Konoe Shingaki is a cheat public house in the early Edo period! Born in the Imperial Family ♪ brought up by the Konoye family ♪ Familiar warlords are mostly friends ♪

"Heaven gives no two"
It is often said that a lot of people are allocating like "one specialty & one that can not be ordinary and some that is not decisively bad".
However, there are very high-spec people who rarely say "strong and new type".
It is enviable as far as we can from the general public, but such peculiar hardships are hidden for those people … ….

The second year of Keio (1649) October 11 is the day when the authorities Konoe Shingaku (Nobuhiro) died.

Although it is not unusual to keep your family name by welcoming adopted children at a public house or a samurai, this person is following a special circumstance.
Let's see immediately.

[1945900] [1945900]

Fourth Prince of Postwar Youssei Emperor to the adopted child of the Konoya family

Actually, he, the fourth prince of Yosunari Emperor afterwards.
It is a royal family.

Why was not the descent of a citizen, and the adoption of the Konoe family by the royal family was rather simple.
His mother is from the Konoe family.

Besides, my mother 's older brother Konoe Shinnun (Nobutada) . Even in our corner we are a relatively eccentric person who introduced us before.
Since Nobunashi had no successor, belief entered the Konoye family as an adopted child of his uncle.

That is why beliefs grow unusually differently from other royalties.
However, the Konoye family is also a grandfather of intellectual in-law and supermarket Konoe Tadahisa (Sakihisa) and father-in-law Yoshida Oda There was strong enough connection with Nobunaga for example, so that beliefs seem to be standard rather.

Since he came to the Konoye family, beliefs would have been well heard about the Oda family and the samurai society. For that reason, there is no particular topic such as trouble or political controversy about him.
I am involuntarily at the young age of 24, but this is the theory house of the squirrel.

Konoe Tadahisa Nobunaga and Kenshin and Mabutachi's super interest! Sorrowful Southern Buddha Buddha who wrote after "Honnouzi no Tsume"

Excellent specifications of more than one stream such as calligraphy, songwriting, tea ceremony etc.

The point to note about him first was that he had a very excellent mentality in terms of culture.

I am not ashamed of the Japanese top class noble priests "born in the imperial family and friendship in the Konoya family", but in the arts such as calligraphy, songwriting and tea ceremony, all beliefs are said to have a skill beyond a single stream.
Ikemen would have been a two-dimensional inhabitant …. I would like to tea ceremony, but it seems that it was a beauty and a beauty so it is no longer a cheat.

However, he was not an arrogant type.

There is no chance of the shogunate or the samurai stuck up, the belief is the older brother. Emperor Tsuzuo (The person who made a big fight with the early Edo shogunate / Nakamiya is the younger sister of Tokugawa Iemitsu ) And other royalty and public houses, I am striving for cultural activities.

The fact that opinions of beliefs and evaluations from the shogunate are not well communicated was concentrated on literature and academic disciplines, as indicated in the laws of the prohibited and ordinary public authorities, so "It is harmless, It may be because it was regarded as k.

After continuing to receive oppression from Tokugawa Shoguna, Emperor Mizuo finally decides to give it to the Kasukabe station!!

There is also a bitter love romance story

Another, there is a love romance (tentative) topic in faith.
It is a story that I competed with Ashiya Hakuhi (Yes, girls) as a second-generation Japanese name girl Kyoto Yoshino.
Shiomi was a Kyoto 's luxury merchant, a cultural man who can not defeat his faith.

However, public houses since becoming a samurai society generally have no margin in pocketing. It is thought that it was a considerable gamble to ask Professor Taiho the best in Guo, even though it was not as pitiful as the Warring States Period.

Eventually, Yoshino Taro was proclaimed as a profit in the year 1631. Shigeru 22 years old, Tatsuo Yoshino said it was 26 years old. By the way, at this time belief was 32 years old.

I could not qualify for Tao who was fascinated by her belief that cultural talent is also a first-class product, above her status and blood stature above her age, as a honor and as a single male, it was a great deal of regret I guess.
It is such a story that it seems to be in the world of literature to such extent that such a person experiences a tragic love.

Faith appeared not to be the type of color preference, and then it did not get rough. There were several wives, but there is a public home.

Let's take a look at the stories that may be the breadth of the heart of beliefs ……

What did Taizo (Yuu) longed for famous lords and traders in the Edo period? A gorgeous and harsh lifetime of beautiful women from Kanji Triplets

The incident was a drunken politician who happened at the time of Genko Rakuro … …

Since he is a representative of a public home, many samurai went to a relationship.

Among them, the east neta name daimyo Date Masamune is also included.
Since Date House says "Your ancestor is Uji's Fujiwara Mr. system", it may be that the neighborhood was impatient.

So when Masamune rose, he frequently visited the source of faith and had a long relationship. Letters still remained in exchange of Waka.

"Case" occurred in the period of Kagamine Ikko in Kani eleventh year (1634).

At this time, Masamune was racing together (precisely, as ahead) as a source for the family 's house, but from the beliefs it was the invitation that "Do you not see Noh together?" is.
There was nothing to know at that time, but it is also two years before Masamune dies.

Although liquor comes out in such a seat, "Masamune + liquor = every difficulty" is no longer a template or it is a flow of common sense.
At this time, Masamune scooped with a believer's wagon and said, "It is not as good as a public house!"

…… As mentioned above, beliefs are first-class figures both as blood stuff and family. It is not amusing to become a big riot as much as a purple cloth case, if you do it.

But this case is unquestionable.

Should I honor the wisdom of belief

to the old age of politics

Is it a rational reason why it is not a good idea to set up political affairs and things that is a delicate period when the general is in the upper rank, and is also favorite of Ikko?

Or just because of my regular relationship, "Did you know that Masamune is that old, and it is always there because of alcohol, is not it?" I do not care.

Incidentally, belief is under the age of 32 in Masamune, only the second generation of the Sendai clan · Date Tadashi and only one year old.

Date Chadajong is a son dekki! Do you know the second generation lord of the Sendai clan as Masamune's eldest son?

That is to say, this story is to say, "Masamune is as good as his son, and his status is much better than I have been forgiven from his loss in a drinking bowl."
Whether to praise the wisdom of faith and the breadth of mind, Masamune says "Do not be self-weighted," Tukko should be wondering, w

It seems that Masamune had been complaining that swallowing (swallowing, swallowing, eating, swallowing) was difficult from this year, so maybe I enjoyed drinking at a party with someone I was looking for for the first time and the tension rose too high Maybe it was.
Was Shinji listening to it somewhere and used it?

In any case belief is too deep and it seems that he seems to be a two-dimensional resident like no doubt.

Chitose Changchun

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