Did the invaders who brought guns and pathogenic bacteria from Columbus Day to 'Indigenous Day' killed hundreds or tens of millions?

In the United States soon we will have a national holiday " Columbus Day ".
The second Sunday in October every year is a national holiday that we celebrate because Columbus discovered the Americas.

However, doubt erupted into this and it is debated.

Continuous arrest every year with numerous doubts on American holidays "Columbus Day" "Actually I have not discovered the Americas!"

In 2017, even in Los Angeles, the second largest city in the United States, this day eventually became " indigenous day ".
In 2017, history and remembrance will remain as a year of dispute with the removal of the Confederate hero statue.

Whether it is a bronze statue or a holiday change, it seems to be said that the evidence is that America is facing the significance of historical events.

"You do not have to change anything at all?"
I think that there is such an opinion, I want to think about what the Columbus have done calmly here.

Continental discovery, it was the beginning of hell

What was the name of the ship that Columbus came in after all?
Is it the first discoverer in the first place?

It is true that such a story is no longer being understood because of various things.

But there are certain points.
That they were horrible murderers and looters for indigenous people.

For indigenous people with only stone axes and bow and arrow like blunt weapons armed with steel swords and musketry guns themselves were horror themselves.
The accuracy of the Musket gun was bad and the power was not that much. However, the performance of the gun that a person gets injured and falls to a moment when it thought that a sound like thunder was made is a devil-like weapon for those who do not have it.

How did the Europeans who arrived at the natives after long voyage behave?
How long did you spend months alone with a boat and watching indigenous women as naked as naked?

It is hard to imagine.

I was on a journey looking for adventure.
On the other hand, there were women, precious metals, people who could easily be enslaved.

Heaven for them was hell for indigenous people.

True threats are those who have no resistance to pathogenic bacteria one after another … …

But as a matter of fact, neither swords nor guns brought decisive population declines.

What was brought to the Americas and was the most dangerous for indigenous people.
It was an invisible pathogen.

· Measles
· Cold

People of the Americas were not resistant to bacteria brought from Europe.
Disease attacks the village and squirls enough to annihilate it.

There is also anecdotal that British deliberately handed out blankets used by smallpox patients to indigenous people.
It is said that such a statement is certainly left in the letter.

However, at the time when there was a smallpox patient already using blankets, the natives would have infected sooner or later.
It goes without saying that blankets have accelerated it, although this act itself is evil.

Europeans were convinced by seeing indigenous people who were falling asleep and dying.

"To the disease where they fall, we can resist, that is, we are higher than them"
"This is surely the will of God, that we will rule here after the barbarian indigenous people died."
"The right to rule this land was given by God"

What a savage God there was also one I want to say is because I am a modern person.

Even President Lincoln who showed sympathy for black slaves is taking a very severe attitude towards indigenous peoples.
In such a background, there seemed to be the idea that "To rule inferior indigenous people is the right proved by God".

Lincoln releases black slaves, but Indians persecuted & massacred!

Victims have a minimum of 2 million people up to 100 million people!?

How many people have been victims of indigenous people in the Americas?

It is said that the minimum 2 million people and the maximum 100 million people are adjusted together.

Because the width of the numbers is too wide, it is also different from "It is not credible."
This calculation is quite difficult.

For how much was the unified population before the Europeans came.
Because it is difficult to grasp it, it is the most favorable numerical value now that roughly 40 million people are supported.

This continued to decline, hit bottom with 5 million people.
In other words, it is minus 35 million people.
If the original population is 10 million people, it is 5 million people, if it is 100 million people it is a decrease of 95 million people.
In any case it is no doubt that a tremendous number of deads came out.

"To say that indigenous people die out gave God the right to rule this land"
The idea of ​​the European people of that time. What I saw is not what I was forgiven.

Is not it reasonable to change "Columbus Day"? Personally I think so.

sentence: Blue Kozuyama


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