"Everyone's castle owner Naoto" Comment review 38th "I do not leave Ii"

Good evening, this is Musha Shinnosuke.

Takeda Shingen invading Ryo in Norinori.
Shingen who knew that the people had evacuated from Iidani said, "If not then take away nothing, please burn it all out!" And set fire.

Last week's subtitle
"What ah, it's not just Takeda but I just put a fire on them"
And suddenly it is a hard punch on the face of a viewer who pushed over.

Because Takeda Corps can not be quiet.

Nagisawa Kazushifu visited the source of Sharp Takeda

Kondo Yasushi was also running away to the Kamehira's secret village.
It was Kondo who bowed with shedding in the water, while striking a little hidden Nakano Naoyuki.

Takase From Ii Naoto you are asked "What were you doing in such places?"
Takase cheating on somehow. When will direct tigers know the truth?

Nankie Kazushie was visiting Shingen's Honjin.
Naniki said that the remnants of Ii want to sit on Takeda. The escape of the people's farmer's name is also to pursue Kondo because we want to restore Ii with any kind of hands.
Will it be better to take Tora – Matsu out of Naoto because there is no Sono in it?

In the Nankie, Ii asked that they wanted relief by restoring the Ii family who does not want Kondo's rule.
Shingen seems not to be even thought … ….

Ryuunumaru tells the Naoto Tora.
The state of Takase was strange, it seemed like dying, keep an eye on.
The direct tiger reminds me of "Takeda's interperson theory" that Masaya talked about.

If Takeda is strong If Ie is strong in Tokugawa Kondo

There was a story in the letter delivered to Hidden village that it will restore the Ii family to replace the head of Kondo afterwards.

Kondo is obviously "furious!
Direct tiger explains that this is a measure, not minded to take Kondo's head.
As Koda and Ono Masaji did once, Kondo and Ii pretend to be counterproductive, saying the real intention.

In essence, Takeda and Tokugawa, who was strong at that time, appealed to want to live a civil servant's livelihood, wanting to get in trouble according to the power relationship of Daimyo.

It looks something like this when I schematize it.
◆ When Takeda is strong → Ii
When Tokugawa is strong → Kondo
According to each situation, the idea that the better one will rule over Ii Ita.

"Unfortunately with suspicious people"
But it is a funny story to Kondo.

In the first place, as a result of pretending to be a conflict between Ii and Ono, politician has become such a thing ( 33rd ).
It is refused here. That would be so. Even in such Kondo, I do not suspect a lonely Takase.

Takeda was tailoring Takase to a debt kata

Naoto tells back to Mr. Takase, reminiscent of the theory of the interpretation.
Just Takase is going to bring her back medicine to Kondo. I will say that the direct tiger also divides himself, but I will refuse Takase.

A straight tiger that knocks down the bowl containing the medicine.
"Were you a fellow of Takeda? It was a lie to be a direct parent's daughter!"

Takase being packed. She says the direct parent's daughter is the truth. So why did you try to kill Naze, Kondo, there was a proper reason.

After his mother's death, Takase who had only to sell himself for debt owed himself to talk to Takeda that he would return his debt if he became an intermediary. Dirty, drift Takeda dirty.

No, rather, direct parent … …. you … … I did not leave any child support or anything for the woman who took me … …?
Did not you even know that the other person was pregnant?
You oh ~ ~ ~ already! This scheffle is okay!

"Now if I kill Kondo, Ii will come back to my mother!"
Tiger Takeshi saying so, "Who asked for lefteousness" is a direct tiger to skip.
And hugging, I regret that I should have listened with Takase story.

"I think that you are going to revive Ii anymore, so do not do anything noisy anymore, now you can stay here as a daughter of the future"
A direct tiger who speaks so.
It seems that you are compassionate from Takase who can not be a normal girl.

What is this Battle Ethnicity Saiyan …?

Nanki is talking with Shingen in a nice atmosphere.

Shingen asked "Do not you get tired of getting tired or tired" in Nankei? Shingen is.
Kai is a country surrounded by mountains, but we talk about whims that we had not had time to tired, we had to attack next.
What is this battle race. Is it a Saiyan … ….

What would be better if I was born again? Shingen asked.

"Well, it seems to be the case that the rice field is good, let the people gaze at it and adjust the heavens and the earth, and make it a place that is blessed everywhere here"
"It is in true Tenkashi cloth"

It was a slightly downtown Nanke, on the ambition of Shingen 's descent pickup.
Somehow, I will feel like his generals Tokugawa general.

Lucky ash becomes fertilizer even if the house is burned ♪

Direct tiger brought medicine to Kondo instead of Takase.

Kondo will reply here as soon as I hear the request of Naoto. After all it is not such a bad person.

After burning down the village, Takeda headed west.
Naoto tells people of Ii that they can return to the village and lowers their heads.

The rugged people are struggling to say "burning is lucky because ash was scattered in the fields!"

It is tough. It was a citizen of Ii who was excited about the reconstruction of the village. Hisashi and Ayame's couple also show love love.

In this way Iiya's reconstruction began.

Naoko who is strong and still has ideas as a lord. Taking advantage of this adversity, I am bound to be a chance to call people from other villages burned to Takeda.

Then Ryuunumaru brings out the story of Sakai.
Nakamuraya was also coming to Iiya.

"I go head and head to Sakai, I want to try my new life with my head"

"Returning to Maga?"
Although it is a straight tiger so pleased, Nakamuraya comes to pick up Naoto and Ryununomaru.

Naoto tries to forget Sakai's going to Sukkari.

Although I am in the midst of reconstruction, I care whether I can leave. Nankei could not go on for such a thing, pushing the back.

"Okay, I do not care anymore"
However, it is said that Rigounumi, the most important one, wishes that it is better to leave the direct tiger.

In Ii Ita, it seems that Naoto and Ryunoyama are becoming ideal "ideal lands without stealing or stealing".
Industrial restoration, people's enlightenment.
Certainly Ii Ita is becoming a land that embodies the ideal.

"Do not want to see the future"
Naoto smiled and smiled "I do not have to look, I go head and Sakai, I want to try my new life with my head."

Ryuunumaru is rather rather ridiculous.
Ryunoyama decided to talk about Sakai heard from Nakamuraya.

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