Doctor – Naokuse Naokase's arm is also wonderful and patients are amazing! Nobunaga, Motonari, Chukyo, Yoshihira, Emperor Masuzo … …

There are two "Daizo (san)" in the Warring States Period.
One person is familiar with Nobunaga related anecdotes Saito Dōzo . It is a person who chooses nothing as to be called "Mino of Mino" and is one of the examples that I accomplished Shimogoku.
"The name stands for the body" is said, but the other "Dōsan" walked a completely different lifestyle from Saito.

Year 4 (1507) September 18 is the day when the physician Dr. Sansei Kanasese (learning howa) was born .

A person who made a legend in other ways, although it is not flashy like Sengoku warrior, is the correct expression for him?
Let's chase the lifetime at once.

Mr. Omi Gen and Sasaki family draw blood

Dōsu is said to draw blood of Sasaki family of Genji Omi.
However, my mother died the day after her birth, and my father was killed at once, so it seems he was raised by a relative.

The fate of the orphan is harsh.
Especially if it is the world of Sengoku.
Dōsan entered the Sokokuji Temple in Kyoto at the age of 9 and started walking along the Buddhist way.

The turning point comes at the age of 22.
Daizo who came to Dongkhou to learn at the Ashikaga school suddenly got interested in medicine.

Neither medicine nor religion saves others, so it's not that far apart.
Also, as there is Yakushi in Yakushi in Japan, it was also widely demanded that this world profit ("I want you to rescue from suffering while living" rather than salvation after death), so Dōsō Did you take interest in medical science from?

And I met Tashiro Sanki Sai (San Francisco) which was known as a famous doctor, and I got an introduction and I got the latest Chinese medicine that was just brought from Ming of the time.

Matsunaga Hisahide provides living standards book of the night

After learning medicine and returning to Kyoto in this way, I will concentrate on my duties as a medical doctor.

It seems that he had earned credit as early as possible, General Mr. General Yoshiki Ashikaga and Hosokawa Haruhito, Miyoshi Chukagaku such as Muromachi Shogunate experts.
In addition, Mr. Hisahide Matsunaga hands a couple's dictionary on night life. Well, it is something related to medicine.

Hisashi was not Kazuyama, so it may be that he simply wanted a child.
It seems like Hisidori of rationalism, not going to a kind of godless shrine or something like a fantasy shrine.

Miyoshi Chukagaki before the Nobunaga people under the heavens!? Hisashi Matsunaga's unreasonable end

On Dōzo who gradually gained trust, the invitation was called from the court next time.
I first came to the Imperial Palace for the first time when I was 53 years old, so I often come to visit.

Back then, when Emperor Masaozaka throne to the third year.
It seems that it is about the time when the ceremonial ceremony was made by the contribution of Mouri Maison .

Since it is a later story that the Emperor is allowed to see the examination, was there someone who was in a state of emergency at this time even among the girls and the coworkers?
If you are a public official you will call it at your house.

Or, I already had a doctor's examination at Dogo in the public home and had recovered from my physical condition, so I thought "You may recommend it to the court" … It seems like anything .

Was Mr. Mouri able to dominate 8 countries in Chugoku during the first generation of Naze? A life story of 75 years in life!

Tsukiyama Tomita To be asked for medical examinations even during attacks

The trusted Dōsaka also served as a messenger to Mouri.

It seems that the arm of the medical doctor of Dōzo was also reported to the Mouri family, and he often went to the treatment of the former master again often afterwards.

Longevity of the former employee was also the achievement of Dōsan, while keeping his own moderation.
Anyway, I'm going to a doctor while I'm attacking Tsukiyama Tomita Castle in Eiroku 9 years (1566).

Besides, it seems that Dōsa was also interacting with Notomo (present · Ishikawa prefecture) Daimyo · Hatakeyama Yoshinaga.
Mr. Noto Mr. Hatakeyama may have been interested in cultural and medical sciences for a long period of time, and because Yoshinaga was suffering from a middle tide, I asked for that treatment.

In the second year of Tensho (1574), he presented a book to the court and [ medical emperor was asked to seek medical attention.

Emperor Masao who survived the harsh civil warring era Empress D pauper was helped by Nobunaga … …

His disciples are doing hundreds of people …… Nobunaga's examination and that lanterns waiting!

Okuda Nobunaga after Kamokoro, he also consulted Nobunaga, and is given a favorable scent of fauna and lanterns (Ranja).

Lan Hua Hai is a name treasure in Shosoin, a hidden treasure which only people with limited credit are allowed to cut.
Nobunaga has just cut it out this year.

No wonder he did not do everything in his hand to Dōzo, but I do not know how long it was.
It seems there is a trace of about 50 orphans cut away, so it is difficult to estimate the size of the part cut by Nobunaga.

Do you understand that "Nobunaga acknowledged Daigo's arm and used the lantern wait to express maximum respect?"
Not only as a doctor, but also people who have been attracted to so many people are unusual.

Lan received discount / quoted from wikipedia

It was thought that working with tea ceremony also worked advantageously for dating with Daimyo.
Depending on the times and Daimyo, there may be possibilities to try as a spy.

Even though he is busy, he is concentrating his efforts on writing and rearing, and his disciples are in hundreds.
It seems that he was also careful about his own health, and he was examining Jesuit missionary · Orgentino in Bungo (current · Oita prefecture) at the age of 77.

In addition, this entered Christianity as a trigger and was baptized.
The name of baptism is called "Bel Shoal".

Like Organino, it seems that he came from Father Bellechor de Figueiraid who was examined at this time.
Although he had already entered the era of Hideyoshi, it seems that he did not do religious activities.

Oda Nobunaga is surprisingly gentle !? Explain the life of 49 years refreshed! 【With chronology】

descendants reigned the head of the Oku doctor of the Edo shogunate "head of medicine"

In the twentieth year (1592), after receiving the family name of Tachibana and Imaji from Yosinari Emperor, the descendants of Dōsa came to call "now great road".

Daizo had a daughter and a single girl, but his son passed away early, so she is continuing her medicine with her as her son's son as a daughter's son-in-law.

It is strange that I will not hear the episode with Ieyasu Tokugawa which is known for healthy geeks but Dōzo himself has died in 1594, so at this stage he will have a chance to be friendly Is it because it was fortunate?

However, his descendants seemed not to have been evaluated for his achievement, but his descendants later wrote "the head of the doctor of the Edo shogunate (1949008)] " Heredity.
Continue to observe "formulating and prescribing medicine according to individuals" that Dōzo taught from Master Sakusei of the teacher.

Although it is commonplace in the present age, some people have to drink kilo-unit medicine in the month in order to prescribe so-called "textbook" prescriptions.
It may be that it is really necessary, or even if it is reduced to the minimum, that amount will be … ….

Both doctors are very busy with aging, but like most people, we would like you to face up with any kind of person and seek prescription.

Toshinori Changchun

Reference: Dr. Naokuse Naokase / wikipedia

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