Jiu-jitsu at 40 Or: "Strength of Gabi Garcia"

"That, now it pulls, but it makes a girl force, or else it hurts", that's what I said to my partner Magrinho (who is skinny and does not have anything because he weighs about 100kg and has the strength of a runaway locomotive ) as he trained details of a guillotine I had just shown. His victim, the lucky evil Rodrigo Ramos, both of bjjforum.com. Magrinho, following my directions, pulled her friend's neck with a girl's strength. But it confused and used the strength of Gabi Garcia or Cris Cyborg, I do not know, and almost ripped the neck of the poor and now painful Ramos

This was one of the many episodes that rolled last weekend at the 2nd RMNU Camp, an event of fellowship of the multi-champion team Róbson Moura, organized by the leader of the team in Brazil and collaborator of bjjforum.com, Jean Rotondaro . The camp lasted 3 days, at the Bristol hotel in Curitiba, and besides the members of the RMNU, it counted on the participation of several friends of the site, and in addition to the three mentioned, Andrei Santiago, Junior Bel, Bruno Fugazza , Rafael Issão, Pedro Leão, Vítor Codeço and Vítor Maciel

I only knew Junior, Isson, Codeco and Bruno personally. But Jiu-Jitsu has the ability to make strangers come to childhood friends, and soon in the first contact we were already telling stories and playing with each other like old partners.

On the mats, more than 20 black belts, responsible for classes. And I'll tell you, the guys gave a show. Jean, Xingu, Bisqui, Macarrão, Diego, Fábio, Róbson, Melquisedec, Sapo and Leonardo taught the most pure and efficient jiu-jitsu. I learned many details with them, which during the week have already killed some unsuspecting in training.

Saturday afternoon, I had the honor of sharing the mat with Jean, and we took the class from the graduates. I went through a leglock variation and a calf wrench variation, which I usually apply in the championships, and Jean passed two great calf wrenches when his opponent applies the hook of the riva. Be sure, the guy knows too much jiu-jitsu.

I've been practicing since '93, and I see with joy how much the mindset of art practitioners has changed. At that time, it would be unimaginable to fighters from different teams exchanging knowledge, jiu-jitsu was almost a black box, where teams sought to hide their tricks from the others. Well, we spent a long time after training sharing positions, strategies, each adding a new detail, a different way of approaching each technique.

Sunday, day to go. That feeling of late summer, when you feel that the good times that passed will unfortunately end. The absolute conviction that I consider more the friendship of those freaks, whom I have known for very little time, than many people that I live daily. And I'm sure I'll be back next year at the next camp. Stay tuned and do not miss out on anything. You'll thank me in the end.

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