Furuta Omaki is as clever as Ishida Mitsunari! The original teacher of Sansui tea episode was in Tanegashima

At the return of the falconry, stopped by the temple To Toyotomi Hideyoshi against the tepid A little more hot tea, then Mitsunari Ishida 's "Sansui tea" which went hot in the end.

Although it is an episode familiar to Sengoku Fans, you actually know that there was a woman who punctured the Lord's temple with the same three tea tea before this?

Tanegashima Hours 堯 (Tanegasima and you came) Mrs., Mrs. Furuta .

Mr. Tanegashima when the time side of the cock

Tanegashima Tokijin is the 14th head of the Tanegashima family who served Shimazu.

As I suppose from the surname, the incident is Tanegashima.
It was a gun that changed the battle of the Warring States era, as you know, in 1543 when the Temple was the principal owner, which was piled up on the Chinese ship that flowed bronze on this island.

When I bought two fireguns from a Portuguese who was on board, I handed one of them to the blacksmith of the island for research, and succeeded in domesticizing guns.
And since that time, the house gets out with a gun forever, but the leading role of this time · Furuta Omae is this side room of Mr. Tanegashima when it is Mr. Tanegashima. First of all, I will explain briefly about Tokujo … ….

Originally, Tokiya got a regular room from Mr. Shimazu and had two women.
However, Sleeping against Mr. Shimazu (Serious) Mr. Secret secretly received a princess, secretly made a boy and hid it.

Although this is ballet in the main room, the main room will return to Shimazu, but Furuta Omae will be a different woman from these two people.

intelligence of Furuta Omakaze which can be seen in parenting

The familiarity of the two people was when Hinode came out for Kunigami village.

In the middle of hunting, Tokiwa healed thirst, so that it was issued when I entered a certain house, it was warm at first, then warmed up slightly, and at the end it was a hot three-tea tea.
Prepared this tea is Mr. Furuta Ohnen.
When I liked her intelligence, it was my own room.

Since episodes of Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Ishida Mitsunari were around Tensho 2 (1574), it was Nagara 11 years (1568) that Furuta Omaka gave birth to his son, so the original Sanshin tea came from Furuta Omae Is not it!

Actually, Furuta Omae was a clever woman.

It can be seen in her parenting.

A boy who became a wife of Tokiro became a legitimate child because her brother-in-law brother who succeeded her family was early life.
Mother Furuta Omae brought up rigorously besides things to survive the world of warfare.

First of all, it is not a residence from living.
I bother to select the land of Furuta which is the coldest in Tanegashima, frosting, let me practice spear every day with barefoot, do not let me rest on any cold day.

As a result of such a tough education, my son 's long time has grown up wonderfully.

Tamashima Hisashi gun art that supported Shimadzu's strength

When he was 15 years old, when I went hunting in accordance with Shimadzu Yoshihisa, I knocked out the wild boar that nobody tried to save and gave armor to reward.

Afterwards he also served as a vice president of the Shimadzu family, and also served in the role of Bunko · Keicho.
Kuma is superior in gun artillery, Shimadzu Yoshihiro and other family forces boasted unrivaled strength on the Korean peninsula, it is said that its know-how is also great .
Practice in cold weather was probably useful.

Shimadzu Yoshihi 85 years of spirit and political power! What is the lifetime of Kishima who supported the prestigious family since Kamakura?

Meanwhile, Furuta Omae has been sunk in the land of Furuta in Temari 17 (1589).
It is speculated that it was Christian because the burden of Buddhist appeals was botherly written, "Foreigner and Buddhist do not judge suspiciously" in the grave of the Tanegashima family tomb in the graveyard of Furuta.

At the schoolyard of Furuta Elementary School, which is said to have a house in front of you, the wise mother monument and the mother and child statue have been built, and we are still watching Tanegashima.

by: Mari Mabuchi

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