Junior high school student who was aware of Pearl Harbor attack as "Naked King" · Kazuo Kasahara (Screenwriter of the Hitoshi Series)

76 years ago from now.
Today, December 8th in Showa 16 (1941).
A Tribunal led by Tadakazu Nankun surprised the US military base in Oahu, Hawaii, the United States of America.

You know, Pearl Harbor attack.

This surprise attack that shocked the world.
There were various reactions in the mainland of the United States.

December 8 Pearl Harbor attack! In the mainland American football stadium, "Emergency broadcast of the general return home early"!

So, let me give details to the above article, so what was the reaction in Japan?

As a past war story, as we are already seeing the result, we also said, "Who the hell did you make funny decisions! Although it tends to tell, in the opposite situation it is a situation that hope still holds for those who can not see the result.

How did ordinary people at the time, our ancestors, thought about attacking the United States?
While still in junior high school students, there were also some people who were "preoccupied with the defeat battle".

People who are pleased with the opening ceremony "This day has finally arrived!"

When the surprised American was furious.

In Japan, "There is a war with the United States, our future will be frightening … …" Voices are a minority voice, rather there are a lot of people who are pleased that "this day has come!

Authors such as Tokuomi Su Zen, Osamu Dazai, Shoji Shiratori, Nagoro Yoshiro, Ito Takeshi, Kanbayashi Akira.
They accepted the Pearl Harbor attack with impression.

Tokumori Suzumi / National Diet Library

At that time, Japan was isolated internationally.
After announcing the withdrawal from the International League in 1933 (1933), the circumstance seems to be wrapped with pressure from all over the world.

Therefore, there were many people who thought that the Pearl Harbor attack "stepped on the tiger's tail" rather than "the sense of blockage was broken down!" "It finally came this day" was not the praise of the war itself, it was a sense of expectation that it might be a challenge to break down the predicament.

People who came to the town listened to the radio and had flushed the rice.
There was a person like Sakaguchi Ango who thought that it was "I must devote my life" with my eyes filled with tears.

Daily life was rapidly changing.

"I can no longer see American movies in the future"

Osamu Dazai is surprised on the way home from the public bath. The road suddenly became dark under the light control.
Although the war has begun, how much is it all too dark? I felt that.

Author Noguchi Fujio thought that "I can no longer see American movies in the future", I headed to the movie theater.
While the martial arts march shimmely flowed and drowned out the sound of the movie, he struggled to hear the dialogue from the mouth of the actor somehow.

Kota Akira spoke to her daughter 's sentence while thinking about the young men who lost their lives in the Pearl Harbor attack.

"Even if I think about it, it is a boy from now on which will not bloom yet, so that it came to the dark sky of the dawn, a cup of cold and wine, and separated from this world and leaving that way, how awful I do not know if I can say it. "

Junior high school student who pointed out the naked king "I can not win the United States"

Junior high school student named Kazuhara Kazuhara is
while adults are floating.
"War with the United States can not win"
I thought calmly.

He likes movies, he often watched American movies and felt the difference in national power between Japan and the United States as a child's heart.

However, I knew that the boy of Kasahara could not say such a thing.
He later becomes a screenwriter known for the "Battle without Honor" series.

In the following year, he looked back on those days, "Why did not you know a great adult that movie-loving junior high school students could understand?"

This boy 's experience reminds me of a "naked king".

In those days in Japan
【Does not this war be defeated? 】
, To assert,
【The King is Naked】
It was far more difficult than saying.
Like the king wearing "clothes invisible to the stupid", it seemed that the country of Japan was wearing special things in the eyes of adults who were moved.

At the time, a 44-year-old writer, Toshikazu Yokomitsu, wrote:
"People who believed their ancestors as gods won, I felt more than a wonderful thing, there was something to go out, which is the most natural thing.And every morning when I am in Paris It finally appeared that I worshiped the large temple of Ise. "
Every night in the era of exilicism, there was an effect praying in Ise shrine in Paris.

These godlike things might have been "special things" that the boy of Kasahara could not see.

Looking back on those people who will be raised after the Pearl Harbor attack by future generations, you may be wondering why.
It must be taken into consideration that there were "special things" that people could see in those days and people felt that they had been chased.

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