Did you assassinate President Kennedy's mistress "You know too much"?

Following yesterday Kennedy neta.
However this time, it is somewhat raw content, it will be a continuation report of the following article.

The US Congress imposed President Cardamom "Publish a confidential document of the assassination of Kennedy" on 10/26!

The lifting of the lifting of confidential documents is in a countdown state, which seems to call for worldwide excitement, and related articles are delivered one after another.

This is one of them.
Although it is an article of Irish Central site (October 2, 2017), it is a startling thing … ….

I can not miss an example of favoring hero color, Kennedy also loves women.
It is Marilyn Monroe that is famous, but it seems that there are others.

And, like Monroe, he was undergoing a death stroke.


when I re-investigate, it seems that the view that it seems that I was killed because I knew it too much. Hye ~!

Woman with Mary Pinch Meyer repeatedly got involved

This is a woman who died of death, the name is Mary Pinch Mayer.

Mary Mr. Pinch Mayer, Mary of Kennedy / Quoted from Irish Central


He seems to have been a mistress in the early 1960s.

The main business was an artist, a person known in sociability, but on October 12, 1964, it was found in a shooting body in Georgetown near the capital.
He seems to be in the form of execution style.

The culprit was caught soon.
He was a man named Ray · Clump · Jr., 43 years old then. However, as evidence was inadequate, it was not eventually charged.

And the real criminal is still unknown until today.

It was a tragedy in a quiet scene

As you can see, the scene is quite a suburban, or there is a forest place so much.

Murder Pinch Mayer's killing site / Quoted from Irish Central

Now it seems that the real culprit was a multiple criminal who tried to keep the secret of Kennedy.

"Mayer has been shooting his head"]
It is the author Nina Burleigh to talk about.
He is the one who wrote the book "Very Private Woman" about Mayer (the picture is quoted from Amazon).

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