Beautiful coral country Countries without Belies War Independence from Britain or Spain rule

Unfortunately, "It is a history of war" that human history is a history of war is a truthful truth.
Scrambling food and land, colonizing and accompanying battle independently. People have collided with each other, but there are cases in which a large war could be avoided in some cases.

1981 (Showa 56) September 21 was the day when Central America's country · Belize became independent from the UK.

It is a famous country with beautiful coral reefs including 313 m diameter Great Blue Hall (※).

The size of coral reef is the second largest in the world, and most of the coast of the country including the Great Blue Hole as a World Heritage Site is registered under the name "Belize Coral Reef Reserve".
Even with Google Maps, you can see a glimpse of part of its beauty.

※ Please enlarge the map and see. Blue Hole is a terrain that seems like a cave or a limestone cave is unmoved and a hole is empty. It is in various parts of the world including Japan, but in Belize the scale is so big that it is called with "Great" (TOP image is Great Blue Hole)

The remains of Maya civilization and pottery were excavated as an ancient developed area

Belize has been an example of Central and South America and has been a European colony.
However, it has been a little strange as compared to other countries.

The area that corresponds to the present Belize is thought to be an advanced area at that time, as many of the remains of the oldest era and the pottery among the Mayan civilization (ancient civilization of Central America) were found.

There is also a steam bath around 900 BC.
It is interesting to see why the steamed bath was born only in the temperate region throughout the year in the current Belize.
Was it about modern Tokyo at that time, or was it made for something of religious reasons?

A common religious facility in ancient developed areas also had large religious facilities.
In the 500 BC to the 100 AD AD, it seems that the staircase pyramid temple and the head of the 4 m god image were made.

Also, in Belize the tools and earthenware using obsidian of almost the same form were found in the time of the prosperity of Mexico's World Heritage · Teotihuacan (urban ruins in the 2nd to 6th centuries BC).
However, the remains that conformed to Teotihuacan · It is thought that the ruins considered to be dominated were not found and it seems that it was not in the master-slave relationship.

Even on modern roads we are more than 1500 km apart, and at that time there would have been more forested areas, so it may be that the rule simply did not reach control.

When the Americas are discovered, it is a good idea … …

And since around the 6th century, a large city was born in Belize too.
It seems that they were building buildings to cover the ancient town and over the old buildings.
These circumstances are common in cities in Europe, too.

The city of Maya civilization declined & abandoned by place, but it seems that the city of Ramanai, which was in Belize, did not have population runoff and the like.

What was a place that could be a base for trade, that it was the origin of cocoa beans. For these reasons, the preservation state of the ruins is also good in modern times, it is a place where the popularity and marvel of tourists are gathered.

But its prosperity did not last forever.
When the Americas are "discovered" by Europeans, they will be invaded without fail to the great extent.

Europeans who invaded the Yucatan peninsula including Belize in the 16 th century recorded that there were 2000 households in the center of Chetumal (now Mexico territory) ".
Even assuming that there are some deviations in practice, it is no doubt that a considerable number of people have lived in this area.

Later, as in other countries in Central and South America, it was colonized by Spanish invasion.

Domination of Spain is sweet, it was caught in England

Belize which was invaded by Spain and under the control of Governor General Guatemala in the neighboring country. At that time the traffic situation between the governor-general and the prefecture was bad and it was as good as not being ruled by fact.

This is the UK 's ocean …… Armed fleet will keep an eye on.
They settled in the islet off the coast of Belize City, the current capital city of Belize, and tried to ruin in this area.

Naturally Guatemala Governor General sends dispatched troops and "Whatever are you doing Wallece!" (※ image), but the British will pretend to withdraw once and return. Moreover, it is the beginning of cutting down the mahogany (wood often used for high-end furniture) etc and starting to do business to sell wood in the UK mainland.

With this as an established fact, the British government will push the Spanish government at the seat of the Paris Convention of 1763 and the Treaty of Versailles of 1783.

"Since there are already people in the country of our country established in that area, it is the land of our country ^ ^" (Ultra)

Although Spain did not draw in free crowds, Belize became a British colony by British "settlers" who broke Spain "Army" in 1798.
Even in our corner where we are saying that it is a pirate to the UK until now it is a pirate, but the eyeball will pop out.
Moreover, the double shock "Were you doing such a thing behind the French Revolution?"

It is literally like the British are spoiled, so it will naturally not be finished as it is.

"In reality it should be a part of Guatemala!"

The country insisted that Guatemala will be independent from Spain in 1821.

"Belize was originally a sima of Uchi and UK has forced to occupy illegally, so it really should be a part of Guatemala!"

British who does not want to let go of wallet purse naturally does not accept such a claim.
It became military tension at the time.

but in the home country the Crimean War (1853 – 1856) and so on also happens, so Britain can not afford to send a large army to the Caribbean.
Because of that, peaceful negotiations will be held between the two countries in 1859.

The content was "instead of making the road from the Guatemala City to the Caribbean, the UK admits that the UK owns Belize," Guatemala.
In response to this agreement, the UK has not made a road no matter how long it passed, it is in good condition to get rid of it. As usual.

Behind it Britain increases colonists to Belize and in 1862 declares it to be "British Honduras" as a British royal colony under the jurisdiction of Jamaica.

And in 1884 it separated it from Jamaica and made it alone as a British colony. I will push too hard.

If Guatemala did not become independent and the Spanish army was still there, it would have definitely become a war.
Well, although Spain's home country around this time is not at all so … ….

citizens themselves desire peaceful independence but ultimately to a member of the Commonwealth of

After this, it has become a British colony for a while for Nana, and since the 1950s residents of Belize themselves wish for independence.

And after the Constitution and the right of voting for adults was approved, we followed the unusual circumstances of independence. Normally it is the opposite.
This seems to be because … … which one was not decided properly yet between Guatemala and the UK.

The General Assembly of the United Nations is going to take on the agenda for Belize's independence from 1972 onwards.
However, the Belize citizen who has run out of numbness declared independence in January 1973.
It took eight years to be recognized by the United Nations, so the official independence was September 1981.

Also, despite independence, I eventually chose to be a member of the Commonwealth.
In other words, the head of state is King King of England.

On the other hand, Guatemala has claimed its ownership even after independence of Belize, but declared in 1986 "abandonment of Belize 's ownership and approval of independence", and in 1991 diplomatic relations I am recovering.

When it comes to independence, it is easy to think that the war with the former Soviet land or the surrounding area can not be avoided, but Belize is unusual, neither of which occurred.
I guess this is proud.

The literacy rate is as high as 93% and future development is expected

Because of this background, there are many speakers of "Spanish" and Spanish + α "Belize / Creole" in Belize, but the government recommends bilingual / trilingual with English.
The Belize / Creole word seems to be mixed with the words of slaves (African) brought from Africa when the British got in, indigenous words originally spoken in the locality, and English .

It is hard to imagine a bit, but it can be said that it shows the history of this country vividly.

Recently it seems that "the common language in the country is English" situation. It is also like India.
The literacy rate is also very high as 93%, and future development is expected.

Belize is a small country with a population of about 320,000 and the unemployment rate is also high, but it may become a country that you develop everyday in Japan.
Even now, there are also many tourists from Japan, so the Belize Tourism Authority is preparing Japanese pages.

As sanitation environments and security improve, more relationships will increase. I would definitely like to make friends.

Chitose Changchun

Belize State Tourism Board HP [1945900] [1945900]

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