Chacha – Rare Weapon | Samurai Warriors: Spirit of Sanada

One of the more difficult stages (Loads o’ Red), Fucking annoying objectives too “Kill 300 Enemies” and it won’t even give you half of that amount of troops in that area. Smh
Difficulty: Hard or Hell (Nightmare)
Stage: Skirmish at Mt. Chausu (Final Chapter – Stage 2)
Requirements: Get an S rank which includes getting 3/4 S’s on objectives and 1/0 A’s
S rank for Objectives:

Complete the stage in under:
20 Minutes = S Rank
22 Minutes = A Rank

Enemies Defeated:
1000+ = S Rank
800 – 999 = A Rank

Officers Defeated:
20+ = S Rank
16+ = A Rank

Health Stays over:
80% = S Rank
70% = A Rank

Weapon: Hairpin
Stats: Attack 50, Ice 35, Rage Mode Duration 20, Indirect 20, Death 30, Attack Speed 25.
Items: (My Japanese isn’t so great, I’ll translate this when I have more time) Rare Horse Saddle (Must have!) + 62 Horse


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