It was the descendants of Masami Kusunoki who took away the three kinds of sacred treasure by the strange (bastards) strange!

There are cases where you can not choose a means to solve any problem .
Looking back on the history of human beings in particular, physical conflicts are not uncommon, and politics is such a thing in the first place. Today 's a story like that.

Yoshiyoshi 3 (1443) September 23, bastard change has taken place.

"Forbidden" refers to "Kinshin" and refers to the inner back.
The content is "three types of snake robbery incidents" that occurred during the North and the North morning as flat.

Sometimes called "strange of Yoshiyoshi", but as that often implies the assassination of Muromachi Rokkaku Shogun and Ashikaga Kinjo, so a different nickname was brought out.

Well, the bastard change is also equal to or greater than the assassination of the dictatorship, but it is not so much regarded in textbooks, etc. because it has little influence on political stations after that.
The introduction became long. Let's proceed to the main theme.

It was planned to discharge the Emperor in the shift between the North and the North

The Kamakura Shogunate Muromachi shogunate managed somehow through overthrow and new rebuilding of Jongmu.
At this time, the relationship between the North and the North Korea had fallen into a mire due to such reasons as continuation of Gonado until the death of Emperor Godaigo.

It is thought that this point was also a surprising point for this point in

first generation general Ashikaga Takashi and second generation general Ashikaga Yoshiyoshi (Yoshiakira) I will.
Both of them died before the solution.

And in the era of Ashikaga Yoshimitsu a reconciliation called "Meitoku no Masochika" was established in the Third Generation General .

However, as Yoshimitsu and Southern Morning had decided to speak without permission, North Korea responded, "I have not heard such a story!" Well, if you have not heard the story beforehand, it is natural course that you can not understand it.

In the sum about, "It is supposed to emerge the Emperor alternately in North and South Korea from now on, let's do it fairly", North Korea ignores this and is parent and child We will inherit the throne of the Emperor and will continue to do it until adoptive adoption.

Ashikaga Yoshimitsu quoted from wikipedia

Yaba! A political period of blank has been made …

On the other hand, among the South Korean side
"It is ineffective about that sum! It's more valid here (Mt. South) and I will not approve the Muromachi shogunate!" (Super-translation)
There were people who insulted.

This is how it continues until after substituting for Yoshinagi, the general Yatsushiro.

The strange thing is the best example.

Ashikaga Ashikaga was assassinated in the above-mentioned Kyoshi's Ran and the seventh generation Ashikaga Yoshinobu was just killed in July this Yoshiyoshi 3 year. Although Ashikaga Yoshimasa was decided as a general Yashiro, he was not officially taken office yet.

If it is expressed in contemporary style it was a period that it should be called "political blank".
Anyway, I feel that something dangerous is going to happen.

mastermind is the lord & Kanzo brothers conducting criminal is Masahide Kusuki

The mastermind is the lord of the royal family of the former South Korean side (Tsuusozu) & Kinzoku (Kosuse) brothers.
It is said that he was a founder of Genji Takahide (Toba Takahide) who selflessly names the descendant of Emperor Tohba, Hino Yumitsu of the Hino family and his son.

In addition, the executing offender was a person named Kusuki Masahide.

There are many people who have somehow recognized from their name.
This person is a son or grandson of Masanori Kusunoki's third son, Masanori.
If it were true, it was something that blood did not persist.

Masuhide gave a fire on the inner back and then embarked the Emperor Hanazono after the throne, then the Kusanagi sword (the sword of the rush) and the Yakurokurobama I took away of Saka Nagata).
If Masenari knows, it will be a wrong thing that will make you furious while crying.

The Muromachi shogunate naturally sent soldiers.
Meanwhile, Tadashi Odori will escape and keep it at Enryakuji Enryama.
Tendai senior owner (Amendasu) which is the top of Enryakuji temple was many from royalty and public houses, and it was probably annoying.

Kusanagi sword returned soon, and the Yakushin Koraku ball is over ten years later … …

However, the court and the shogunate are not silent, deprived of Japan's best treasure.

An immediate follow-up order was issued, departing the pursuit army of Hatakeyama holding country.
The case will be solved instantaneously.
In the third day after the sacred treasure was stolen, the mastermind was caught and died.

It is early for the thing to be decided only by things, about 50 people including Hino Masato was executed on September 28, while surviving.
Also, some of them have been killed in the process of being sent to the distribution destination even though they have been condemned.
I can not do bad things.

It was after that that the sacred treasure came back.
Kusanagi sword is found "in some reason" in Kiyomizudera and returned to the court.
If I found it in Ise Shrine or Atsuta Shrine, I could be sure of the existence of God. Though it is scary at the time of "why".

In addition, the Yakurokurokadama has been deprived of the former southern morning for more than ten years from here.
The vassals of Mr. Akamatsu who fell down due to the turbulence of Kashiyoshi desperately pushed back and returned to the courtroom in order to make a hand to be allowed to revive.

The achievement of regaining one of the sacred treasures is highly appreciated, and the rebirth of Mr. Akamatsu is permitted.
Indeed it was not possible to return to the former Harima (now · Hyogo prefecture), but it was given half of Kaga (now · Ishikawa Prefecture).

Regarding Mr. Akamatsu, there is Sumitomo again during the Warring States period, but let's change the neighborhood around here as well.

Chitose Changchun

Reference: Forbidden change / Wikipedia

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