Koshōshō and Motochika Chōsokabe – Rare Weapon | Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada

The allied supply troops are morons, so you have to be quick with your kills and objectives. Power up Koshosho, because she’s hyper type she’ll chew through troops like my dog does with toys.
Difficulty: Hard or Hell (Nightmare)
Stage: Invasion of Izu (Conquest of Odawara Chapter)
Requirements: Get an S rank which includes getting 3/4 S’s on objectives and 1/0 A’s
S rank for Objectives:
Complete the stage in under:
15 Minutes = S Rank
17 Minutes = A Rank

Enemies Defeated:
1000+ = S Rank
800 – 999 = A Rank

Allied Commanders Health Stays Over:
80% = S Rank
70% = A Rank
Officers that Count Towards this are: All 4 Supply Captains and Terumoto Mori

Missions Completed:
6 = S Rank
You Cannot Complete the Stage Without Completing all Objectives

Weapon: Royal Robe
Stats: Attack , Attack Speed , Death,
Weapon: Silken Strings
Stats: Attack , Death ,
Items: (My Japanese isn’t so great, I’ll translate this when I have more time) Rare Horse Saddle (Must have!) + 62 Horse abilities, Recharge Spirit Gauge when on Horse, Recharge Musou when Spirit Gauge is full.


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