Patrick Gaudio details victory over Xande Ribeiro in the Grand Slam and points next step: "learn Judo"

At the age of 24, Patrick Gaudio is living the best phase of his career and proved it last weekend in Rio de Janeiro. For the Grand Slam of UAEJJ, the GFTeam athlete was the best black belt up to 94kg, after defeating Xande Ribeiro (JJ Ribeiro) and Guilherme Augusto (Alliance) respectively.

Patrick took the opportunity to comment on the fight against Xande, legend of Jiu-Jitsu, and also count on what he lacked to stabilize the guard passages. The victory came through the decision of the referees, after six minutes of combat.

"I was calm and very confident. Today I find myself struggling with all these legends. Fighting with him is very difficult, he has a lot of experience and does not make a mistake. At first, I was only defending myself and I was not finding myself during the fight. But then I got more loose and I got better from the middle to the end of the fight and the judges gave me the victory. I was very happy to have won. The judges could give it to him too, but I think I was on a lucky day! I managed to get on his side twice, and those were the advantages I managed to make. I think he defended right there. Next time we'll try again, "says Patrick.

At the end of the category, where the gold medal, trophy and US dollars were at stake, had a special taste. Patrick returned the defeat to Guilherme Augusto (Alliance), who had beaten him twice in the brown belt. During the duel, Patrick risked attempts to fall and scrape, but failed to stabilize. The result was in the hands of the referees and they decided the victory for the student of Julio Cesar, leader of the GFTeam

"Guilherme is an excellent athlete, he had already won twice. Our struggles have always been harsh and I knew it would be war. We finished tied there and won in the decision of the judges, in 2 to 1. Whoever missed there lost, six minutes passes very fast. I think the two of them were afraid of taking a lot of chances and we ended up in the draw, "Patrick said, before analyzing his way of fighting, which often goes from 0 to 100km per hour.

"I think my game is a blast, I have it as my strength. I like to explode in my struggles. I think my part of physical preparation, which I do today with my trainer Diogo, helped me a lot to evolve in this aspect as well. I think that's a good point I have, I can do a little bit of everything today. I've always looked for this from my blue belt, I wanted to be complete and today I'm getting a little bit of everything. Where I fall I know how to turn. I train every day my strengths and what I think I have to improve. My next step now is to learn Judo! The basis of wrestling I've managed to get, now let's learn how to bring down the guys (laughs) ", ends the champion.

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