Begging, picking up garbage, doves … …. The darkness of the British Empire London, which is in the industrial revolution, is deeper than I imagined.

British drama "Victoria live in love" aired on NHK.
Queen Victoria's wedding was a dazzlingly royal wedding.

A white and clean dress, a shining jewel, a lavish cake, a luxurious bouquet.
Although the glory of the British Empire was extremely vivid, it was painted on the other side at the same time in this work at the same time.

Albert, the husband of Victoria, breasts the miserable appearance of the child seen in the downtown of London and tells Victoria,

"You should care about the lives of the common people, children 4 or 5 years old are selling goods."

Whether Victoria thought that indifference to the reign was pointed out, it makes sense for Albert's remarks.
Albert also appeals to the ordinary people 's distress to Sir Melburn, Victoria' s trustworthy prime minister.
But Melburn does not want to show any interest.

While royalty and nobility live a rich lifestyle, as Albert points out, London was also a super disparity society.
What kind of thing was the world's first industrial revolution, facing poverty, devastation, pollution as well?

"London is a starving beast to eat humans"

London is a starving beast devoating incoming human beings from one end.
Dickens is disgusting and writes like this.

In this era when the railroad opened and it became possible to move from the local city, people crowded in London seeking work and money.
In those days it was the largest industrial city in the world where "people and things" gather from not only Britain but all over Europe and colonies.

Because of this, Whitehall as the center of politics and Westminster Palace were developed, while the poor community was misery itself.

The intricate road becomes a covert hiding where the rogue hides, like a labyrinth. The administration did not endure, and there was sometimes getting into the poor city.

But in most cases, the inhabitants are driven away from the poor city and are transferred to another poor city.
The poor people lay as if to fold over with dirty appearance of nakedness.

It is not uncommon in such a city that not only the living beings, but also the baby and the fellows, the corpses of unfortunate frozen dead people are rolling.
The Thames river flowing through London was brown and dirty, stagnant.

Even if the corpses of dogs and cats float on the river, no one cares.
On the banks of the river there are houses that are likely to collapse, and the inhabitants of the residents take out sewage and make them daily.
If you drink such water you can naturally get infected with the disease.

So people were drinking beer instead of water.

The city of air pollution rather than fog · London

In the market the fat and blood of slaughtered livestock are flowing and the air in the city is polluted by smoke from the coal.
"Misty town London" was also "air pollution city London".
The building is covered with soot and the clothes of people going and leaving are dirty black. People coughing and were sick from the lungs.

The streets are stinking everywhere.
Strong stench from breweries and chemical plants.
Since the horse-drawn carriage is the main means of transportation, there are also odors of the horse itself and stench of excrement.
At night, the street lamps burn whale oil, and the stuffy smell spreads all around.

The body odor of people who will not enter the bath.
Rotten fish and vegetables.
Cold carcass.
Such stench is also added.

People riding a carriage closed the windows even in the summer and covered their noses with a handkerchief.

Poverty, air pollution, disease, crime …… Although many people die from getting involved in such dangers, people are sucked in from the district and they come into the city.

As Dickens says, London was a city that eats people.

Still it is better than going to the hospital.

The first thing that happens in London is the poor workers who have to work long hours.

In the morning light, the poor workers are coming all over to the workplace.
There were many people living in the market, begging, picking up garbage, swallowing dust, picking cigarette buts.
Horse dung, human feces, dog feces can be sold as fertilizer, so people picking up these things … ….

Children of "dull burst" gather at the Thames River at low tide. It picks up and sells things that are still usable from the bottom of the river.
Lucky if there is a drowning body. You can get the contents of your pocket and you can get a reward for the discovery of the body.
In addition, if you insist that you were trying to help because you were drowning, you can also claim the reward.

Children born in the poor families of London could not be kept in shape unless they came to work, as they are pushed by younger siblings as long as they are primary school students.
A ten-year-old worker is a one-man worker.
Troubles and garbage picking were valuable revenue sources for these children.

A group of street children appearing in the Sherlock Holmes series "Baker Street Fighter Corps" are members of these children.
Even if they are hanging around, no one cares about it, and for children it would be a much more attractive job than a stroke because it gets gathered together with information alone.

People who can not sustain these minimum livelihoods are sent to the frightening poverty house just by listening to their names.
For people in the Victorian morning, hospitals, hospitals and prisons did not change much, it was a crazy facility.

"It would be better for you to pick up stuffiness and shit as you enter the hospital!"

People of those days were thinking so (details is in the following article).

People like garbage! UK black labor too harsh history treated in this shade of the British Empire

Contemporary urban problems were concentrated

London, the capital of the country that achieved the world's first industrial revolution.
That was the place where the "urban problem" faced by contemporary society first came about.

Pollution caused by industrial development.
Overcrowding where population flows out and concentrates from rural areas to cities.
A poor city that becomes a hotbed of crime.
Accident occurrence due to traffic increase.
Long working hours facing workers.
People's disparity.

London certainly was a beast that eats people.

When I was watching Queen Victoria's brilliant court life, there was one aspect in London that I could hardly imagine.

It is fun to be enchanted by a beautiful dress, but do not forget that there was a tough reality as Albert pointed out in the drama.

sentence: Blue Koyaki


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