Philip II of dignity King Bukkawas the British French relationship of the strongest Dro swamp in France history!

There remains a strange name to the King of Europe.
From physical features such as 'Obesity King' or 'Beautiful King', even those that express properties such as "King of the King" and "Brave King".

Among them, it is wonderfully cool that it will be Dignity King Philip II (1165 – 1223).

This Philip II, the name is not only good-looking but also one of the best names in the history of France, the existence which each successive king of each country modeled.
When tracing his intellect and performance in fact, it is a wonderful thing suitable for its name, and almost no faults are found.

"Good dignity (Auguste)" is somewhat cool. Then, what does it actually mean?

"Auguste" is Augustus, the first Emperor of the Roman Empire.
Philip II also said that he was born in August the same as him, but also accompanied the meaning that he is as great as him.

Of course, it is a good place to name or lose without contents with this, but it is a terrible thing that you are not actually losing.
Let's see his footprints.

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Father's wife / Arienol is a nuisance person

When Philip II was born, the power of the French royal family = Kapean was weak, the extent to which hair was born to powerful aristocrats.
Moreover, the Capeto family was faced with a ridiculous crisis around this time.

The father of Philip II 's father – the queen of Louis VII was once a woman named Arienor – Dakitene.
Because it is my father's wife, is not she the mother of Philip II? It may be thought, but it is not so.
It is a poisonous wife, so to speak, he can not talk about her footprints, so explain a bit.

Arienol Dakitene / cited from wikipedia

Arienol was the daughter of the Duke of Aquitaine, the leading nobleman.
She has no brothers, Louis VI is her guardian. And I have married Louis VII which is the son of Louis VI.

She was beautiful, intelligent and, in any case, a female heir of the vast territory of Aquitaine territory.
If the queen's territory could be obtained, the capital royal family would like to say that … … but this is a terrible expansion.

At that time the Crusader was straightforward.
As France I am busy with the governance of my own territory, I did not actively participate.

But when Arienor somehow husbands
"Hey, let us join the Crusaders also in France"
I was burning it.
Moreover, they are accompanied to the principal. This brings serious problems to the couple.

In this crusade, Antioch Hou Raymond, the uncle of Arienol, was participating.

Rui VIII and Raymond confront and confront strategies. Here, Arienorn says:
"Hey, let me hear what Raymond says!"

As a Louis VII, I felt like refusing to refuse.
Even though my uncle and niece were mentioned, Raymond and Arienol were only 8 years old and the horse matched.
I hope the horses will match, but there was a rumor that they became a relationship between men and women.

Every time Arienol shields Raymond, Louis VII becomes stubborn.

"Okay, I understand! Because I am already divorcing!"
Arienol is not an ordinary woman. I do not think anything about my husband being King French as long as I hit a three-and-a-half.
In the first place, she had nothing to do with her husband.

The remarriage opponent is a nemesis!

Personality did not match with the firmly gloomy Louis VIII in the first place and the unexpected and cheerful Allenol.

"It seems like I married a monk and I do not do it ultra!"
In 10 years marriage life, Arienorl was saying so.

And when Arienol divorces, he also brings out the vast Aquitaine territory he owned.
She is 29 years old, she has a vast territory.
Furthermore, if you become the first beautiful woman in Europe, you will be reborn as well.

Which Arienol chose was the Wild-type aristocrat Henri de Plantagene that was 10 years younger than her.

Although he was in France in escape from the political turmoil in his home country, he returned to his mother country, a man who draws blood of the King of England King Plantaginet.
In fact, returning to her home country where the political turmoil ceased, he will sit at the throne as Henry II.
Moreover, it is with the vast Aquitaine territory that Arienol possessed.

Henry II / quoted from wikipedia

This remarriage brought terrible things to Britain and France.
Although Henry II and his wife were King of England, they decided to have a vast territory called Aquitaine Domain in France.

Until the end of the centennial war, King England thought about annoying things "We can also be the King of the French!", The reason for this was around here.

Louis VIII was compelled to a severe situation due to divorce and remarriage.
He remarried and made a boy. I also decided to marry the princess to Prince Henry II 's Prince.

Marriage with Arienol brought vast territory to Henry II, but it also brings home-grown misfortune.

She was a healthy and prolific quality.
Although only girls were awarded with Louis VII, once they remarried they will have many boys.

Meanwhile, the couple and colleagues get cold to rest.
Arienor is furious at the repeated cheating of Henry II.
I got into the love 's nest and killed the mistress.

If this is a common couple, it may have been enough to hit them, but that is the royal family.
Arienorn, which is preeminent in head rotation, burns complaints from his sons and causes a revolt against Henry II.

It was Louis VIII who smiled at seeing this rebellion.
He has his daughter married to his son Henry II.

"Somewhat, I am here as a relative"
It intervened that way, pretending to mediate while escalating the situation, aiming at weakening the Plantaginet family.

In addition, the main character of this article – Philip II is a child born with the queen who Louis VII remarried.
Like his father, it was the best path for him to settle for a fight with parents and children fighting the planet Ginnet family.

Philip sleeping in the same bed as Richard

When Louis VIII was destroyed, only 15 years old Philip II throne.

Philippe II who was a long-awaited boy for his father was called "Du Donne (the gift of God)" and was brought up with a gifted education.
And as expected of his surroundings, he grows into a brilliant boy.

After his father's death, as soon as you start the affair, his intelligence and ambition will stand out.
In his skill to suppress rebellious aristocrats, they also admire the surroundings.
The mission that Philip II took over from his father was to destroy the Plantaginet family from France.

From such backgrounds and his behavior
"I do not want to see the face of the faces of the Planet Ginnet family"
Although it seems to be thinking, the story seems not so simple.

Both houses at that time had relatives, and they were relatives.
For the sake of convenience, the royalty of England is written in English names, but in fact they were talking in French and calling that name in French.
If it comes to being a vacation, it will be relaxing in a warmer France, and it will be coming soon, Philip II will have to relate with them.

Roger of Hoveden writes about the state of the kings at the time like this.
"Richard (King of England) respected Philip from the bottom of my heart.
They took a meal at the same table and when they slept at night they did not have another bed.
Philip loved Richard as if he were his soul.
They love each other dearly and their passion was amazing. "

Richard is the second son of Henry II, later Richard I.
"Lion heart king" is also famous for this alias which seems to be strong again.
Although it boasted unrivaled strength in warfare, domestic affair was equal to none, it was the king who assigned almost all of the ability values ​​that can be held to war.

Richard I / quoted from wikipedia

Well, this King of France and King of England of the future.
Whatever you eat, why are you tying up to bed?
What is it, this "the historical fact is more strange than the novel" state.

There is also the theory that it is just dear expression about Kudari that "the bed is the same".
"Well, it is a testimony of trust that warms the bed with body temperature, it is not sexual thing"
Like Hideyoshi's Nobunaga sandals warmed up, Richard and Philip just warmed the bed for each other.
By the way, Liu Bei was sleeping on the same floor as Kanu and Zhang Fei.

"No, Philip was a mistress of Richard!"
There seems to be some theory that there is.
That person may be interesting as a story, but the truth is unknown.

Incidentally, it is said that Richard did not have sexual interests in women, and that area would promote rumors around that.
In any case, the term "same floor dream" does not have such a relaxed relationship so much.
* Incidentally, there are even up to two coupled videos that overseas fans have edited based on the drama

Intervening in the fight of Putan Tajinet family ♪

Philip and Richard.
Aside from whether you are just a close friend or a mistress, it seems certain that there was a strange love and hate between the two.

Soon afterwards, Richard lost his brother Henry and became the legitimate King of England.
However, my father Henry II dogged her son Jon and said to Richard:

"John has no territory and is poor, so give away the part of Aquitaine you got from Mama."
"Who will give over! I did not have you in the first place, you got mama, Mr. Baka!"

Richard is furious.
Brian fighting mother Alienol, I will stand by Richard here.

Thus, the Plantaginet family also entered a fighting fight between parents and child again.
As Philip II, you can no longer stop laughing.
Because the hateful Planeta Ginnet family is self-destructive without permission at the inner ring.

"I am good friends with Richard! I will stand by you"
"After all I will depend on you, the one I should have is a friend"

Philip II intervenes in this father and child fight, and when invading the UK, everyone unite and unite Henry II into Chinon Castle.
In addition, since Philip II will be putting on to allies until John Henry II dies, it is nothing but a trick.

I hear that Henry II has turned to the enemy until my beloved John speeds death very much with a mental blow. It was 1189 years.

Both Richard and John were living in a very simple world, compared to Philip II filled with strategy.
There is no way to take it as a boss.

"I thought it was my best friend but I was terrible, Philippe!"
By this time, Richard I gradually became able to understand the real intention of Philip II.

From the point of Philip II,
"In fact, I did not dislike you forever! Who do you love something like a figure with a terrific territory in France?"
Is it such a place?
I remember the relationship between Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando.

Richard I die from scratches shot by a crossbow

The Third Crusade starts in 1191.

Two years ago, Richard I who served on behalf of his father threw out the domestic affairs of England and will do his utmost to the Crusaders.
He only makes fun of him. The unrivaled strength is enough to become a story grass.

Philip II also participated in this crusade, but unlike Richard I, he is not motivated too much.
In fact, he returned home with puffing along the way.
Rather than the honor of defeating a heathen, the stable governance of its own territory was more important.

In addition he burns Richard 's younger brother John and suggests (aims) to aim for England' s throne.

Richard I who knew this will try to return home in a hurry.
If lion heart king, known as the strongest knight at the time, comes, Philip II of flukes will also be impatient.

Regardless of brain warfare, it is too dangerous as a war party.
It remembered the battle of Richard I who fought a fierce battle against the generic saladin, and Philip II would have cooled the liver.

However, Richard I commits a great blunder that he will become a prisoner of war on the way back from the Crusades and be released with a huge ransom.

Finally released by Richard I, she departed from domestic affairs and passed the Buddha.
Although I was burning anger towards Philip II, in 1199, the bruise that was shot at the crossbow caused death of war injuries.

In this way, he knows whether he is a former best friend or a mistress. I do not understand well. Before he attacked Philip II, he left the world.

The successor of the King of England will be brother John.
This is an easy-to-call partner for Philip II. It was an easy-to-do fool.

"The King of the Queen" is in the real meaning "King of the Lost Kingdom"

John, who succeeded Richard I, was the most incompetent among the sons of Henry II and despite being arrogant and ambitious.
Even Arienol, my mother who was drowning a child, seems not to like this little boy very much.

Jon John is a dark man who is told that the seat of the worst 1 among the King of England is unshakable.

quotation from King John / wikipedia

Since the name "John" is ominous, it is said that there was a rule that it can not be attached to royalty.
In the 20th century, there was a person named Prince John in George V, but he was only 13 years old, and he said "John is objectionable" after all.

Such a synonym for John is "Lackland King".
It was originally that the youngest son has no territory to inherit.

Just because it was born late, it is also unlikely for him to be responsible.
However, John will make his name disgracefully "lose his territory with stupid".

What was in the background, of course Philip II.

John, after immediate throat, will cause problems immediately.
He saw a woman, but that was Isabel, a wife heir from Angorama.
At that time, despite having a fiancé at both John and Isabel, he scoffed at her and brutally married.

This marriage was politically useful as well.
You get to the British territory of Angouleme territory.

but this is an irreparable failure.

First, the former fiancee who was robbed of Isabel complained John's wrongdoing to Philip II.
As Philip II, it probably did not stop laughing.
"Since I want to listen to a bit, please appear to Paris, because you are also the Aquitaine Duke, you should obey French king's instructions."
Call John.

John was dedicated to King England and the French aristocrat Aquitaine.
If called to King of France, we have to respond.

But John decides to ignore.
If it does not obey the order, there is no choice, Philippe dispatches to the territory of John and forfeits the territory by the exercise of ability.

Furthermore, we dispatched Anju Du Arthur to John's territory.
Arthur was caught by John's hand and became unknown.

Actually this son of Arthur, Jeffrey, John's older brother.
In other words, it is a relationship between my uncle and my nephew.
Moreover, the nephew who killed himself was above England 's throne after the death of Richard I, and he was above John.

As a result, it became rumored that "John captured the potential nephew and killed himself with his sword" and was disillusioned by the French nobles who heard the story, It will be exhausted.

After that, it will collapse like a castle on the sand.
Own goal that John with personally problematic has one after another! Thanks to that, as Philip II there is nothing to surmise.
Just as "as calculated" can not stop laughing.

make France a mighty kingdom

While Philippe II performs stable domestic politics, John did politicing politically, buying internal and external antipathy.
The elderly mother Arienol is hooked and it is in a state where he is struggling to beat his son's blunder.

John disputes with the Papacy, excommunication in 1209.
Fortunately Philip II prepared a large fleet and plans to invade England, but it was not put into practice by the intervention of the Papacy.
And in 1214, John will now fight back.
It collects the sacred Roman emperor Otto 4 who is also a relative and raises Philip II overwhelming troops.

The two forces clash in Bouvain!

Allied forces, although winning, were lacking in unity.
On the other hand, the army of Philip II is in an orderly state.
In this way the result was more clearly to see the fire, Philip II 's great victory, the Kapean royal family established a position as a royal royalty.

battle of Bouvine / quoted from wikipedia

The battle of Bouvain is the very moment when a powerful kingdom was born, indeed one of the best in Europe.

The territory of the King of England left in the territory of France was almost lost by the defeat of the centennial war.
The last King of England curry which remained on the continent was also recaptured by France in 1559.

Beginning with the unfortunate divorce of Louis VIII, the fate of the Kingdom of England and the French royal family.
If Philip II was not capable, or if John was a better one, the power might have been competing and the battle might have prolonged further.

Philip II seen from the England side is a daunting king filled with plot.
Therefore, Philip II in the film "Robin Hood" where Richard I appears appears as a dark man.

However, he is a hero who unquestionally pushed France to a mighty state.
It changed the history a lot, it was the very beginning of Augustus.

sentence: Blue Koyaki


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