"Everyone's castle owner Naoto" Comment review Review No. 37 "Takeda comes and gives off a fire"

Good evening, this is Musha Shinnosuke.

The castle owner Naoto Tora: "Tora Matsu" Sugano Masaki finally banned the new poster visual "The baton to the future"

At last a new poster is also visible.
Although I would like to pay attention to Ii Naomasa with a crisp look, the expression of a direct tiger is still worrisome.
It seems that such years and years have been engraved, experiencing many sad farewells, which is different from the crisp and brilliant face of the first half poster.

Although it was also the poster of "Sanada Maru" last year, I think that such a change that the hero's spent years and experiences accumulate as a difference in facial expressions.
I do not see it on the poster, but I also feel that direct parents and politicians are watching from where.

Subtitle of "Takeda comes and fire" as it blows off such a bold feeling.
Hyacher! Ryo is disinfecting!
I can only imagine mad max content. Please stop it.

Shureu kire launched the invasion to the River!

Well this is the main part.
Ii gave up on reviving Ii Naoto is returning to life with Longyun Maru.

Living as a farmer's name was calm and satisfied as it was.
Even if I wear a shabby farmer 's costume, I will be enchanted by a beautiful straight tiger that shines like a giant. Eyebok Fukufu.

But the evil hands approach.

Shingen Takeda who was mad at Tokugawa Ieyasu 's fusing with Masami Imagawa started invading the River.

People of Ieya are sending a peaceful life in such a crisis in the former turtle 3rd year (1572).
Setoku finds a business machine in embroidery and becomes a son-in-law who is good at embroidery.

The marriage partner of Ayame which was not decided this was decided.

"Tomo, are you going to Sakai?"

The people of Ii live strongly, Yuzaki Nyima is drawn to Long Lu Temple.

Naoto tries to cheat the torch clan party who came to see Ryuun Maru as an opponent. The gesture of hitting Pokasuka and Ryuunumaru with yam (radish?) Is cute.
Tamaki kept a letter from Nakamuraya, a Genka merchant who escaped to Sakai.

Sakai, the biggest city that the merchant can accommodate. Ryuunumaru plays his mind in a place with such a dream.
It was his figure that he saw such a big dream that the direct tiger feels charm.

"Is not it good? I think it's a story that suits your head"
"Why do not you go together?"

It was a direct tiger who refused to leave Ii that he can not go, as far as Ryuunumaru's words are too punished.
It is said that they can not afford to leave their homeland after being bullied, although they must condemn the Bodhi.

Ryuunumaru asked from Naoto tells whether he does not have anything wrong, saying that even if you burn charcoal here, it does not matter.

"You were a farmer here, and Tajima will not survive"
It was a direct tiger to leave that such things know the most, leaving.

As Masaji Ono pointed out, was Takase an interlocutor !?

A peddler was visiting Idiya castle where Kondo became the castle owner.
The man shows his identity by looking at the face of Takase.
It was a person among Takeda.

"But Ii was already ruined"
"So, I want you to kill the current castle owner. If you do not make it, I do not think there is any life."

The Takeda Takeda interpretation theory which re-emerged here!
It was as Mr. Ono glanced. Is Takase able to kill Kono who is indeed obliged?

Naoto is invited to Yu Sanbu Nyu to Yongsan Temple, and urgent is on when to go to Sakai.

Since I want to embrace my grandchild, this is the last chance so let 's follow Ryunoyamu without letting me go, umubi Nuni approaches. Although it is a word that urges a grandchildren's desire to forcefully, this is her kindness as well.

I do not think I can go back to Sayaka Ii.
Speaking of this, because it is for filial piety, it is kindness that pushes the back that the direct tiger will think that it is for someone else.

Direct tigers are not for themselves, they are about to live for someone.
Because it is such a girl, you have to do how to beat the back somewhat lacking in delicacy. It is love.

Uesugi Kenshin can not move no longer operates Oda and Tokugawa pears

A direct tiger returned to where Ryuunumaru wonders whether to return to Sakai this time.
I will tell Ryuunumaru that Naoto will decide to go.

The two will convey Yukinobu Nami a decision to go to Sakai. I was told that Sakai's departure will be next year, and Yukinobuni was pleased.

Meanwhile, the invasion of Takeda Hyacher, Ryo Tooru started.

Takeda who is too fierce to shoot punches to Oda while hitting the Tokugawa.
Besides, Uesugi is a pinch of desperate pains that I can not move in one direction Ikko.
What is this stupid group.

Even Honoda Tadakatsuki "Is not it naked?" Leaks out a strange laugh In this situation, Ieyasu is on the verge of escaping the reality before go board! !

I tried to attach Okita to Takeda, at that timing ……

Naoto and Ryununomi are urged to leave Sakai from the south river.
But both of us will refuse and I will say my determination to work to miss the people of Iidani.

How to get away with full power here. Do you want Kondo to surrender? Everyone squeezed wisdom.

Takeda keeps advancing troops with the momentum of bamboo.
Oda's reinforcements are unlikely to arrive. Ieyasu said that I will censor him and make friends here.

"Even Oda is going to be destroyed, so it's OK to hurry Oda here and get to Takeda!"

Okay, I thought that this is going to be done, Oda should be devoted to misunderstanding … … I thought that Sakuma Nobusui came. I have a wonderful face.

Moreover, there are 1000 reinforcement troops to 20,000 opponents …. Is it water or what is it said?
Nobunaga, which enemies can not move by laying a siege net, is the utmost effort that can be done now.

"… … this is no more fighting now"
Mr. Tokugawa who will sort out with an unprecedented face.

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