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Although you may have received the indication that you just published a straight tiger article and another historical movie review, no indication of … … no matter how much, but this time the brush is showing a hot picture and the brush does not stop So it can not be helped!

so the second time is " Great Wall ".

Basic DATA info
The original title Great Wall
Production year 2016
Country of creation China · America
Stage China
Era Song Shin Soon, the 11th century (1010-1063)
Major performers Matt Damon, Jin Tien, Pedro Pascal, Willem Defa, Andy Lau
Historical Reproducibility Historically it is packing UMA, not historical reproduction. But the details of the details are solid
Features An extremely clever piece wearing a skin of a get-moon movie

Matt! You are a big person of you or you www

The Great Wall.
It is one of the few artifacts that can be seen from outer space, and it is a long wall that has been chosen as the seven wonders of the world.
Why did you have to build such a long wall? Is it just to prevent people?
Perhaps it was to prevent 'something' that is not a person …! What?

This movie is that I made one piece with such an idea occult magazine "Mu" idea.
In fact, in the 2017 Academy Awards ceremony ceremony, Jimmy Kimmel, who served as a moderator, was superbly rewarded.

"Matt (· Damon), you do have a lot of instruments, is not it? Manchester by the sea produced by you was nominated for Oscar 6 division, so it's a big deal. But you kicked that lead and gave it up to Casey Affleck, so I came to a Chinese ponytail movie, that "Great Wall" is a big deficit of $ 80 million (about 9.2 billion yen). It's not a stupid thing "

This work that caught the recordable moss so much that it is kena like this in America.
In Japan, this work that has been propagated independently as "Good to be a monster movie" is already good.
(Reference: Cinema )

Well, what movie is it all about?

* Editorial note
This corner does not arbitrarily chose a history movie with comedical elements, but at the moment, we have posted reviews of Mr. Musha who has appeared in the flow of the meeting in order.
In the future, we will pick you up while interwoven with a straight orthodox work and "kneeling, this comedy" knuckle ball, so I'm pleased if you can have room in mind and see it m (_ _) m

◆ Synopsis What is a mysterious creature striking the Great Wall!?

Mercenary William Gallin (Matt Damon) and Pero · Toval (Pedro Pascal) who came all the way to China in search of black powder.
While escaping from the raids of the Khitan tribe, they reached the Great Wall.

Two people caught by the son of the Song. General woman wearing a blue armor · Lin Mei (Landscape) interrogates two people in English.
Forest is surprised to learn that William slashed the mysterious creature that flew in the middle of the journey.
While many of us insisted on executing the two, only the soldier of the black cloth, King Wang (Liu Taka) opposed.

The King 's opposition is empty, and the two are taken to the top of the summit.
Two people are impatient as to whether they will be executed like this.

At that time, they see the color-coded armies.
That was not the only spectacle of astonishment!
While the drum was beating, the mysterious UMA corps began raiding one after another. While sacrificing the military, they managed to withdraw their enemies.

What on earth is this all about?
What is the secret concealed by the Great Wall !?

Why did Matt Damon get into this work at the time of this synopsis? I think that there are also many people who doubtfully feel doubt … … Even if it is not Jimmy · Kimmel, I will thrust it!

It looks like a Ton Demo movie, it is extremely heavy and serious

About 30 minutes at the beginning, this kind of trend demonstration will be unfolded.
Without questioning the viewers' heads, raging vs. UMA battle spreads to the screen.

This scene has a sense of urgency and power, and it is truly spectacular.
What I am doing is full of ton demo, but the image is heavy. The sense of Zhang Yimou, which is well-established for vivid color design, the action that produced each difference in tactics not only power but UMA design and movement, the magnificence of the Great Wall. Even this alone is well worth seeing.

When the first battle settles down, I will seriously take the answer to the question.

What is the identity of UMA?
Why does Hayashi and the king speak English?
It is explicitly explained in the work.

The identity of UMA was "饕餮" (tutsu). "Bamboo" which is a pattern of bronze ware is well known.
Then what is that event? Although it is an ambiguous explanation, it is probably an extraterrestrial life body … ….

This 饕餮 seems to raid every 60 years, that is, every round of the twelve pillars.

This work is strangely fresh.
With this setting you can also make it "a fantasy that can be unfolded in a foreign style of Chinese style". Somehow it's okay to set about the old setting of China.
The movie "PROMISE non-polar" is this pattern.

However, this work can identify up to the time the period is Song Dynasty.
The setting that William has served Harold II is not wrong with the age.
Williams' goal of looking for black powder that was not found in Europe at that time is also wrong as the era background.

And the possibility that William brings black powder into Europe earlier than historical fact is also plucking this work properly.

In this work 's climax, the same principle as "hot air balloon" "Ten light" will fly.
It can not be argued that this is wrong as well. There is a tradition that it was being skipped in the Three Kingdoms era under the name "Komei lamp".

In-house unique settings are also very carefully incorporated.
1. Purpose of the enemy
2. Weaknesses of enemies
3. Victory and defeat conditions
4. Tactics and tactics that a friend should take
5. Reason why William is necessary as a fighting force

An answer is prepared properly in places necessary for such a story.
If you make it so carefully so far, you will not be able to call "Getmo Movie" "Tondemo Movie".

It is such a work that it seems to be watching while wearing while grinning that it is B class for about 30 minutes and the second half looking forward.

Skillfulness not stepping on any mine landmines

Before the release, this work was subjected to certain criticisms.
Is not it "a Cassidian savior movie"? It was concerned that the challenge which can not be solved by Chinese people is to develop by the appearance of white people.

But after publication, this criticism has disappeared.
William who plays Matt Damon is a soldier to the last, and most of the planning and execution of the plan is carried out by the soldiers of the forbidden armies.

William is only a "foreigner member excelled in one art (archery) not in others" to the last.
Soviet troops sometimes doubt him and make good use of his ability, but I do not think that he is a savior who appeared in this struggle. In consideration of the barely, it is configured to consider criticism consideration.

William's special skill is also skillfully set.
He is good at handling the long bow, which is a special skill of English people.

The Forbidden Army employs a collective tactic based on the simultaneous shooting of a crown, and he considered William 's long bow sniper to be outdated.

However, William is a valuable fighting force when it turns out that it has surprising advantages in this single shooting.
There is no simple superiority / inferiority there.
It is a depiction that diversity is a strength.

"What is wrong with the female general?"

Treatment of ladies who are female generals is also clever.
Even a girlfriend, even though she falls in love with William, she is protected like a princess, and it is not becoming a part of her feet.

Woods are set up with no problems at all even for men. If it is a skilled warrior, you do not mind whether you are a woman or not.
None of the characters will add criticism about her appearance or femininity.

"You are abandoning a woman, are not you?"
"Do not you want to know love, not fight?"
There is no line like such.
Is the point questioned by the forest the owner of intellectuals appropriate for the future? That is one point.

Some people think that William and she should do hugs and kisses.
This work dismisses such a little old idea, and I am through the idea that it is not necessary to fall in love even when men and women come out.

Female generals like Shogo Hayashi are rather Chinese traditions.
Three girls are coming in "Water Margin" in the same era as this work.
"Yang Mian Masayoshi", "Hanaki Ran", there are a lot of traditional Chinese entertainment where brave female generals are active. There is also the word "Hero Hero (Kikaku Eiyuu) " which expresses such fighting heroine.
Even in historical facts, not fiction, women 's good, there is a female general who fights the Princess Hirayoaki.

"Why is a woman general Hayashi there?"
To the question,
"What is wrong with the female general?"
The piece comes with the answer.

President Trump, do not overlook the advantages of diversity

When it comes to fact, it is actually not only "饕餮" but the deadly rushing point of this work.

The annihilation of North Song is due to the invasion of the girls' nation "Kim" who has crossed the Great Wall.
There is also a setting called William who puts herself in hopeless battle with money if it gets to historical fact.
That person is rather natural. If so, it would have been treated as a heavy historical drama without being treated as a tedemo.

In production, there are scenes in which the soldiers of the battle honor the general of the Han dynasty who gave his name in the fight against the fellows · Lee Hiroshi, singing.
The world of this work is not a parallel world, it often has a history tormented by the invasion of different races. If I tried to draw it, I should have been able to make an opposite ethnic group an enemy.

However, this work still dared to bring out the enemies of the human beings.

Since this is a setting that it emerges every 60 years to fulfill the unlimited desire of a person, it seems that various allegories can be applied.
Environmental destruction, natural disasters coming around when you forget, human disasters such as high-yield treating …

Different ethnic groups are no longer enemies. It is rather a fellow who fights like William.
It is possible to take a view that taking advantage of diversity and striving to deal with each other, we are striving to deal with big problems.

This work was published at the timing when I was surprised when President Cardamus of the United States threw discriminatory insults against enemies, closed out foreigners, making walls in Mexico.
I just made it carefully so as not to trample anyone, so I do not intend to do so.
However, it seems like I have a message that I gave him.

"Even if you make a wall, you can not prevent enemy invasion! The important thing is teamwork, generosity, trust (new in the process, Shinren), diversity!"

Yes I think that this work is speaking. It makes me feel like a tonedemo movie, making me feel generous.

Although it has failed box officially, this work has demonstrated sufficient possibilities in Chinese movies.
Ample budget, powerful VFX, a screenwriting composition that takes into consideration every possible direction.

I showed this power. This work is a perfection degree that can not be said to be a simple Getti movie, and it can be said that it is quite a deep work.

by: Mushison Shinnosuke

[Reference] Great Wall

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