"Makai Tensei" If you are a historical fan, there is no loss! The original work of "History People Reincarnation"

Historical figures who have mortal death incarnate and fight to the present and another world.

Currently it is a setting that you often see in cartoons and games, maybe you are supposed to be "What is it, now www", but you can also call that grandfather "Makai Tensei".

Moreover, this work is one of the Kadokawa works which threw a new breath to the Japanese film world.
Although it wishes to see it alone, it is more fun to know who knew the historical fact in advance.

While setting various things, there are many elements that are unbearable from the perspective of history fans.

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Basic DATA info
Title "Makai Tensei"
Original title Samurai Reincarnation
Production year 1981
Country of creation Japan
Theater All over Japan
Era Edo. At the time of starting, 15 years of Kaniyasu (1638), at the time of completion the third year of calendar (1657), an incomprehensible time series
Major performers Chiba Shinichi, Sawada Kenji, Kana Nako, Ogata Ken, Murota Hideo, Oda Hiroyuki, Tanba Tetsuro, Wakayama Tomisaburo
Historical Reproducibility Traditional rather than historical
Features All-Star Battle by Ruthless Dead Man

Synopsis "Eloim Essaim, I appeal for demand"

Kaniyasu 15 years (1638), Shimabara.
Those who fought for God were defeated and everyone was murdered.
The head of Shiro Amakusa was lined up with others and was exposed.

Celebrating victory, when the Shogunate Army appreciated Noh, thunder sounds ringing.
Along with the brilliance of lightning, there was a figure of Shiro who revived.

"Eroim Essaim, I appeal to the request"

Shiro Shiro who abandoned God's teaching and acquired the power of the devil.
He goes around the areas and revives those who misgivings.

· Hosokawa Gurashha
· Miyamoto Musashi
· Takeshoin Shinsun
· Iga Ninja · Kirimaru

"Tensei crowds" who have made a resentment to this world.
The swordsman, Yagyu Jyubei who witnessed their appearance stands to block that ambition!

Modification from Feng Shu All Star Battle

This work is a work that boldly arranged Yamada Kotaro 'Makai Tensei'.

The original is a long film, it is impossible to make a faithful movie.
It is a setting that I used good ninja as a creator to hit a real swordsman to the strongest hero, Yagyu Jyube.
It can be said to be a setting for deploying an all-star battle.

The movie version places great importance on the part that was in the original "Revenge of the resent revives".
At the time that "Tenseika" who revives to the second person is Hosokawa Garasha, it impresses that it is different from the original.

Because of the ninjutsu nature, it is only men that they can incarnate, and the members are also members of the swordsmen except Shiro Amakusa.
By joining Garasha who does not meet both, I clearly show that the theme is different.

Kazutaro Yamada is a person who is tolerant of the original arrangement and did not care, even if a large number of adult-designated works bearing a self-made title were made.
Especially when joining Garasha to "the reincarnated masses", the person himself was surprised and said "I did not have that hand" and I took off.

Full of scenes that are made a grin for history fans

In this work, a large number of historical characters will appear.

Most of the people who come out only for a moment because there are a lot of strange characters, it is brilliant to cut out the "greatest common denominator that history fans think" in just that moment.

Together with other girls in front of Garasha, Tadahiko Hosokawa who is furiously furious that Garasha is unresponsive.
Matsudaira Izu Nobuin which is destroyed to Amakusa Shiro for a moment.

On the other hand, "incarnate crowd" is surprised at how he can arrange that person like this.
Miyamoto Musashi and Takeshoin Shigenobu destroy the image of the Yoshikawa Eiji version and its cartoonization "Vagabond" etc from the front.

Although it is a work with an ability to be drawn without knowing the history background here, I can enjoy more by knowing the history background.

There is a way to enjoy boldly remixing the original material and joining together.

Basic physical strength is important to make bold works

While this work is boldly blowing away, it gave the historic fan a warmth and gained high popularity, there is a proper reason.

Yamada Kotaro It's not going to tread down the values ​​and figures that underlie the work.

As mentioned above, Garasha does not satisfy the conditions for subscribing to the "reincarnation".
However, that person figure does not protrude from the Garasha statue drawn in Yamada Kotaro 's work. Garasha appearing in Yamada Kotaro 's work is not only one side as a saint but also a woman who flickers human – made evil desires.
It matches the figure of this work.

There is style beauty as a historical drama.
Yagyu Jyube of Chiba Shinichi has one of the best wonderful things to watch now and past.
Just wearing that costume and shaking the sword makes me get enthusiastic.

Not only the basic physical strength as such a historical drama but also a novel directing is attractive.

Costume of Shiro Amakusa by the proposal of Tsujimura Ju Sabrow.
Scenes where Shiro 's head is blown away.
Kiss scene of Shiro and Kirimaru who suddenly was put at the instruction of the site.
The impact of the last scene.

First of all, why is it so visual Shiro Amakusa like this?
Even if I look at it now, I am surprised, "Is this possible?"

Special effects are cheap at present, but there are also some power that can not be done at present.
Shooting in a flaming flame was actually burning in the set.
Some burned performers also came out.

"Fire will also cool as soon as the heart is destroyed"

Shooting such words that will go on the ground, apart from being good or bad, can be taken off.
Even though this basic construction is solid, this work can be appreciated as a full-fledged work even if it is a strange setting.

"Makai Tensei" that can not fade even today as the original ancestor of "historical figures incarnation thing".
Please visit if you are a historical fan.

Author: Musha Shinnosuke

[Reference] [ Satomi Hakkenden ]

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