Isaac Bahiense wants to maintain good stage in the Grand Slam Rio

After two months without competing, Isaac Bahiense, 21, is back in the competitive Jiu-Jitsu scene. The Alliance black belt set aside time for a seminar tour in Europe, took the opportunity to train with Roger Gracie and received important lessons about life and how to see Jiu-Jitsu. Now, Isaac wants to put the teachings into practice at the Grand Slam of Rio de Janeiro, scheduled for this weekend at the Carioca Arena.

Isaac is scaled up to 85kg, alongside Thiago Sá, Gustavo Braguinha, Vinícius Marinho and other talents. He then comments on how he sees the current category and gives his opinion on opponents.

"The category is as tough as ever, but I see myself at the top of the podium. I'm ready for this! About the time I was not competing … Regardless of the time of year, I'm always looking to evolve. They were two months without competing and I was able to produce enough. We're ready for the Grand Slam! "Says Isaac, who is coming off a Grand Slam victory in Tokyo, Japan.

Despite fighting at home, Isaac feels no pressure at all. After all, the young athlete was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro. Well, let him tell himself how his mind goes a few days after the battle.

"No pressure at all. The feeling is of happiness in returning to compete where it all began, for me. Rio has a different energy to be where it all started in Jiu Jitsu! I can not wait to fight. "

The prize money is one of the attractions for the fighters, who have always battled for the professionalization and growth of the sport. For Isaac, the UAEJJ is striding to put Jiu-Jitsu on top.

"You'll get the cash prize and the live broadcast of the championship by the biggest fighting sites. The combat channel will also broadcast the finals. All of this is very good for the sport. This will professionalize more and more and expand the Jiu Jitsu community. We are on the way to having the value we deserve ", concludes Isaac.

See how Isaac won the Grand Slam in Japan:

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