How was the sadness of Yoshinobu Takeda lifetime Shingen 's eldest son moved to self – destruction

"It is a life – mountain valley" well.
If you think that you have succeeded and entered the height stage, it will roll off just a bit … … There are not many stories, not only in history, but also in modern times.
Even if it is a noisy age, that story again this time.

Yukaga Ten years (1567) October 19th is the day when Takeda Yoshinobu died.

You are the eldest son of Takeda Shingen, but is not it that people other than Sengoku Fans have only the impression of "Are they justified?" … I do not think that many of you do not know No way.

Given the character of "righteousness" from the general, it was Westerners before

Yoshinobu was born in the astronomical seventh year (1538).
It is the eldest son of Takeda Shingen (Harumi) and Masao Sanjo, the primary room, which was originally unstable.

After dying at the age of 12, Immediately afterwards, the daughter of Itosho Imagawa Yoshimoto will be in the main room … … and preparations for it will be carried on steadily.

At the end of Astronomical 22nd (1553), it received a deviation from the general of Ashikaga Ashito ( Ashikaga Yoshiki ), and became to call him Yoshinobu It was.
This is the first time in the Takeda family.

Normally, it is not a character (character used for the ancestral name) in such a case, but there are many more to give another letter, because the Ashikaga family and the Takeda family are descendants of Seiwa Genji .

Also, at this point it was not being coldly given from the beginning, as a new building was made.
Was it necessary to apply foil by being biased by the general? Even from Yoshihi, this time it was around the time that I wanted a friend by alone, such as by confrontation with Miyoshi Chogen.

Yoshihisa Ashikaga's splendid scattering! General Muromachi who honed swordsmanship until the master of swordsmanship

Makes great progress even in the first match While raising wartime in the battle of Kawanakajima …

Yoshinobu's first team is officially astronomy 23 years (1554), attacking the Chisui family in southern Shinano.
In this fight, Yoshinobu dropped the castle of the Chisaku family, the castle of the god Kinno, and made a big success not to be thought of as the first team.

When Muromachi Shogunate was also appraised by Muromachi Shogunate, Yoshinobu is regarded as "Associate Sanjo" when his father Shingen got delegated to Shinano Guardian in the first year of Nagasu (1558).

In addition, there is a story that Yoshinobu raised martial arts in the fourth battle of Kawanakajima in Eiroku 4 (1561).

It is believed that Kenshin attacked Honjin and Kenshin himself had to take a spear himself, but if such a thing was done, it would have become a famous anecdote rather than a fight of Shingen and Kenshin.
Perhaps there was a raid, but is it realistic to think that the battlefield was a bit more modest?
Originally for Kawanakajima 's battle the record is not clear and may have been rewritten for future generations.

Suddenly a dark cloud stays in Yoshinobu that should have grown into a reliable young man.

In October, Nagoro Era (1565), it was suddenly torn by Tokoji (Kofu city, Yamanashi prefecture) as "involved in Shingen assassination plan". Two years later, he was forced into self-pollution and died.

It was a dark cloud in Yoshinobu on the aftermath of the Imagawa family's hand

Regarding Shingen's assassination plan, it is said that Yoshinobu was not the one led by Yoshinobu, but Yoshinobu's role, Takeo Iitomi and Aokido were talking. It can be said that it is a so-called faction faction.

But Tora-chan's younger brother (later Yamashima Shousen) informed Shingen Bale, it was such a deception.

Although it is a story that is somewhat awkward, it is thought that there is a change in diplomatic strategy of the Takeda family behind.

There was a battle of Okehama between Yoshinori 3 years (1560) ahead of this, as the Yoshimoto died, the Imagawa family was suddenly falling down.
Even if Yoshimoto's mother Kusuni Nyun is stepping on, the fact that Mr. Imagawa Masuma who replaced it was a lack of equipment as a daimyo is considered to be a major factor.

So Shingen said "Even if I am acquainted with the Imagawa family, the benefits are small in the future and what makes it better to complement the victory in order to suppress the Suwa family ( Katsunari Takeda mother's home home) There is no helping even if it thinks that it is not ".

Yoshinobu is still believed to be Imagawa Biki because the main room is from the Imagawa family, resulting in a conflict between parent and child, the worst end … ….

Despite the differences in detail, it is generally a conflict similar to Tokuya Ieyasu, Nobuyasu Matsudaira (parent Nobuyasu Matsudaira), and the conclusion is almost the same.

In general, while watching the assassination of the samurai's principal assassin, the area around which Yoshinobu was supposed to be a mastermind for two years was truly doubtful. Even though Nobunaga is being made upset by about half a month since he was cast out of his castle at the stage of "there are signs of resistance".

Incidentally, immediately after Yoshinobu was infected, Winning accepts Nobunaga's adopted daughter in the main room.
It is also a reason why Shingen wanted to connect with Imagawa family.

Mother · Mrs. Sanjo donated a product

The truth is to wait for future research, one last story to come with horror.

Priests of Yoshinobu have dedicated a sword to Miwa shrine (Fuefuki city, Yamanashi prefecture) before the incident was discovered.
This is a shrine that the Takeda family admired and it is not strange.

This shrine is dedicating items to Yoshinobu Yoshinobu (1566) and her mother Sanjo Masato which Yoshinobu is infected with.
Mrs. Sanjo wished for son's liberation and martial arts, it was an invitation. Kang Chan … ('; ω; `) Fuwa

As for Mrs. Sanjo, tend to be drawn as a villain somewhere with habit in fiction. Sometimes it is whispered that Shingen was not in a relationship with Shingen, but in reality, it may be more natural to see that it was a good wife, such as helping her husband Shingen through his relatives in Kyoto.

Please refer to the following article for details.

Mrs. Sanjo (the room of Shingen Takeda) is a pride of a proud public house? From the book "Forgotten Room" approaches her real image!

Chitose Changchun

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