Do the troops and newspapers in wartime lie? Book review "Omoto management announcement falsification / concealment / fabrication of the Pacific War (Gentosha new book)"

Search suddenly increased immediately after the earthquake "Omoto administration announcement"

To the older generation is the word Omoto management announcement which is synonymous with "lieu eight".
There are many historical documents based on this subject, but this book I would like to recommend that Watashi Shime is "able to make a color".

Mr. Ken Tsujida's author debuted in 2011 as a contemporary history researcher from Keio University.
It was the year that the Great East Japan Earthquake occurred.

Safety myth collapses due to Fukushima nuclear power plant accident.

Along with that, it seems that the media has received a huge advertisement cost from a power company and has taken charge of the image manipulation of "nuclear power is safe".

Is not that an Omoto administration announcement?

Is it all that you are aware that such doubts came up among the people?

Actually, according to this document, in 2011 "literature and articles on the Omoto management announcement has soared", so also on the National Diet Library's website

"The highest number of hits after the war can be confirmed. Among them, the news agency is said to be the source of" Omoto management announcement "alongside the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, Nuclear and Industrial Safety Agency, TEPCO and others It is criticized "(ibid. 263)

It is with


Yes, what is being played throughout the story is the sloppiness of the media at the time that followed the Army and the Sea Army that struck a lie.
I think that I want you to share the crisis awareness that "Do not you feel familiar to the present?"

"The Omoto administration and the press conference are united together"

Watakime shima was particularly shocked, among the newspaper officials of the time, the place where the Omoto squirrel was called "morning newspaper", "evening paper" and so on.
It is based on the episode which Kanego Tominaga of the Navy coverage department recalled in postwar books.

newspaper reporter "Will the evening paper be published today?"
Reporters "You may put it out, but do not want to make it in time for the deadline, instead let's stop because it is not enough for the deadline, instead we have three morning editions tomorrow" (page 64)

On the next page, this place is quoted in "Warfare Imperialman Army Department" which the Yomiuri Shimbun published by Hiromichi Fujimoto (Army) during the war.

"The press conference of the Imperial Army who works as a life press and the press department of the Ministry of the Army jointly become one piece, becoming a part of the main pillar, making efforts to build on the press fighting front I am doing it. "

I say that this is Zubuzubu. Even if paraphrase is paraphrased as adherents.
Not only has it sealed black history, but after the war it is excusing that "I barely brushed the brush with the military's repression", so the Japanese newspaper industry is incredibly great (stick reading).

By the way, it seems that there was also a case where the newspaper encouraged the military department to stop facing a round, that there was no choice but to bring all the delicious places to the preliminary media at the time.
The military and the newspaper were not in a master-slave relationship, but were in a relationship of uneven society. The citizen who is a reader was buying information from such a place … ….

Not only telling a lie, too much decision making

Watashime shima suffered a shock again after Midway's defeat in June 1942 for the first time.
With losing, the number of presentations has fallen asleep.

In December 1941 (that is, the month when the Pearl Harbor surprise me) was announced 90 times a month, but in June 1942, it was 9 times → 7 times in July → 2 times in August, It will appear and decrease.
I see someone who is silent when I get caught, but it is the same for organizations as well.

Furthermore, in the battle of Sabo-shima in October of the same year (Japan side a heavy cruiser, 1 destroyer 1 sinking heavy cruiser 1 overseer heavy cruiser 1 shards and other destroyers 2 sinks during retreat support = , See Wikipedia Japanese version) was not reported in the first place, it points out in the same book.

It's terrible to not only tell a lie, but to decide too much … ….

In the following year the withdrawal due to losing on Guadalcanal is said to be "rolling".
And the word "honorable" ….

The details of this paraphrase rampant rushing are written in detail in this book and please make it a pleasure to read (rather than sorrow).
The comparison table of the actual result and the actual result of the battle presented at the end of the book is especially coloring.

Watakujime who saw a table with small letters, tears appeared from the eyes when I realized.
It is sad not only because of presbyopia.

Minami san [· · ·]

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