"Kennedy on a young day was visiting our country" Estonia's site introduces an unexpected history

Speaking of John F. Kennedy, he is leading a torpedo boat in the Second World War, Japan It is famous for the hero episode that he got over to a destroyer and got a lifetime kid.

how was the youth just before that?
That is unexpectedly unknown. I did not even know Wakujima that I said so.

Estonia's site, one of the Baltic States, introduces the surprising episode of such a young age.

I visited countries in Eastern Europe and Nazi · Germany and spread out various topics. One of them is Estonia, the site of the country introduces it.

I feel like "oh".

during the outbreak of the Second World War, during the period

Introducing the site of Estonian World (dated 15 September 2017).

"I was traveling abroad that became the starting point as a politician."

It was January 1939 that I left. He was still a 3rd grader at Harvard University.
At this time I took a trip to Europe for seven months.

At the time, his father, Joseph Kennedy, was assigned as Ambassador to Japan and he assisted his son's travel.

It has been drawing attention as a celebrity, and the mass media took up the tour extensively.
Even now it seems that the American newspaper sometimes has social circle columns, and it was a good show there.

For example, the Christian Science Monitor paper has reported as follows on January 24, 1939:

"Experience working in overseas in the world of diplomacy, it will give answers to the second son of the British Ambassador to Britain whether to work in government organizations in the future." Next week, John F. Kennedy I am leaving Harvard to visit Paris and London as an American envoy.The young Kennedy wants to go to Paris directly and go to London in January and I am going to go to London after that and I have not decided what I'd like to do. He himself says, "You must be calling me a glorious office boy,"

New York Times etc. have posted similar articles like this.
It is a brush that reminds me of the calm before the storm just before the war.

Pay courtesy to the ambassador in Estonia and also to model

Because he is a son of a big political party, he seems to care for his hosts too.

When visiting the Baltic countries, ambassador John C. Willley of Estonia and Ambassador Latvia arranged.
According to the memoirs that the person wrote later in 1962, it is spelled as follows.

"When Mr. Kennedy, who was young then, visited Riga (the capital of Latvia), I was making an altar of Lisieu, the loyal saint, from the small panel depicting the life of the saints One of them was a scene of angels leaning towards her who was later writing a book that was loved by even non-Catholic people.I needed a model of an angel, and young Kennedy The curly hair was rightly right for you.The model responds patiently as a model and the completed work is in the Vatican. "

Hope ~. I would like to see what it is.

Then on 19 May 1939 Wilay of Estonia visited the capital Tallinn. It was to take care of Kennedy who was going around.

Kennedy himself stayed in Tallinn for two days. After that, to Riga again.
He seems to know that he used Polish Airlines.

In addition, the house of Wiley who spent in Tallinn lives by escaping the war. I am using it as a city hall now.

In addition, Estonian newspaper company caught up and said, "A terrible big thing is staying!", So it seems that the travel plan was forced to change.

William was wary of it, it seems that local government officials did not notify at all, only the officials of the border guard knew the identity of Kennedy … as time went by any time the world of mass media It is a profitable thing ~.

Visiting 14 countries even while telling the fallen clouds

Yua, although I had trouble with my trip, I heard that the whole country has traveled around 14 countries.

Specifically, it was Poland, Hungary, Romania, and Nazi Germany in England and France, the Soviet Union, Czechoslovakia, Lithuania.
Besides this, it seems that Egypt, Turkey and Palestine were also visiting, so it can be said that it was energetic.

In addition, Nazi invaded Poland on September 1st while staying in Europe.
To the principal studying political science, it became a dress that showed reality politics to the extent that it was too raw.

Returning to September 21. He became a person on the plane of Pan American Airlines, and returned safely.

In addition, the graduation thesis of the following year was the subject of the appeasement policy to Nazi in the UK.
It goes without saying that the trips during the trip served as information.
In addition, with the recommendation of the father, this paper was made into a book, and in 1940 it was published in the title "Why did Britain sleep"? It is a best seller.

This street, still available for purchase on Amazon, it also becomes a long seller.

Looking at this way, you can see that it was a youthful sailing youth. It is not that I was living a relaxing life that is often found in rich buddies, but I also understand that I was building a future backbone.

After all it is different who wants to become the president ~.

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[Reference] Estonian World

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