Sadness · Yuki Saito declares "Saigo don" appeared Naze Will only her be a self-assault?

Regarding the Taiga Drama " Saigo Doll ] in 2018, on 21st September, regrettable news came in.

◆ Yuki Saito Taiga Drama "Saigo Don" Announcing NHK released (Suponiti Annex)

NHK announces the declining appearance of actress Yuki Saito (51) who was scheduled to appear in the next big saga "Saigo (Susan) Den" (Sunday 8.0) (Quoted from Sponich).

Speaking of Saito Yuki san, it will not be too bad, as the performance of Akacho at 2016 "Sanada Maru" is remembered in memory.

It is a side room of Tokugawa Ieyasu and in the same drama it is a role of matome in a fellowship negotiation at the Osaka winter team.
The old negotiation which afflicts the Osaka side with jiwiwa was hatefully skillful, and as a result It was a role to drive Sanada Yukimura . Of course, even at Saigo next year, it would have been expected that her tasty performance.

But the results are as you can see.
Speaking of happiness this time, the point that Mr. Saito 's acting island is supposed to be "there were not many turns to come?"

If it is supposed that there are many Takeshima's turns, it means that we will take time to Atsuhime Oku part.
Then, with Saakei who thinks in the first place what it is as a drama depicting the life of Saigo Takamori .

Why only Mr. Saito declines

As everyone of Okawan fans knows, the casting of "Saigo Dori" is not Sunnari, and there was also a news that Mr. Shinichi Tsutsumi refused the main offer at the beginning.
Later it was decided to Mr. Eita Okubo Toshimichi also in the Saigo drama is a very important position after the leading role, but was undecided at the first cast announcement.

The back side of a drama that is not refreshing anything.
In such circumstances, Mr. Saito even reported that it declined the appearance.

Is there a recommendation from the NHK side secretly? Aside from the doubt, it is no doubt that a series of insulting disturbances invited the plinth play this time anyway.

Of course, I can not deny the lie comment at Mr. Saito's press conference or the opinion that spill photography is a problem.

However, concerning infidelity, among other male performers, there is also a big actor who was covered similarly this year ( Saigo doll cast ).
Mr. Saito is the only one who is forced to decline.

Is not it that society is strict with women's affair rather than men? I can not deny the unfair impression.

Well, as it is her own independent descent, it may be that there is a tsukkom saying "You quit from myself, annoying", but it is undeniable that her pressureless (or destroyed) pressure It will not be difficult to imagine.

The point that I want to pin down as a history lover

And although this does not seem to be mentioned much, … ….

Saigo Takamori, the protagonist of the drama, has not lived a sense of relief at home.
I am raising a child of an island woman, Aika-no, to her wife.

Of course it is nonsense to compare the values ​​of the day and the present age, but that is the story of those contents in the first place.
I ask a performer a high moral like the one according to the modern standards, and the independent leaving plate receives a strange impression.

In "Sanada Maru", a second Ninja actor took off with a scandal. However, there is a talk about a criminal case arrested by the police over there, and Mr. Saito this time is not such a case.

I want the fan to want to speak hotly

Now, what I want is that the impact of this case's blemish on the work is kept to a minimum.

From now on casting may be difficult.
Anyway, I can not help but find it as soon as possible and I hope to shoot.

Because of this, "Saigo Dori" will be required to start a rocket.

If negative topics precede the content of the work, negative articles will circle.
That would be a completely vicious cycle.

In the two years of 2016 and 2017, the report of Taiga has changed. There are also enthusiasm of fans, and articles that analyze the contents of the work deeper are increasing.

I would like to hope that it will not be a Kodate's topic making me wish to make it worse by the development that fans want to talk hotly.

Do your best! "Saigo dune"!

[Reference] Sports Nippon Saigo Don cast

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