Is it the Naze that General Oshu Magistrate was established? Attention to the branch office of the Kamakura shogunate together with Shinzenni Magomi and Kyoto Guardian

"I turn" means that people from urban areas migrate locally or find employment.
Recently, "country living" and "agriculture by deserves" are attracting attention, and there is also an image called a concept born in recent years, but there are often scenes similar to this in the history.

Fifth Bunshi (1189) September 22 is the day that Kasai Kiyoshige was taken to be Oshu general general missionary is the day that is said.

Let's pay attention to "Oshu general general magistrate" which often appears when Tohoku medieval history is told, this time as we mentioned about Kiyonimoto himself, and this similar position.

Although it opposes Yoritomo, it is finally appointed General Oshu Magistrate as a permissive generic · Kasai Kiyoe In the end

Okuho Fujiwara's descendants are not always uprising

Recently, the second year of remarkable second year (1185 years) even in history classes. In this year, Yoritomo had set up guardian · ground for each place with his brother 's pursuit of Yoshitsune.
It will be four years ago when Kasai Kiyoe is appointed.

In addition to the situations where guardianships are being set up in this way, is also the Naze that made General Osuzo Magistrate?
There are two reasons.

The key point is the base of Oshu General Magistrate.
Yes, that was Hiraizumi.

The first reason for the establishment is to thrive in Hiraizumi until just before this, and fully grasp the rebirth of Oshu Fujiwara who was destroyed by Yoritomo.

Although it is a remarkable example such as the later Nagiko family and Yamanaka Sakunosuke etc, the house that I thought was destroyed once said that the house tries to restore it from Doko or relatives – It is a familiar scene in history, is not it?
In the first place Yoritomo has been experiencing killing himself once and having been exchanged to Eastern province.

In the case of Mr. Fujiwara Oshu, the last principal · Taizhou and his brothers, national equity and loyalty, have left this world due to dying or the like, but there is no guarantee that anyone who claims that child or relatives will appear It was a situation.
To prevent this, it is indispensable to secure all the family and home base.

Hiraizumi is a place with few urban functions in Tohoku

Another thing is that Hiraizumi was a few places in the Tohoku then "a place with sufficient city function".

In this era, there are not many places to call big cities. The more you leave Kyoto, the stronger the trend.
In the situation with the urgent object of pursuing Yoshitsune, making a base newly is a story that is too long. Then, the one who used it there talks early.

Therefore, if Yoshitsune lurked in a different place rather than Oshu, and Hiraizumi had declined, the position of the Oshu General Magistrate might have been totally different.

Although it is said to be

Ikinari, after that, the name of "Oshu general general magazine" will disappear from the front stage of history.
Did it be regarded as "no need for successor" after the initial purpose was suppressed by Yoshitsune and it was done?
For that reason, there seems to be a theory that considers that "Mr. Kasai boasts of the ancestors' posture, it is the position that has been postponed after the posterity".

There is also a direction to regard a person appointed to Tohoku as a replacement for Mausoleum of Oshu in "an outpost" who is appointed to a country without guardian.

The first generation here was a man named Izawa Famous Landscape, originally serving Mr. Fujiwara, a public corporation.
When Yoritomo Tsuyoshi (Father of Hojo Masako) Hojo Masasaki was doing Kyoto guardian (described later), "You are a deceiving job, you are invited to serve the shogunate from the imperial court sooner or later" and all the far eastern countries I have a slightly strange career that I came to.

Regardless of Kamakura, I supposedly did not think that I would go to Tohoku. Was it flexible because it was not an upper class?
The landscape is based on the current Miyagi prefecture Tagajo-shi, got the trust with serious work, served as an outpost until the morning's fee.

By the way, his descendants later came to call himself an absentee. It is unbelievable, but it is a surname that seems to be a historical thing.
Mr. Omori is famous for the absence policy that Date Masamune's uncle who was adopted by Isanori. I am participating in the fights of Hasezado Castle in "Sekigahara, Tohoku".

What is Tohoku Sekigahara / Keicho Arahaya Battlefield? Masamune Date went to Uesugi family VS topmost house led by Naoe Kaneto!

Kyoto Guardians were first appointed by Hojo Mikazu, later to the question of Six Waves Rough

The Kamakura Shogunate established two regional branches not only in Oshu but also in the West.

It is Kyoto guardian and Shingon Magome.

Initially, Mr. Hojo passed down his masters, and served as a liaison and trial of Kyoto, and a liaison office and the shogunate for the shogunate.
Mr. Tsuyoshi was acting like ignoring the examinee (the police in the vicinity of Kyoto), and I did this work only for about four months, but it seems that it was most popular from citizens.

After the time administration, the official of the Ichijo who is a public corporation has kept the Kyoto guardian for two generations for 12 years. After that, due to the worsening of the morning curtain relations, the men are again dispatched.
When Takeshi Nagisa came up, it was abolished in a form absorbed by the six-wave Rui search which strengthened the role of monitoring.

Emperor Suigori "Terunemi in Teruyuki" began with the shogunate manor robbery

Magistrate Shinzeni commenced that samurai called Yoritomo Amano far away, "Remnants of Heike and Yoshitsune may be hiding behind in Kyushu, so please finish as soon as it finds out."

The distant view was familiar old friends became familiar with when Yoritomi was distributed to Izu, so I guess they thought they could be trusted even if they were not family members.
Originally it was on the Heike side, but still I was given a remote location in Kyushu, so I can see a strong trust in the distant landscape.
…… Is not it a bad day to think that believing about your brother as much as you can. Especially about source scope .

Jinzai Magistrate since remnant hunting settled, it became a job to lead the housewives of all Kyushu.

Speaking of the administration of Kyushu is similar to Dazaifu, but the power of the court has declined due to the Genpei era and the formation of the Kamakura Shogunate, and the Dazaifu was in a similar situation.
For this reason, Magistrate Shinseishi will also have the role of executive branch on behalf of Dazaifu.

In addition, after power Yuan was further strengthened as "Zhenxi quest". Documents dealing with lawsuits and the like still remain.
That is why when the Kamakura Shogunate was subjugated, it was overthrown by the Kyushu family houses and destroyed.

On this side of the battlefield army, there are many familiar surplus characters in the Warring States period, such as Shoji, Mr. Otomo, Mr. Shimazu. It is like this kind of chest.

Kyoto Shoshyo

established exceptionally during the Edo period

These local administrations are likely to be close to the "Doshu system" (although not realized in Japan) in modern times.

The Muromachi shogunate also made a similar position, but in fact the Edo shogunate has hardly made this department.
This is because Tokugawa Ieyasu because the clan unit seemed easier to rule over the various daimyo.

The exception in the Edo period is Kyoto Shoshin.

At the time of the establishment of Kyoto Shoshin, the Toyotomi family was also alive, so it seems that there was a meaning to watch Osaka.
However, when it is set up in Osaka it really becomes an atmosphere that "I am from Kanto all the way to watch the Toyotomi family !!", and it is the atmosphere that negotiations and monitoring with the court and the public house and maintaining the security of Kyoto are the main objectives was.

Well, at the end of the Tokugawa period, it was said that "I can not take over from the hands of Shoshin, so please make a new position and let another person work"! Kyoto Guardian (19459019] Matsudaira Although it is possible to do what Arimoto did).

While peaceful, Kyoto Shoshyoshi had become a meaning "a foothold to advance to the old age (it is not more than that)" during peace, so it was difficult to deal with emergency .
It may be said that it is a good (bad) sample that there is nothing wrong when losing the original purpose.

What is Matsuhei Soroi? Tragedy's blood line bound by the lesson of the Aizu clan's ancestry · Masayuki Masanori

Chitose Changchun

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