Let’s Play BLUE REFLECTION 13: Crafting! Unknowingly Annoying, Shower scene, Chapter 3 End #KTFamily

From wet poolside, steam and bath to hot fiery lava dungeon to… rain shower and getting wet again!.. #KTFamily, we also learn Crafting and upgrades! Watch Full Series: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UleuAbYSnyE&list=PL1XuNtA9euna466fycK4px8AkJTrKztgJ
Sarasa asks: “the girl who sits next to me seems frustrated lately, but when I ask why, all she says is, “I don’t know.” Maybe she’s unconsciously bottling up her feelings… Could you help her?” This episode is longer because the game crashed midway through recording the next one and I edited them together. Next is Chapter 4, and two more dungeons after I replay this one in 60FPS HD.

Hinako Shirai and the sisters Yuzuki and Raimu Shijou fight as “Reflectors”, becoming magical girls, fighting cute monsters in the Common, a magical world based on collective unconscious from Jungian psychoanalysis to fight robots and fix relationship problems. Because it’s Japan, where every loli reads Freud.

Blue Reflection is an exploration of the relationships young women forge and the personal growth that comes from sharing experiences with friends, all in the form of a stylish magical girl role-playing game. Please share and comment!.. Follow our FB: https://www.facebook.com/DynastyWarriorsForever/

Blue Reflection is a jRPG developed by Gust, a subsidiary of Tecmo KOEI, this is a walkthrough/gameplay video with commentary.


A clear summer sky spreads over the Hoshinomiya Girls’ High School.
This story begins with the belated start of school life for Hinako Shirai, who has just recovered from a leg injury due to a tragic accident.

The magical sisters Yuzu and Lime bestowed to her a special power to become a “Reflector”.
Hinako transforms into the magical Reflector form and protects the world from devastating forces for the sake of the world, and her own dream that she thought she had to give up on.

[1] The Ordinary: School Life
During your school life, you will not only advance the story but also deepen your friendships with other students after lessons have ended and take on a variety of missions.

[2] The Extraordinary: The Common
In the Common, you will mainly search for items and fight battles in order to complete the missions you have accepted whilst at school or to resolve other student’s problems.

[3] The Extraordinary: Battles with Sephira
Repeating the cycle of school life and visits to the Common will advance the main story, eventually causing a “Sephira” to appear in the real world. Sephira appear at various points during the story, and Hinako stands up to fight them in order to both realize her own personal wish and to save the world.

PC specs: Intel Xeon E3-1231 v3 3.80 GHz Haswell Processor (8M Cache, 8 threads, Core i7-4770 CPU analogue), 3Gb DDR5 192 bit GDDR5 NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 3Gb by Inno3D, 8Gb RAM, Windows 7 x64 OS, Creative X-Fi Xtreme Audio Sound Blaster card, headset, swag.

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