[Japanese history of manga] Hokuto Kukai Fist and Nanko Fist Fei The two guardians of Heiankyo appear now

7 XX year.
Yamato was wrapped in Buddhism in Nara.
Nagaoka & Heian-jingko It seemed that every monk was killed by the capital.
However, Emperor Godaigo is sorry for eradicating the light, and entrusts the peace of the city to the two young people.

Thus, two emerging in the sky.
Hokuto Kukai Ken and Nanko Triennial Fist.

The strongest Buddhism that brings war and dilemma of relief into the Japanese books has passed for a long time now … ….


and Fist of Fist of the North Star, let's make you feel pretty … … Japanese history boogie woogie, episode 31, start!

Although it began with the fist of the North Star, it is rude in normal mode from here!

Saeki Makoto Saito whose father was a county priest of a multicultural county of Sanuki County (Mao of the Sea) .
He was born in Zentoji city of Kagawa prefecture now.

My mother is the daughter of Atsuta Daito (the rest of the world) .

Since Abane was a scholar, for grandchild Masami it would have been a preeminent environment to touch various academies since childhood.
I will continue to study as a "university dormitory" to train bureaucrats at the time.

but then it became unsatisfactory, proceeded to train in the forest, and repeatedly studied by saying "deaf 瞽 finger return" on its own.

[1945900] [1945900]

♦ "Deaf 瞽 帰 帰" is a work that considers Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism, and wrote the thought of the true fish.
As is also found in manga, each doctrine is spoken by five characters such as Mr. Kamo hair teacher, fictitious deceased person, false name beggar.

What is he told about?
And from the conclusion it was that "Buddhism is the best!"

Thus, although Masayoshi also returns to Buddhism, he is a brother of the true fish in the first place.
It is counted as the ten largest disciples of Kukai afterwards, and Sadakuji is also built.

◆ Thus Saeki Makoto was Kukai .

* Established Konozan Kanaguminoji Temple later

◆ On the other hand, why built Enryakuji in Hiei?

Yes it is perfect.
Heiankyo's guardian shrine to say as a rival of Kukai.
Both students come to Tang and learn Buddhism.

Kenshiro and Shin. Originally Kukai and Saishin.
It was the beginning of Heian Buddhism.

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Author: Ani Takahashi

serialized Sengoku Boogyugi ] which wrote a new sense of Sengoku warrior at Warlord Japan " .
With the angles and character settings that can not be seen with traditional history manga, we continue to send innovative air in Japanese history. It is a depiction of a prediction of explosion soon (review by editorial department)

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