Daily of a white belt 2: dilemma of the force

Today we are going to speak of the dilemma of every beginner: how much I am going to do of strength? Am I doing well against a fellow graduate?

Let's follow the dialogue between the foristas:

Hall (white band at the time) wrote: Tip the white bands: do not push too hard. If you've been pushing for a while and not finalized it's because you're doing it wrong. I barely managed to drive after a poorly adjusted guillotine yesterday. It was just a workout, instead of keeping pressure pushing I should adjust the position or give up and go to another. I spent hours with my arms shaking and shattered. And it hurt a lot, but a lot.

Pitbull Club (brown belt) wrote: When you're training with a graduate and after training think you've faced it, remember that this graduate probably relieved you of being a white belt, learn from the best graduates, do not force yourself, let go to the peu-pear tree with the other white ones and the recent blue band.

Fefo (blue band at the time) wrote: Yesterday I swallowed (tried to thicken) a workout with a purple band. He made me realize why it did not thicken for him before … : fear: "width =" 25 "height =" 25 "/> </p data-recalc-dims=

birita (white band) wrote: I just came back from 20 days of sauce … an injury to a muscle behind the knee (gastrocnemius). My first training was yesterday after those days … and? besides being put for nothing by a purple and have had some difficulty with a boy 15kg lighter yellow band … I returned home with a pain in the wrist, nothing serious … hj in the morning the pain was unbearable … I was soon in the polyclinic botafogo (I thought it was a fracture or something serious) … after a bone x-ray was discarded … the middle thinks it might be a ligament stretch … I went into tandrilax and he said that when the pain passes I can go back to training with such a good diagnosis.)

A M¨% # ¨ * & # @ is that after these 20 days stopped seems to have fallen back on my jiu-jitsu … oooooooooooo complicated sport!

Kaio (blue band) wrote: Dude, one thing I learned in this 1 year of JJ is that it's difficult to train 100% always, come back and half the guy suffers some injury and always has some discomfort, is part.

As for being taken for nothing by a purple is "normal" or at least is what is expected. In my gym with the graduates, the youngest graduate who "dictates" the training, if you go with everything up and give work, the guys will have to drop the game … and then it gets really complicated hehehe but that's how it goes learn

With this we arrive at two conclusions:

  1. Dose your strength;
  2. Do not let your ego inflate with a "good" performance against a senior, probably it has relieved you

Next week another chapter of the saga of the white band!

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