How far is the Aztec civilization's sacrifice ceremony serious? Approach the origin of "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure"

do gather ー!

Young women who also showed skin on the page filled with impulsive onomatopoeia.
A knife is pierced on her chest, with her hand tied.
"Blood is a life!" "
A man with a creepy mask was bathed in and breathed, and the ceremony celebrated its climax.


"Chief (Osa)!"
"Chief (Osa)!"
"Chief (Osa)!"

There was a mighty and brave kingdom in central Mexico from the 12th century to the 16th century AD!
This culture accompanied by a tremendous sacrifice of national scale and rituals of human eating meat!
That name is called the sun people "Azteca".

national manga by Araki Hirohiko " JoJo's Bizarre Adventure ".

The first part is a story about the stone fight of the hero Jonathan Joestar and the enemy Dio Brando over the treasured treasure "stone mask" left by the Aztecs.

Even if it is a product of imagination, of course, "a stone mask" that a person becomes a vampire if she suffers a face,
【This culture accompanied by a tremendous sacrifice of national scale and ceremony of human eating! 】
Is the story true?

This time I would like to close on the sacrifice of the continent of Latin America.

What is "a culture accompanied by a tremendous sacrifice of national scale and rituals of human eating"?

Speaking of Aztec sacrifice ceremony, there is an image of sacrificing the victims alive, like the aforementioned "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure".

The priest plays quietly the pulsating heart of a victim who has torn the ribs and is taken out of the body … In general, can not you imagine such a picture?

These rituals of sacrifice are divine, so the style is different depending on the god offered.

I summarized it briefly below.
Since it is an exciting expression, I will leave it to each judgment of the future browsing.

quotation from the 16th century painting depicting the state of the ritual / wikipedia

"Solar God · Military God · Hunting God Witzillotite"

◆ The god of warrior who breaks down the night and brings the morning light
Victims: captured prisoners of narcotics
Means: Riven the chest with an obsidian knife, remove the heart and bake
Treatment: The corpse is pushed under the stairs and dismantled from the joint. Owner of the prisoner of war gets the top position. The rest will be acted as a stew and bone will be animal feed

"Grain God SHIP TO TECH"

◆ Shedding peeling of sacrifice also on the character of God who gives food by peeling her own skin
Victim: Prisoners of war
Means: On the first day, torn the chest with obsidian knife, take out the heart and bake.
In "Sacrifice of Gladiators", prisoners who are connected with rocks to the chain and have unarmed weapons are sacrificed. Two fighters of eagle, two warriors of Jaguar, one fighter of leftist warrior are fought and killed
In "Sacrifice of Arrows", a myriad of arrows are shot at the prisoners who have spread their arms and legs on a wooden frame. The heart is removed and peeled
Treatment: The corpse from which the heart is hollowed is served to the family, to the meat of the feast.
Blood is applied to the god image. When the corpse rots it is peeled off carefully, leather is learned by the priest who takes charge of the ritual. After that the skin is discarded in the basement and cleanup ceremonies are held

"God Trock of Rain and Thunder"

◆ It is said to govern rain, thunder, drought
Victims: Children born on a special day as a result of fortune telling or with certain physical characteristics. In the case of sacrificing children, it was considered a dirty work and was avoided as much as possible
Means: After the priest makes the child cry and collects tears, it cuts the throat
Treatment: The victim's skin is peeled off and the priest wears for at least 20 days

"Goddess of the corn silenene"

The goddess expressed in the form of a lairless woman
Victim: Female
Means: Beheaded at the place dancing as incarnation of the goddess, peeled off
Treatment: A warrior who had favor with the victim, learns the skin the following year

"The God of Fire"

Victims: Prisoners given sedative
Means: thrown into the coal burning alive, the priests are dragged out with a hook and take out the heart while still alive

Certainly this can be said to be "a culture accompanied by a tremendous sacrifice of national scale and rituals of human eating."

Estimates that the number of victims was 15,000 to 20,000 people a year, totaling 1.2 million to 1.6 million. Because it is too numerous, fight called "flower war" was often done. The point is the battle only to secure the victims.
It was reported that it was Trakaelre who served as a vice-king, who was the mother-in-law brother of the king Mokutezuma I of the same dynasty who decided such blood ritual.

Naze Was such a sacrifice necessary?

Why was this kind of thing repeated?

Did not anyone think that the sun would rise even if the person was not cruelly killed.
Did not the survivors of the victims or the surrounding people oppose this ceremony?

In the 1970s, anthropologist Michael Herner came to a certain theory.

"There are no large beasts suitable for meat at that time, and if the population is small, birds and fish will supplement animal protein, but then Latin America at that time too population density too high to make up Did we perform a ritual accompanied by human carnivorous to ingest animal protein? "

Although it is persuasive and attracted theory, there is also an objection that it is absurd, ignoring demographics and nutrition.
Compared with other meat meat, human meat is not very nutritious and it is certainly unsuitable in terms of efficiency.
It seems to be convincing, it may be called a theory that something important point is missing.

But I do not know something.
Religious ceremonies, show off of political power …… Various reasons are being debated, but it seems that it can not be said that a definitive conclusion has come out.

However, even the motives of Mitsuhide Akechi in "Honnouzi no Tsuku" are not yet revealed, it will be impossible to explore the truth such as "the truth of decision-making" in history.

The Middle Age is a light era of human life It can not be said from a modern perspective

Before saying "Aztec civilization is cruel," it may be better to think about other countries and civilizations of the same era.

Witch hunting, religious war …… In the 12th and 16th centuries, mass murder was often done in any country or civilization.
There, we will have to consider the fact that "there were many people who were sacrificed after being recognized as witches" in order to prove that their religion is correct.

Life as well as Aztec was light in this era.
The tendency became stronger as religious motives came.

The ritual of sacrifice is horrifying from modern people.
That's why, I think that such a brutal deployment that brings out the custom of Aztec sacrifice and leads to the drug war in Mexico is not good.

It took Japanese irony ironic fire request that means "I worshiped a burned iron bar with bare hands", and "Japanese were barbaric and irrational" Is not it like being told?

History as a history, I want to look calmly.

sentence: Blue Koyaki


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