France is historically infatuated OK though …… Montespan Hou who had his wife snuggled by Louis XIV, runs on eccentricity

Although it is true both in Japanese history and in world history, the people known to the world are mostly " The husband is more famous than "Mrs. Nanchera".
Perhaps it is natural to think that it is almost male to engage in politics and military affairs.

However, there are rare exceptions.
For example, it is the Princess of the King of France.

Mrs Pompadour
Mrs. Du Barry

Who are their husbands, although their mistress, French King Louis XV, is known? I think that it tends to be.

Actually, in French customs.
To make a single and low-ranking woman a mistress is a bad form, so it is to make it look like an affordable married woman.
It seems that contemporary people, Britons of contemporaries, also wondered, but in French ethical feeling it was that "There is no problem if married woman is not mistress as mistress before marriage."

In fact, what did their husbands hide behind the scenes of history?
It was rather lucky to say.
If my wife becomes a mistress of the king, it will lead to a career advancement by remembering it.

"May my wife like it, so please take care of yourself, your Majesty"

I do not understand well at all, but let's say it to be natural, as there are exceptions, history is interesting.

"Your beloved wife will be taken down! Even your opponent will not accept even your majesty!"

Thus the aristocratic fury of Louis XIV as the King of the Sun, a nobleman who ran to a certain kind of "innocence" was Marquis de Montespan .

Let's look back on history, probably as a Japanese, or perhaps hardly understood by people all over the world French infidelity Let's look back on history.

Marquis Montespan / quoted from wikipedia

Aristocrat love comes after marriage

Even today, France has an image of a country that is tolerant of love affair and affair.
This was not the case that started recently, but it has been from long ago, especially among aristocrats.

If it becomes an upper class, it becomes a political marriage rather than a love affair.
It is irksome to be connected with loved ones.
So, enjoying romance play outside the marriage system was a way of thinking that it would not be a problem at all.

Therefore, since the marriage is more than a single age, the nobility rather than the wife and the husband is "no bad thing", "what is it, what a dashi," "it is withering" "to be withe" was. Donkey ~.

Napoleon's wife Josephine is the trouble that put this idea into practice.

She was born of aristocracy and was playing with her young man as her mistress after marriage.

However, it is impossible for a husband from Corsica to understand the act, and it will be threatened to rage out of the house.
In this way Josephine finally realized what he had done.

What is Je Sefine? A woman who loves Napoleon and loves her and parted and loved after all

Marquis Montespan loves his wife at ease

However, there are still exceptions.
There was a nobleman who loved the wife very much.

It is the Marquis of Montespan Louis Henri de Pardayan de Gondel.

Wife Françoise was a beautiful, beautiful woman who was convinced of being loved by him.

Elegant face like goddess, sparkling blonde and blue eyes, rich body.
You can also have a witty rich conversation, exactly an absolute beauty.
There is no need for my husband to think that I will do my best also for my beloved wife.

Quotes from Marquis Montespan Françoise / wikipedia

From the time he first met in Paris, he was absorbed in his wife.
The two married at the age of 23. It was rare as a nobleman's couple, they were friends who love each other deeply.

However, although he loves deeply in love with his wife, he did nothing but go out on expedition as a soldier.
Although it seems there was a local wife at the expedition destination, it lacks persuasive power … … the missing was similar to the circumstances of the wallet, and had to earn money by warfare in the war.

If you love me, I would like to say that I should not leave so much, and in fact he should have done so.

Married woman of absence, absurd marriage.
There is no way for men to let her go.

How did you treat men like bees flocking in flowers?
My wife was talking funnyly to her husband who came home, and the marquisher of Montespan was relieved that she would be okay as she was strong.

But one moment Françoise frown a beautiful eyebrow and told her husband to go out.

"Hey you, defend me. Your eyes are strange to see me, my king, please get away with me!"

Here the Marquess Montespan should seriously listen to his wife's appeal.
But he was absorbed in the war in front of him, he did not do so.

"It's because of mind, then I will go!"
Leaving the wife of a lumpy face, the Marquis de Montespan crossed the horse and went to a new battlefield.

It was a woman with "TOPTING IN!"

Certainly Françoise might have loved her husband deeply.
Perhaps he was even thinking he was hated by the other party.

However, it was also a woman with high pride.
Francoise was serving as a male officer to the court.

There was King Louis XIV, known for its beautiful appearance, and its pretty lovely Louise de l'Avilier.

If Françoise is a brilliant woman like a large rose, Louise is a lovely and discreet woman like a violet blooming in the field.
They will be best friends, but eventually ambitions have begun to fly back to Françoise 's chest.

"Is not this amusing me to be losing to the groundbreaking Louise?"

Françoise was not thinking of becoming the King's princess.
I just wanted to be the number one woman in the court.

Because I will do it at the top! It's cheeky.

While competing with Louise, Francoise starts to stand out even in the courts.
Because it is owner of beauty and intelligence anyhow, it is natural as well.
Then Louis XIV, famous for playboy, also began to stare at Francoise with enchanted eyes.

Francoise put a cold sweat.
In this way, anyone will be taken to be the king's one.

The fact that you want to stand out is a fact.
It is also a fact that the King's Princess is the top of a French girl.
But I still love my husband … In this way I may lose my desire.

Then he gave anxiety to the husband who went out.
Nevertheless he ignored the appeal and went out.

It was the moment when something crumbled in Francoise.

The principal who looks after the layered comedy and laughs loudly

Montespan Hou who works hard on the battlefield returned to Paris after a long absence.

Hou Montespan was laughing at the audience seat, watching a comedy theater depicting the maid who had been taken down.

"Hey, that person is certain … …"
"No way, I guess I do not know my situation, is it serious?"

Surrounding spectators caught the sleeves, looked at the state of Mr. Montespan who opened a large opening without knowing anything.

His friend who missed quietly told him.

"You do not know anything about the rumors of the deep?"
"What is it about rumors?"

At last he knew it.
That the beloved wife is becoming the king's mistress.

"Lie ah ah ah ah ah!"

Fighting for the state, the King 's disgrace shooting the vassal wife!
Betraying my beloved husband, my wife's disbelief that made me shame!

The wife's figure will turn around in the head of Marquis Monte Span.
By the way, I have appealed something before.

"Why did you not notice it! My idiot!"
Mr. Montespan hurried away and went sailing in the court.

Is not the stomach of the reunited wife plumped?

In court, the courtiers laugh and smile, watching him while watching him.
Some of them are "I'm awfully sorry, even those who are saying that this is no mistake in life."

From their attitude, Montespan Hou realized that the rumor that the man was taken down and was true.
Montespan Hou who met with his wife for a long time at a suburban house in Paris got the eyeballs to fall.
My wife's belly was plump. I was pregnant with a child other than myself.

"What do you do!"
I lose my hand to my wife without thinking.
I was surprised at my husband's anger, Francoise ran away in a hurry.

Mr. Montespan who became a bad man became a man complaining of walking around a friend's acquaintance in Paris.

But the surrounding reaction was cold.
My wife's father and other family members are happy to hear that "Lucky lucky luck" this is my pleasure. Other…….

"It is impossible for your majesty the King"
"It would not have been wrong to have you alone in my absence"
"There are as many women as any other. Why would I introduce a good child?"

With such a condition, no one will oppose Matmo.

How am I supposed to do?
At this point, the official prince of the king was Louise and there was still a chance to get back his wife.

"Even with any kind of hands, I will regain Françoise!"

But he does not know.
Françoise's love awakens and her aim is no longer the official princess.
That he was furious with her husband that disturbs it.

Man who appeals tomorrow as full power

Mr. Montespan thought. In this situation, how to regain my love?

1. Appeal the wife and the king to the Papacy
2. Pray that my wife will change my mind and come back
3. My wife will not return. Reality is heartless

Thinking in thought, the conclusion he issued was "3" … ….
Here we are, it is unexpectedly calm. It is not so easy to regain the heart of a woman once she gets away.

So then he thought about this revenge strategy.

1. Embrace a prostitute and infect a venereal disease
2. Embrace his wife in that state
3. My wife also has sexually transmitted diseases
4. The hated king via his wife also infects sexually transmitted diseases

Well, perfect strategy! You ought to close your eyes to the point that it is impossible Ooooooo!
No, there is no other choice but to laugh, but people who are cloudy with eyeglasses in color love may be such a thing.

Until a crazy self-sacrifice of infecting sexually transmitted diseases in the first stage, I managed to go well.

And finally the second stage.
Montespan Hou, with a promise to meet with France Words, will try to embrace his wife despite the presence of people around him.

"Gash! Somebody!"
Françoise fleeing to the next room irresistibly.
Listen to the noise, the servants pushed, the strategy ended unsuccessfully failing.

Details are unknown, but from the situation it would have been caught in the lower body exposed bare.
After all, what remained to him was a terrible humiliation, an embarrassing rumor that "what about himself?", And his wife's contempt.

arrested the ill-treatment of whole body to Louis XIV, Tohoho

When it comes to such anymore, next is easy to understand harassment.

Montespan Hou wears in mourning and heads to the court.
Louis XIV asked him with a strange face.
"Pardon me, who is going to die?"

Hou Montespun stared at Giorori and the king and said:
"I am a beloved wife, I will never see her again."

If it says so, I will steadily step on footsteps, turn away and walked away.
The king waited for Pokan and his opponent 's back, but then he got furiously angry.

"It is what arrogant man is to take in the mood of a veteran throne, but arrest it!"

Hou Montespan was released after two weeks in prison.
As a dangerous person who did not know what to do, it was attached as a condition to not leave the territory without permission.

Mr. Montespan let the horse coat black.
In a modern way, is this feeling like turning the car into a black hearse?
Two horns were attached to the coach of the horse-drawn carriage, and when I rewrote the crest, I told you to put a horn.

"The guy who was taken down" came from the word that horns grow.
Is it fashionable somehow or is it strange or is this the French esprit? It is wrong.

In addition, when he returned to the territory, he took a grand "funeral of the duchess" over a month and submitted to mourning.
He did not hide himself, he did appeal to everyone around him "I was taken down".

Honorable Montespan Hole The attracted man appeal excited people in the court, but Parisian citizens were favorably seen as "there are funny and rebellious aristocrats".
People loved his personality, so we pityed with our hearts and grieved for the absence of a beautiful Marquis.

I also appealed a guy who was so enthusiastically deprived of it so as to firmly stop Guess's gut that "this year I am not willing to be able to succeed as a result of my wife."

His nobleman friends did not take the disaster seriously.
But the rustic people sympathized from the bottom of my heart.

At last the feelings of Mr. Montespan have calmed down.

Husband's husband and glory and fall

But Francoise 's anger against her husband did not fit.
She makes a separate litigation against her husband.

At that time, the divorce was a very high hurdle, the separate litigation was like a substantial divorce case.
Francoise murdered the dowry and household goods from her husband without mercy.
As a result, Montespan Hou is covered with debts.

While her husband was covered with debts, Francoise was running up the stairs to glory.

If she becomes serious, she can not compare herself with Louise de Lavalier who is kind and lovingly dependent only on the love of the king.
It hurt my heart to repeat like a lot of bully, and it was sent to the monastery.

From here on to Francoise, the days of glory.
Brilliant beauty was shining with the love of the king and jewels and dresses.
It would have been a satisfying day.

However, Princess must fight against his age.

With age and repeated births, her beauty eventually begins to appear cloudy.
Francoise who kicked off by relying on black magic to a rival much younger than me.
Even there was a limit.

Louis XIV chose to be a new mistress is the intelligent and discreet Marquis de Marquisen.
It was not a woman who could play in youth, but rather a plain-oriented Nomark woman was deprived of his glory.

And finally Francoise asks for help to her husband.
Of course, Mr. Montespan rejects his wife's request to return home.

After all, Françoise, like Louise that he used to drive, would send days to serve God in the monastery.

Ironically changing the situation to be interesting

Mr. Montespan was then banned from entering and leaving the court.

He even even enjoyed playing card games with "his daughter" in the court.
They were nominally his daughter, but in reality they were children made between Franzers and the king.

This sarcastic situation was also interesting for Mr. Montespan who had a rounded corner.

Montespan Hou where love for his wife was runaway and he was taking a strange behavior.
In the later years he was known as a good-looking old nobleman.

He will have a calm end in 1701.
Before his wife Six years, 61 years life.

It was a person who sent a unique lifetime in French history, appealing men full power and leaving a name in history by appealing.

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