let's step by step.

First of all, a letter that Ieyasu reversed the Tokugawa army to the west for the suppression of Ishida Sansei will be delivered to Yoshimitsu on July 29.
In and around August 13, the various daimyo (Toshiki Minami, Akita Akita, Masayoshi Tozawa, Yoshimichi Onodera, Masaru Rokugo) who gathered in Yamagata for attacking Aizu returned home.

In essence, what was planned to destroy Uesugi with a large army turned over, and it was reversed to the side attacked from the attacking side.

At this time the number of soldiers was about 7,000 at the top, and Uesugi was on the scale of 30,000.
In terms of Ishigaki, the highest is 240 thousand stones, and Uesugi is 1.2 million stones so if you hit Matumo it is not a very enemy opponent.
Furthermore, Onodera Yoshimichi in the Shonai district showed a movement to respond to Uesugi, and it became inevitable.

Ieyasu will deliver a message saying "Do not be afraid of Aizu," but "No, no matter what you are!"

As a result, there is even a theory that Yoshimitsu showed a move to comply with the Uesugi family until sending Yoshiyasu the legitimate child to the hostages.
Well, if it was a chasing situation so far, it would be unlikely that you had to show such movements even in a pose.

And on September 3, the Uesugi family decided the best attack.
Yoshihide Shida started invasion from Sakata direction as General General / Naoe Kaneto.

On the other hand, Masamitsu Yoshimitsu adopted the strategy of "dawn runaway".
It is a strategy to concentrate the force on the castle which becomes the defense base and to withdraw. Many castles in the top territory were destroyed by Toyotomi Hideyoshi 's destruction order, and it was in a state that it could not be the defensive base.

The empty castle was going to fall down quickly.

Here is the point!
Mogami: The letter that Masamitsu Mihami was minister to Uesugi has a fake book theory. However, in terms of circumstances it is not unnatural to pretend to be a minister for time sake
Mamoru: I chose a morning escape strategy
Onodera: Originally the East Army, when the situation changed "Chance to challenge the nemesis and the highest" and the West Army

Hataya Castle, falls

Mr. Uesugi, who began invasion on September 8, began attacking Hataya castle as early as 11th.

Castle with 500 people basking down from Eguchi Mitsuke falls on the 13th.
Regarding Hatoya Castle, the theory that Eguchi Kariki ignored orders to withdraw Yoshimitsu was a strong reason.
However, although it was scheduled to increase the defense power, dispatch reinforcements and make it a defense base now, it is said that the enemy 's advancing was too early and failed.

In response to the news of Hataniya fall, residents of Yamagata Castle fell into a panic.
It is enough to summarize household goods, overflowing while holding hands with the elderly and children.

In the local tradition it is said that the word "rice cakes of the evening night is quickly eaten" was left.
At this time, the surrounding population kept rice cake for the night, but when I heard that Mr. Uesugi was coming, I ran away and showed I missed eating.

In addition, in this district, when the child wept, they were threatening "kage cutlets". The terror that Kami Uesugi attacked was being handed down.

Mr. Uesugi approached Hasezado Castle at last.

Here is the point!
Murobo: Although Hataya was scheduled to be a defense base, there is a theory that did not make it in time
Mogami: A tradition that is frightened by Uesugi masu is left in the local

Uesugi Scenic / quoted from Wikipedia

Hasegodo Castle Defense game

On September 14, the Naoe Kaneto 's army finally approaches Hase – do Castle and starts siege.

The distance between Hasezado Castle and Yamagata Castle is about 8 kilometers. It is the final defense line. Once dropped here, there is no more.
In the old years, when the era 5 years (1508 years), Date Ryoji invaded the highest territory, and Haseido castle was dropped, the main owner of the time · the best mistress of the time was practically defeated I was driven to.

Deadline, Hasezado Castle – I have no choice but to keep it anyway.
Although the size of this castle is not very large, it is surrounded by Fukada, and it blocks hands where the flow of Sugawa becomes a natural moat.
The way to the castle was steep and it was a hard castle to protect.

Even so, Shimura Kamiyasu who holds the defense has only about a thousand tensions.
From Yamagata Castle Salem Yoshihide rope reinforcements are coming, but it was in a state of mind.

Mr. Uesugi got a hard guard and attacked the enemy's counterattack and attacked.
In the fierce battle, the swordsmen · Koizumi Main Tsui Tsunini will also be lost.
And this Haseido battle is based on the military, the historical fact is unknown. According to the reminiscence of salmon royal royal family, the general general Yoshimitsu Mihami stood at his own battlefield and was fighting hard.

In addition, Yoshimitsu will dispatch his wife Yoshiyasu to Masamune Date and ask for reinforcements.
By the way Yoshiyasu and Masamune are cousins ​​of one another (the mother of Masamune is Mikami Yoshimitsu 's younger sister).

Well, how was Date Masami doing around this time?

Here is the point!
Mogami: Hase Valley Castle is the final defense line for the best
Mogami: Haseido Castle has high defense power and is difficult to attack
UESUGI: Forced to struggle unexpectedly, and lose Koizumi Main Taiji

How did Date Masami fight Sekigahara?

Behavior of Date Masamune around Sekigahara has a point that seems to be mysterious.

On July 25, we will attack Shiraishi castle of Uesugi and fall down.
Although I was showing the movement invading Uesugi territory at this point, at the same time as Ieyasu 's reversal, I will move to Hokume – jo Castle himself.

On September 16, Masamune who received a reinforcement request from Yoshimitsu decided to dispatch 3,000 absence policies to Yamagata.
The famous ones for this exchange are as follows.

Kotori Katakura Jyunagori "Is it okay for Date to attack Yamagata at Uesugi here and Date over there?"
Date Masamune "But Yamagata Castle has a mother, so it can not be killed!"

Unfortunately, this Yaritori is a posterity creation.
At this point there is a big difference in the power of Uesugi and Date.
It is only when Date and Mori are going to hit Uesugi from the other side at the same time, and a little victory will be visible – such a difference. I can hardly believe that Date can beat Uesugi who absorbed the best.

Actually it will be such a place.

Date Masamune "Ah, how I supposed to be …. Ultimate is the best, but if I get done here I wonder if I still get in touch from the top … I will send you 3 thousand for the time being, but the political scene will not move like that When you're serious with Yoshii, you can do something better. "
Entrance policy "Eh … … that, such a thing"
Masamune "Even if all the top territory burns, you are bothering you"
Political view "Eh … …."
Here comes Masamune's Kam Chang … ….
Yoshihime "Although the reinforcements of Date are coming soon, what is late! What is going on !!"

It seems that reinforcement policies reinforcements have hardly arrived, and they are brothers for the political scene Yoshihime kept writing letters hurrying reinforcements until midnight.
First of all from the result, Yoshihime will join Date of the Married House and the top of the family home and fulfill an important function to encourage reinforcements.
※ Although she is sometimes drawn by a bad girl due to the influence of the Taiga Drama "monkyuu Masamune", she is actually considered to be an intelligent woman, please see the following article for details.

Yoshihime (Mothersong's mother) is a competent negotiator? Demon image which attempted poisoning is ended

Crucific talk.
Masamune says letters saying that Yoshimitsu crossed the Suugawa, "If you go over Sukawa or you are overrun, you must do your own weight, you can not look at it too poorly."
Should it be better to compare with Yoshimitsu who keeps bashing against the offense, is it a highlight of the sightseeing spot?
If the best falls, you might even be dangerous, but would you rather say Masamune?

That's why what are you thinking about this behavior, "Do you want the Touch of Waga to cause an riot in the southern regions in the southern regions despite being the same navy?" There seems to be many people who think.
However, Masamune was not violating the rule by himself, or because of that, "Momochi no Oshiki" was not rebelled.

The behavior of Masamune was a look at long-term battles.

At this time, Ieyasu did not assume that everyone would expect to knock down the West Army in a flash.

In this great war, Japan will return to turbulence again -.
Not only Masamune but many Daimyo thought so.

What do you do at that time?
It is Masamune's idea that he was actively trying to stir Ou west to make the most advantageous situation.
For that purpose, the behavior of Masamune is reasonable. Rather, I'm impressed that you have done a great disturbance so far.

Is this battle settled early or death?
The best Yoshimitsu who took the action to throw all the money out of such a dangerous bet was a few exceptions.

Besides, he himself knows that he can win that bet, there are fuses that I had not really thought about.

Here is the point!
Date: Masamune says, "We sent reinforcements to Yamagata to save our mothers"
Date: Masamune ordered reinforcement policy to send back reinforcement to Yamagata, but ordered "actively not to move"
Date: A series of actions by Masamune was to anticipate that the world will come again
Mogami: Yoshimitsu's younger sister, Yoshimi who is the mother of Masamune, also joined the two houses at this time and fulfilled the role of urging reinforcements

frustration of cumulative

Kanetchi could not easily drop Hase Valley Castle and felt the impatience.
Although I think that it will definitely be dropped, I can not go to too much time to spend too much time.

In addition, the separate battalion who was advancing from Kamikazu mouth is repelled by the top Satomi civil department, and the plan goes wrong.

Kanetchi was aware of the movement of Ieyasu, and the opponent never attacked Ouu and was convinced of fighting upwards. If so, the scenes do not need to prepare for Ieyasu.

"On top of the rain, I hope for you to run into the palace"

Kaneto thinks so, I will contact you to prepare for Aizu.
The best Mr. Date also recognizes this movement and strengthens vigilance.

Here is the point!
Uesugi: The army of the direction of Kamiyama was defeated and the plan came
Uesugi: Naoe Kaneto was requesting to run Uesugi Scenic spot

To the urgent report from the top, and to withdraw

On September 15, Sekigahara got settled in one day.
But without knowing that, Kaneto and Yoshimitsu continue fighting far away.

It was on September 29th that the report arrived at the cumbersome. About two weeks have passed.

On the 30th day of the next day, the report of Sekigahara will arrive also at Date, and it will also be transmitted to the best at Horse.

"I will lose nothing in this time, is not it?"
The best team who kept fighting in such despair is crowded with delight.

And from 1st October, a violent withdrawal battle began.

Mr. Uesugi placed a gun fighter in the main spot and added shooting to the enemies to catch up.
This tactic struggled with the top momentum, Yoshimitsu himself also hit the helmet.
There are obscenious bullets left in "Male spirit of the 38th gold muscles" exhibited at Mogami Yoshimitsu History Museum.

In this battle, both Kaneto and Yoshimitsu led the army and actively fought.

Many sacrifices came during the fierce battle of both armed forces.
On October 3, Kanzen himself entered Arakura Castle and arrived at Yonezawa the following 4th. Succeeding withdrawal.

However, I was in a hurry so I can not get in touch with my allies.
Some of the people left in the top territory had to surrender. They decided to stand in the forefront of the Shonai attack by the top men in the following spring.

This withdrawal battle is famous for being recorded in "Hase Vault Battle Screen" and military objects. Yoshimitsu is praising the first time of withdrawing Kanetsugu.

picture / Shota Tominaga

Now let's see the comments of Date Masamune.

"I took around the neck 80. The top group was weak and it could not be a big battlefield, so with the withdrawal the top-ranked people are seriously weak and they are really disgusted that they can not take over their enemies."

It is told that the top-ranking people are weak if they are mourning the first of such tactics that the general has went out to the front line and was shot.

Here is the point!
Uesugi: I got the results of Sekigahara earlier than the enemy. However, information transmission was insufficient
Uesugi: In ambushing shots, damaging the enemies pursuing
Mogami: The more you hit the topmost righteousness, the more aggressive it is to suffer from the shooting. Naoe Kanete was missed but raised the battlefield, such as surrendering Uesugi's priest
Date: I was dissatisfied with the tactics and ability of Masami.

Interesting battle where Kaneto, Yoshimitsu and Masamune's strategic tactics can be seen

This is the flow of the Keicho Arai competition.

Naoe Kaneiro has been actively going forward on the front line, seeing the movements of Ieyasu, changing the strategy flexibly.
His high command ability was fully demonstrated in the withdrawal battle.

Masamitsu Yoshimitsu also stands on the front line so that its aggressiveness may be backfired.
While overwhelmingly disadvantageous, I stuck firmly until the withdrawal of enemies.

Date Masamune will only send its reinforcements in this fight.
However, in this upheaval, we are showing outstanding plot.
It is evident that diplomacy and strategy, which is the strength of Masamune, is one piece.

In this way, "Sekigahara in the north" where Oshu 's deep warlords sharpened Ho is still an interesting fight.
As a historical fan, I hope that the spotlight will hit this fight in the future.

sentence: Blue Koyaki

Naoe Kaneto A series of riots over "Naoji-like" What is the content that made Tokugawa Ieyasu furious?


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