"Oh god owner Naoto" Comment review Review of the 45th "Sake of the Devil"

Good evening, Mamoru Shinnosuke.

Last year, Ii Ichiyo (19459005] Ii Naohashi ) who saved the lord in the bed of Tokugawa Ieyasu last time, was added to 10,000 rocks.
Takesusuke Kondo who attacked Ieyasu was dismissed as well as the family, but punishment for the Okazaki population is not over.

There is something a little stuck here.
Until the thousands of generations showed a sword of the shoulder in the last time, the Tokugawa family members other than the upper part seemed unaware of the assassination attempted case. Did you mean that thousands of thousands broke important secrets in order to cut back?

By that incident, the vassals of Okazaki who missed the movement of traitors and Takesuke will be punished.
I was not allowed to live in the castle town, I was decided to go from the respective territory.

A brother (later Hidetada Tokugawa) was born between Ieyasu and the side room!

Ikki Tokugawa Nobuyasu Tokugawa ( Nobuyasu Matsudaira ), the eldest of Ieyasu's encouragement encourages "to overthrow this decision by setting further military skills!"
Owing to sincerity and charismatic fullness of Nobuyoshi, the voice of dissatisfaction of the vassal squad is settled down, and Okazaki grips to make even more success.

Anyhow here is. Where the temperature difference between Okazaki and Hamamatsu is concerned.

Meanwhile, Ieyasu 's side room will have an ellipse (later Tokutagawa Hidetada ) will be born. Ieyasu's mother-in-law The bigger person says that he wishes to find the role of Fumo of Nagamaru.

"Excellent for bravery and academics, young people if possible"
Listening to such conditions, thousands of thousands excited freely by himself, "This is the only one I am!" Facial craft is interesting.

Kanamasa Sakakibara tries to ask something in the thousand generations, "It can not be more interesting than me any more" I can come up with ahead of time.
Mr. Masaki Sugita's acting skill that adds persuasive power and charm to scenes like this manga.

But this is raku joy and it is said that "Please go to Okazaki about this in this matter."
Kanagasa who looks calmly at the floating point of a million thousand and argues against Vishibashi is cool this week.

If a baby is born in Shinsui as a heir to the stone

When a thousand generations inform Ogasaki about the birth of Nagamaru, Nobuyasu and Sena (Tsunenaga) have a subtle atmosphere.

Although it is a happy thing, it looks complicated.
Okazaki has a weak position, and he is not obediently obedient even by his brother · Nagamaru's birth. Ieyasu started thinking about wanting to do something for Okazaki.

Meanwhile, Sena tries to recommend a side room to Nobuyasu.
I want to make a baby born in Nobuyasu, and to make a position as a successor a stone.

Child is a child of Tokuhime (in the main room), whether in the side room belly.
And, in this kind of words, the goodness of this work lives. It is a place to draw a line with a drama that treats a side room as a mistress.

Oda Nobunaga judges that it is good for her son-in-law to be a stone position.

Sena once would have been tormented by the existence of a side room.
Besides Sena which is the main room of the Imagawa neighborhood, there must have been a bitter thought for those who love the side room.
Still, Sena must recommend it.

Nobusuka's younger brother is also a business opportunity for Riku!

A letter from Iseya's owls comes from Sena, "There is a woman related to Ii and there are no candidates for side rooms".

A daughter of the age or a late family with childbirth experience.
There Seto Hokuu also fly.

Apparently it seems that the birth of Long Maru is considered a business opportunity. Even though he sees the side room search as a business opportunity, he refuses you.
I thought that I do not like being caught up in the house fuss.

A bitter experience is growing her. In the past, it may have suggested around Takase.

Eikyu leaked dissatisfaction if it was a waste, and he said he was dissatisfied with the fact that Nankei had become "cold demon Baba, despite being saying that he would become a Ryugu Kozo."
Well, this is growing otara.

In those days, a letter arrived from Tokuhime, Nobunaga's wife and Nobunaga's daughter, also under Nobunaga.
Nobunaga who heard the situation of Okazaki seems to have some idea.

"Virtue thinks about her husband"
That said, we killed the birds in the bird cage with a firerun.
From this line and action, you can see that Nobunaga thinks something apart from Tokuhime.

It is Naza that Nobunaga intends to give an equal posture to his father

Nobunaga's vassal Atsushi Mitsuhide will come to Nobuyasu Okazaki.
Mitsuhide kept a message from Nobunaga, firstly told that "(Nobunaga) wishes to help Okazaki as father-in-law", and furthermore, he consulted the posture of "subordinate fifth place".

I will refuse Shin Kagetsu once. Of course.
Since it is about the same as my father, if you accept it without permission, the turbulence is inevitable.
Even in "Sanada Maru" Nobuyuki Sanada · Yukimura Sanada Brothers were overrepenting over the posture.

Government level, even though there is no military force in itself, sometimes handling is troublesome.

"Only my will, when thankfully got it, I will not tell you that Nobuyuki said"

It is a correspondence that has no time to trip.
Nobunaga had seen the aim of Nobunaga.
I ripped Tokumigawa's father and wanted to let my father turn his revolt. It does not ride in that hand. The bowl that Nobunaga tried to give was also fixed (the 43rd).

Ieyasu will allow Okazaki to return to Okazaki castle, I think to exchange homegrown with Ieyasu.

Ieyasu of Hamamatsu to Okazaki.
Nobuyasu Okazaki, to Hamamatsu.

Millionth thousands are unhappy with the excessive concern of Tokugawa against Oda. I remember Ii was lowering her head to Imagawa.

In the process of growing we will learn "what is not to be done".
Even humiliating, I will learn that I have to lower my head.
That's what it is. It was also the way that falsehoods followed.

Nobunaga "(Ieyasu) why do you want to deceive others?"

Sakai Tadaharu will go as a messenger to Nobunaga nobunaga.
I will tell you my gratitude from Susuku and Ieyasu … … Nobunaga will return like this.

"Only words are to believe, why do you want to deceive you"
Hit, or oppression interview!

In front of Nobunaga's cruel way of filling, Chada is just upset.
Mitsuhide will start talking about the bad deeds of Nobuyasu that it arrived from Tokuhime.

Okazaki is thinking about the rebellion, Nobunaga believes that it is impossible for such a story too.
I will take this story without allowing any refutation.

"Are you going to deal with Okazaki as a rebirth of Okazaki alone, or are you planning at both Hamamatsu and Okazaki, will you destroy every Tokugawa?"

Chad love that will undoubtedly affix this choice and will still allow Masashi Okazaki to truncate Okazaki.
This is hard, it's too hot ….

"In other words, if Nobunaga is doing it on its own, you can think about it"

This is an induced interrogation, completion.
Was there a minute for me during this time? A moment. Breath. Spicy.

Sakai Tadanji is treated as one of the best guys in the Tokugawa family.
He is in this situation for a moment. Although it was treated as a bad thing to date until now, here is only sympathy.

Nobunaga, how strong are you?
Even Chada is this, so NAKANO Naoyuki and Okuhira Arimon are frightened (the 43rd).
Nobunaga of this year is really terrible.

Kamigami will be dispatched to explore the true meaning first …

Listening to the returning Chouda's report, Ieyasu masterpiece is shocked.

Individuality has come up in reactions of this scene and each vassal.
Ieyasu quietly shows anger clearly yet.

"Do not you think that you are going to waste away Nobuyoshi by multiplying this machine?"
When Ieyasu said so and became poor, Kangam is going to stop as "Kaori should check if Okazaki is really planning to plot contraband!"

So Kanagata heads to Okazaki and talks to Sena about the exchange of Ieyasu and Shingaku home base.
The coming to Okazaki is not a thousand generations, and the situation has deteriorated at the time of Konagi.

Kanagami's chest is complicated, but on the surface it is Nico and crab, refreshing tongue.
It is wonderful that such acting to pretend to be fresh despite this spicy mind is not it?

"Well, can I take the side rooms to Hamamatsu?"
Saying that, Kamon sashimon is also upset.
Like a small stone was thrown on the surface, expression of a small upset is good!

Why does Konomi shake?
That is because the side room that Sename chose was suitable was the daughter of the former Minister Takeda.
This is bad, it is bad.

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