Sanada Yukimura (Nobuhito Sanada) A refreshing commentary on the life of 45 years! What kind of warlords was Kimura of historical fact?

cavalry warrior who wears brilliant armor to prosper death territory · Yukimura Sanada -.
Even if it is not a history fan, everyone may have had the experience of being deprived of their appearance at once.

In the charge of grandparents “Isada Tadashi”.
The child is “Sanada Taroi”.
The grandchildren are “Sengoku Musou” …… The work that comes to mind at Atma is different, but Yukimura’s name has always been loved by Japanese as a symbol of noble spirit.

However, it is.
When it comes to historical fact, it is full of unknown things about his first half life.

If you take a bad point of view, you can not deny the evaluation of “a one-shot shop that only worked at the teams of Osaka”, and even in the big drama “Sanada Maru” in 2016, the first half was Mr. Father · Masayuki Ishida Mitsunari had a presence.

That’s why I want to look back now.
What is the true value of the man who appeared like a comet at the team of Osaka?

What is Masuda Yukimura in historical facts?

Birth of Shinano ‘s national popular Sanada Fumio

Masuda Yukimura ‘s first half student is full of unknown things. It will tell you well that it is not clear from birth.

There is a theory similar to Date Masamune Eikyu 10 years (1567), there is also the theory of Tensho 10 years (1582) where Honnōji Temple occurred, there are multiple legends.

What I know is that the deceased Keicho 20 (1615) was about 45 years old.
My father was Masayuki Sanada of the Shinano who served the Takeda family, my mother was Yamanouchi (Kinmatsuin), same as my brother Nobuyuki. My child name is Balinese.

Origami is also ambiguous about my mother.
Although it seems to be from Kyoto certainly, there is also a record called a daughter of aristocrat Kikutei Haruhi, but the family does not balance with the Sanada family, and the same opinion is denied.

It is unclear as long as adults, so it is unknown what kind of life I was living in my childhood.
Because my father served the Takeda family in the birthplace, the possibility of Kofu would be high.

Mr. Takeda’s destruction

A major turning point in the life of Ukiha is that of Tensho 10 (1582) spring.
The Takeda family ( Katsunari Takeda ), the father of Masayuki Father, was destroyed.

At this time Umaru and other members of the Sanada family, like other families of the vassals, were in Takeda, home of Mr. Takeda as a hostage.

When Katsuta Takeda falls off from Niifu castle, it will fire the castle still under construction.
Flames are burning three days and three nights, it is said that numerous hostages were burned down. And when I left Shuugu Castle, I was upset on April 3, and I finished my life.

Masayuki Shosui · Yamanouchi, Nagao · Nobuyuki, the second son · Aika and others are struggling with starvation and plunderers, but finally they will lodge to the base of Sanada by battle.

At the same time it was also the beginning of the era of Sanada’s suffering.

Father · Masayuki will be in contact with Mr. Hojo after the death of the lord’s house, but in the end it is minister of the Oda family who invaded Takeda Temple.
The origin of the Sanada family was relieved and Masayuki entered under the heading of Kazuki Takigawa.

First of all I want to say I am relieved … … but this time on June 2, 19459014 Oda Nobunaga · Oda Nobuyoshi My son has accomplished her side death with “Honnōji Temple change” It is.

Illustration: Shota Tominaga

Holland era of Sanada Bali

Owner’s warlords left behind in the Takeda Territory after the death of the lord’s death by the lord were standing at a stroke.

Kazuyoshi Takigawa quickly returned Numata Castle to Masayuki. To pass the former Takeda territory safely, I am asking for help from Mr. Takeda Tokugawa Ieyasu who was a member of Shinbu Yoda (Yodobashige) .
Shinbashi suggested taking hostages from Saku and Oguni-gun for the request for this benefit.

In the hostage list, Mr. Masayuki Sanada’s elderly mother, Mr. Kawahara, the second son, A valentum was present.
In fact, when one profit wants to pass through the territory of Kiso Yoshimasu, he is requested to hand over the hostage, and hands Mr. Kawahara and Yukamaru to Yoshicho.
However, it seems that hostage was sufficient for Yoshihoshi alone, and it seems that only the bullet was released earlier.

Although it was a benefit that passed Old Takeda territory safely, I missed the “Kiyosaki Conference” which decides the way Oda family goes, dropped out of the successor race of Nobunaga.

Meanwhile, father / Masayuki of Ukihara was also at the moment’s critical point.

Takeda Katsuyoshi, Oda Nobunaga, and former Takeda territory where rulers cease to exist in succession.
In order to deprive this vast territory, the three people of Hojo, Uesugi and Tokugawa developed a three-way battle.

It was the beginning of a battle commonly called “Tenshin-Umi no Ran”.

Big fights of Kanto Koushinetsu are hit by goblins, even in the Warring States period.
Masayuki Sanada, who was at the center of it, will fight over the number of conspiracy.

Masayuki skillfully changed his opponent with Uesugi → Hojo → Tokugawa and moves around to secure the main line, but this intense fight is called October, Tenjyo (1582) October, Hojo and Tokugawa peacefully called It will be concluded in a form.

One item of this friendship condition had a great influence on the future of the Sanada family.

“Admitting Mr. Hojo to the possession of Ueno country and hand over Numata / Agatsuma territory of Sanada territory”

I had to give up the land I kept desperately and protected.

Numata is a key hub of traffic in the Kanto, Shinshu and Echigo, so we can not give it so easily.

※ The red castle mark (left) is Ueda castle, the two on the right are Numata Castle and the name Wu Ma Castle / Light blue = Kasugayama castle of Uesugi family / Kuyu = Takeda Katsuki’s Shofujo / Green = Hojyo’s Odawara Castle)

What on earth have you fought for?
Why must you hand over the territory from the Takeda vassal period in the first place?

In response to the unreasonable demand, if Masayuki Sanada is an ordinary national, it would have delivered tears and cryingly crying.
Even if Ieyasu Tokugawa, there may have been an arrogance that “it would not go wrong”.
At this time Ieyasu received a request from Masayuki and built a castle (Ueda castle) in Nyigaguchi.

As Ieyasu, it may have been the reason that “Ueda made a castle, please give Numata.”

But Masayuki does not think so.
That’s it, this is this.
Of course there are reasons for being bullied.

At this time the Tokugawa family could not secure a hostage from Sanada.
Masayuki’s mother, Mr. Kawahara, “Battle of Komaki and Nagakute” started with Hideyoshi while the hostage handover from Kiso to Tokugawa is prolonged due to poor physical condition.
Mr. Kawahara was returning to Masayuki during the confusion.

There is no reason for subordinating to Tokugawa no longer!
Masayuki departed from the Tokugawa, this time it is subordinate to Uesugi. Furthermore, we will acquire the negotiation route with Hashiba Hideyoshi via Uesugi.

At this time, the hostage issued as a dependent condition was Sanada Sanmaru.

Uesugi who was entrusted to Uesugi family was also given an intelligence, and he decided to serve as Uesugi vassal.
What kind of guidance is it?
The details are unknown but it is not mere hostage that is no longer a valuable affair, and Masayuki Shosui and Yamanouchi are also sent to the Uesugi family as a new hostage.

And Tensho 13th (1585), Masayuki will fight against Tokugawa Masaru who rushed to Ueda castle.

The First Ueda Battle.
In this battle that is famous as a battle where Sanada won the great victory while losing many, the role that Ukifumu played is not well understood.
In one theory, it is said that it was placed in the defense of Huzu old castle.

Shinji Sanada in Osaka

At the first Ueda battle, Masayuki Sanada repulsed the Tokugawa. I will win the great victory.

And Masayuki aims to join hands with Hashiba Hideyoshi in order to make the momentum advantage for the Tokugawa forces.
To Hideyoshi for Tokugawa is the enemy since “Battle of Komaki and Nagakute”. For Sanada, Hashiba is “the enemy’s enemy is a friend”.

However, a harmonization was established between Hideyoshi and Tokugawa. In addition Tokugawa joined the alliance with Hojo who was intensely confronted with Sanada.

Masayuki, again a big pinch.
No matter how much Uesugi is on your side, if you seriously attack from Hojo and Tokugawa, that damage is immeasurable.

The only way left is the minister to Hideyoshi.

Thus, Masayuki who played Kamakura in 1576 was granted relief of Sanada, Numata, and Aratsuma territory, recognized as the Daimyo under the Toyotomi regime.
In exchange, we decided to send Osaka Shinkifu to Osaka, but Shigeta, who liked Hideyoshi, will go to Toyotomi and I will not have a narrow sense of hostage as a hostage.
It is unknown whether it was liked by Yodo like Taigara Drama “Sanada Maru … ….”

Tensho 18 years (1590 years) after about 4 years later.
Again with the setting in Sanada, the universe moves.
“Conflict of the name walnut castle” happens to the Numata problem with Hojo which had long been a mime, and this will trigger “ Odawara conquest ” as a trigger.

It is the Hojyo family mainly focusing on Mr. Hojo and Mr. Hojo in Odawara Castle, which is impregnable.
In contrast, the Hideyoshi Army surrounds both the sea and the mountain with a large fighting power which is also called as more than 200,000, and the matato battle is about Aka Naozo Ii charges (many actual warfare in the castle).
There was no stage of success in Shigeichi who served as a military service, after that, it seems that he came out with his father and his brother in order to subdue the “turbulence of Kudo Political Realities” that occurred in Tohoku.

Bunraku 3 years (1594), Nobunagi Sanada · Brothers Shinbushi was also awarded a delegate and Toyotomi surname at the same time.

Brother Nobuyuki is the fifth ranked Izu Mamoru Izu, brother Shigeyi is appointed ranked fifth ranked Shimonemon gate.
It is inferred that the marriage of Shige is around this time.
The main room was the daughter of Yoshinobu Otani, Takebayashiin.

The main room of my brother · Nobuyuki is Kamatsu, the daughter of Tokugawa Toshinori, Honda Tadaoki.
Brothers’ fate may have started to separate since this time.
Shinta received the honorary confidence of Hideyoshi, while walking along the way as Toyotomi lord as a small child.

But inside the Toyotomi family, cracks were beginning to enter.

The role of Bunko · Keicho.
Seki Hideto Seppuku incident.
And the death of Hideyoshi.

Orthodox child Toyotomi Hidetoshi is still young and can not support Japan’s crowded world.
While all Toyotomi Daimyo ‘s names have been chosen, the time was still close for the Sanada family.

The grace that they left behind was not long.

Toyotomi Hidetoshi was not a child of Hideyoshi! The shock scandal that I had fallen on the people under the weather!

Farewell to “Inubusha” with Tengaezumi

Only two years have passed since Hideyoshi’s death, Keicho 5 years (1600 years). Tokugawa Ieyasu moved.
I decided to conquer as Uesugi Kanakatsu suspected the rebellion.

Masayuki Sanada, Nobuyuki, Shinba, leaving Utsunomiya to come to Ieyasu’s former place. We will stay at the innkei and Inubushi.
A messenger from Mitsunari Ishida came over to it and delivered a consecutive letter of three magistrate (Masayoshi Masuda, Masuda Masuda, Maeda Geno) with “the incestuous chika no ryo (summarized form of Ieyasu rule violation)” It is said to be.

Although it is the so-called “Farewell Farewell,” it is an episode where future adaptation can be seen.
Based on that, I would like to imagine the three interaction patterns A to C.

Pattern A: Ambition full of Masayuki
Masayuki “I will try to stand against Ishida”
Shinchi “It’s a good idea, my father”
Nobuyuki “Although I came out in response to the Movement Order of Internal Affairs, I would not agree that it would oppose it.”
Masayuki “The trees are about to be disoriented again right now, wishing for the prosperity of the house by multiplying this machine, is not it a way of life for samurai!”
Nobuyuki “Wow … …!”

Pattern B: Masayuki I dislike Ieyasu
Masayuki “I will try to stand against Ishida”
Shinchi “It’s a good idea, my father”
Nobuyuki “Although I came out in response to the Movement Order of Internal Affairs, I would not agree that it would oppose it.”
Masayuki: “Well, in the first place I have a resentment of age in Internal Affairs, I do not intend to obey.”
Nobuyuki “Eh!”

Pattern C: Sanada family wants to take safety measures
Masayuki “I will try to stand against Ishida”
Shinchi “It’s a good idea, my father”
Nobuyuki “My wife is the daughter of Tokugawa Tamura and my younger brother’s wife is the daughter of Otani Imbu. Let’s fight with our father and fight”
Masayuki: “Well, then, if one loses, the house will not stay”

I can not confirm what kind of discussion we have followed, but I know the result.

Ishida: Masayuki Sanada / Shinchi
Tokugawa way: Nobunaga Sanada

However, Nobuyuki was called “Maiden Reform” before “Inubushi”, and I was pulling out the main room · Komatsuhime from Osaka to Ueda.
There was a possibility that it was a policy attached to Tokugawa from the beginning, and “Inubushi” may have been a place to confirm the final intention.

Masayuki · Shinchi Son walks along the Azuma Highway and enters Ueda Castle.
Meanwhile, Nobuyuki is said to bring loyalty to Ieyasu, just two years old at the age of 4 as hostage to Ieyasu.

Masayuki’s ambition, and the second Ueda battle

Masayuki Sanada exchanged a letter frequently with Ishida Mitsunari.
With the information I got there, the overwhelming Ishida direction = should be the advantage of the West Army. For those who want to keep them, it is natural for Mitsunari to send information that they are friendly.

Even if such bias is deducted, it is the situation at this time that every power did not doubt, believing that this upheaval would prolong. Knowing the result makes me want to think that Masayuki and Shige are extremely optimistic, but it is not so.

It was Ieyasu’s legitimate child, Tokugawa Hidetada who lead the Tokugawa team headed for Ueda.

This Hidetada
“I had an unexpected stick at Ueda Castle, which made it impossible for the main battle of Sekigahara”
That is a well-known theory.

However, in recent years,
“Ueda attack is rather a planned action, Hidetada lost to the Sekigahara main battle because Ieyasu changed the plan and made it earlier”
It has been with.

Well this is the army led by Hidetada, but with the mass it was a strength that could be said to be the main force of the Tokugawa.
Ieyasu probably wanted to impress Hidetada’s bravery in this fight.
It is thought that it is evidence that a skilled staff existence · Masanobu Honda was attached, and let everything handle all things.

Illustration – Shimotsuki Kei

And there was also Nobuyuki in this army.
He decided to confront his father and his younger brother.

Below is the course in the battle time series.
Please note that there is description of military.
(Brown: Sanada / Navy: Tokugawa)

September 3
Mr. Tokugawa arrives at Ueda castle.
On this day, Masayuki passed through Nobuyuki who was on the Tokugawa side and told Hidetada that he would like to have a fellowship after shaving.
The forces on the side of Kanagi are 3000. On the other hand, Ueda ‘s people called on “give one million enemies of enemy’ s neck,” and gathered soldiers.
Morale of Takashi Masuda rising.

Masayuki makes a change in attitude and rebels against friendship.
“Absolutely forgive him!”
Masayuki’s behavior was too rude and provocative. Hidetada was furious.

Hidetada orders Shinobi to capture the abrasive castle.
When Nobuyuki headed for the castle, Shigeharu who kept the castle and his attitude escaped. Nobuyuki robs the abrasive castle without sacrifice.
On this evening, Shige tried to hit the enemy with a night attack, but abandoned the opponent’s warning severely.

Hidetada puts the main character in the dye shop owl. And we invited Kanda to invite enemies from within the castle. However, it was taken by Midori Kanda and George Tokugawa approached the castle.
For the enemies approaching the castle, the Sanada guns firearms and arrows and attacks violently. It caused enormous damage.
Sanada Sanada makes further provocation and crosses Kamikawa. For the enemy who was pursuing, Masayuki ordered the ambush to cut off the damming of the river and let the water flow. I will attack the ambush who was at the foot of the fictitious village at the foot of the flow and take over it further.
Tokugawa masters, those who are to be brought, took out a lot of drowning, and they were lost.
While Hidetada is aggressively attacking, an order is issued from Ieyasu that changed schedule to urgently to Mino, and the Tokugawa people withdraw.

The Second Ueda Battle ended in this way. Although saying victory to the last,
“Withdrawal due to change in strategy of Tokugawa”
It is a form.

If Ieyasu did not change the strategy and Hidetada continued attacking Ueda castle as it is, the result may have been different.

Even so, it was true that the Tokugawa person was not allowed to fall even though there was a difference in military force, and the Sana was victorious in the first game.
It was recognized from that time that it took time for a small castle to lack experience of Hidetada ‘s youthfulness and that it was a miscarriage of Honda Masanobu.

Although the Second Ueda Battle is not a painful big victory as in the military, it certainly was a battle that affected history.

Days of Kuyusyama Science Education

On September 15, Masayuki Sanada, Shinzo Ishida, who committed hope by Shinchi Sonoko, the West Army, suffered a major defeat by Tokugawa Ieyasu’s East Army.

Actually the Sanada is hitting the night attack on the Tokugawa who watches Ueda castle even after three days.
However, the settlement was attached any longer.

Following the persuasion of Nobuyuki and others, Masayuki Shinpa fathers surrender.
Ieyasu’s life destroys Ueda castle.
The conflict between Tokugawa and Sanada for many years decides that Ieyasu is the perfect victory.

Nobuyuki Sanada (renamed from Nobuyuki) entered Ueda territory and became a lord of 115 thousand stone.

Ieyasu thought of Sanada’s father as a crime.
However, Nobuyuki pleads for father and brother’s assistance to Tadakatsu Honda, Masanobu Honda and others.
In one theory, Tadakatsuki Honda who likes the son-in-law’s Nobuyuki is approaching with the preparedness “I will not leave the first game with the donkey!”, And Ieyasu sushima has been reluctantly reluctant.

“Oh, what a regrettable thing! I thought that Ieyasu would fit this kind of humiliating eyes!”
Masayuki sheds regretful tears, told Nobuyuki, and heads to Koyasan.
Keicho was about 5 years old.

Masayuki was 54 years old at this time, and Shigeya was in the early 30s.
Despite the life expectancy of that time, Shinto would be a day to spare energy and physical fitness.

Living expenses are extremely pitiful due to the request from Nobuyuki.
There are also anecdotes that Sanada Furuko made a “Sanada String” and went on selling to earn living expenses, but it is a traditional level and it is unknown whether it is a historical fact or not.

Nobuyuki will continue to support the lives of his father and brother in a kitchen circumstance that can never be afforded.
I continued to send not only living expenses but also supplies such as shochu.

Although she was bored, she seems to be able to make time for hobbies.
Shinji first tried the Renka and left a letter saying “I’d like to go on someday although I do not improve well”.
In addition, even in Kuzumi, a few children were born, and became children’s fathers than brother Nobuyuki.

The songwriter loved Sengoku warlords is actually Mecca interesting! I was addicted to both Shinto, Yoshimitsu and Official Guards

However, their lives were severe and painful for them of the samurai who were born.
Introduction is optimistic, it is a father who connected hope to pardon, but as time passes, it will be pessimistic for ten years to pass.
Masayuki Sanada tends to be obstinate and obstinate, and meals also pass through the throat very slowly, and in 16th year of Keiseo (1611), a deathless death will come. Age of the age 65.

Shige also mixed with gray hair in the beard, teeth dropped out and tended to be sick.
From the prime of my late 30s I continue to study for over a decade and have an environment where my mind and body can only decline.

If nothing happens after this, a man named Shinzo Sanada would have had a deadly death like his father and never left a brilliant name in history.
Sanada’s family name must have been not as big as now.

Invitation from Osaka

Shigusa who loses his father and continues his study with his family.
Everyday life that releases stress with Renga and Shochu suddenly ends with an invitation from Osaka.

Under the heavens moved.
Tokugawa Ieyasu opened the shogunate in Edo, followed the various daimyo, steadily building a new regime.
However, it was not yet possible to include Osaka’s Toyotomi Hideyoru in this new structure.

Ieyasu will be old and Hidengi will grow to youth.
That’s why the “Hellary temple Kanji incident” in Keicho 19 (1614) was a great opportunity for Ieyasu, just before the time limit.
Ieyasu who was rather tolerant to Hideyoshu until then, will change his attitude. “Hellary temple Kanji incident”, rather than Ieyasu set in, Osaka made a serious mistake at the worst timing.

Still the Osaka side still had a way to survive.
As for Ieyasu, the head of Hidetoshi is not necessary. You can incorporate them into the order of the Edo shogunate.

Once you have tied up your hands and feet, you can not easily move with other lords who have a favor with Toyotomi.
Thus the conditions that stood against Hideyuki were the following.

1. Osaka castle withdrawal
2. Send the raw mother · stardon as a hostage to Edo
3. Sunday service with Sunpu and Edo

Osaka was furious and rejected this request.
He was also in charge of negotiations with the Tokugawa ___ ___ ___ 0 19459035 ___ ___ 0 ___ ___ 0 19459035 ___ ___ 0 There is no other choice than to leave Osaka Castle.

Pull the request and exile the contact person in charge of negotiation – This is already an action equivalent to declaration of war.
Why did you imitate such reckless things?
Osaka was unable to forget the past glory and power, and could not have read the current situation at all.

No more waiting for the war!
Osaka sent a letter of invitation to neighboring dungeons to help them. Since Sekigahara, the prisoners who had lost their hosts lit their ambitions, which were the lights of the wind, and came from all over Japan in search of second chances.

There was a call from Osaka even under Shinrya.
Shinpei is planning a bargain, inviting the villagers to a spree. A lot of drinking and noisy, all the guests are drunk. When they escaped at the place where they fell asleep, Shige had a spear without a trunk, a gun with a flame attached, he left the Kudansan.

Osaka winter team

Yukimura Sanada who entered Osaka Castle.
After that ※ Although it is written as “Yukimura” according to the drama “Sanada Maru”, I will follow the historical facts as before

There were plenty of people gathered there.

“Kotohashi bee” who had been leaving the Kuroda family.
“Mori Katsunaga” who was born in Owari and served Hideyoshi with his father.
The head of Shikoku, the son of former Chosuke Ekubabe · Sosuke Okabe Senior Fellow ].
“Akashi Satoru” who served Utaka Naoya and Ukita Hideto.

Although the total number of forces is unknown, about 100,000 people have gathered.
Many of them are dungeons who have lost their jobs with Sekigahara.

Osaka prepares for the arrival of the enemy, begins to construct soil and fortress, and consolidates the defense.
Yukimura built a fortress in the castle ‘s south east Tamaguchi mouth.
This is “Sanada Maru” which was also used for the title of the drama.

What kind of defensive facility was it?

Although there are still many mysteries about this, the theory advocated by Professor Yoshihiro Chida of Nara University is strongly considered.
“Sanada Maru” is not just a fort accompanying Osaka Castle, it is a “small castle” built a little away from the moat.

Rather than relying on the castle, “Sanada Maru” boasted a strong defense power independently.
At last Konomura became a castle owner.
It may be a bit sentimental, but so it will not be a problem.

Meanwhile, Tokugawa of the aggressor also fully prepared weapons ammunition supplies and aimed for Osaka castle with fullness.

When a military assembly is held in Osaka Castle, Yukimura advocates a sortie action rather than a casket.
Let’s aggressively hit and disturb before the enemy’s steps are not complete. It is a big measure of such a scale.


























































統国寺の庭の裏から見える茶臼山(photo by 北村美桂@歴史おじ散歩








































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