IRON BROWN BELT- Cup Podium- November 12

Since its inception, the Podio Cup has been a great showcase for brown belt players who want to showcase the quality of their jiu-jitsu. Fighters like Felipe Preguiça, Isaac Bahiense, Espen Mathiesen and Victor Honório had their chance in the GPs, doing excellent exhibitions with a lot of technique and physical vigor. After all, every brown belt dreams of the time when he hunts a black belt …

To determine the next brown to join the Heavyweight GP, Podio Cup gathered 4 of the most promising athletes in Brazil. Kaynan Duarte, Felipe Trovo, Fabio Alano and Victor Hugo will fight each other until an athlete gets 4 wins (if two athletes reach the 4th victory in the same round, there will be a tiebreak).

Kaynan Duarte – Acts

One of the greatest promises of Atos, the student of Paulo Ledesma and André Galvão entered the radars when he won the ADCC selective in Rio de Janeiro, still as a purple belt. Even losing all preparation for the IBJJF World Championship to recover from knee surgery, Kaynan was able to impose his jiu-jitsu and become world champion, having consequently been a brown belt graduate. With a very versatile game both above and guarded, Kaynan can change his approach depending on his opponent, thus becoming very unpredictable, which makes him one of the biggest candidates for the final victory.

Victor Hugo- Ribeiro JJ

Living up to the school he represents, Victor Hugo is a basic, functional jiu-jitsu with above-average speed and handling for a heavyweight. Titles like the World Championship, Pan American and Brazilian are proof that the pupil of the Ribeiro brothers is always a candidate in all the competitions in which he participates, and this time will not be different.

Fabio Alano- Alliance

After a great race career as a competitor, Mario Reis has cemented his name as one of the best coaches of today, training athletes like Monique Elias and Nicolas Mereghali among others.

Fabio Alano is named as the next star to leave the Academy headquartered in Porto Alegre and it is normal to see him on the podium in major championships such as the World Championship where he became vice champion in the last edition

Fellipe Trovo -Ushirobira JJ

Felipe Trovo is the most experienced of the 4 athletes with regard to track time. In his 2 years as a brown, the young man from Ribeirão Preto received an invitation to fight three editions of the Podio Cup, where he showed a technical and flexible guard. Although he comes from a team without as much tradition in the great competitions as those of his rivals, Felipe is the current Brazilian champion and can not be ruled out in this challenge.

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