Atsuhime and Takamori Saigo can be in love? The relationship between the two people seen from the historical record is the worst

Taiga Saito's descent, the big drama in 2018 "Sogo don" which is making noise somewhat.
Of course, not only dark topics but also other female teams are talented, and the expectations of fans are not necessarily the worst.

Kurokihua in Saigo's third wife, Saigo yarn, Ms. Keiko Matsuzaka at Mother's Masako Masako.

It becomes even more important role About Atsuhime is Kitagawa Keiko, so it is already glamorous … … I would like to say that it is already gorgeous … but in reality this Atsuhime-san is a little bit uneasy There it is.

That is … …
" Saigo Takamori Atsuhime has a pale love affection, which leads to Edo Castle bloodless castle"
It is a setting in the drama called.

I wonder why Atsuhime lives in Saigo as a factor in Saigo.

Of course, Okawa drama is fiction to the last, so some creative is ant.
However, there is no limit in anything, especially since Atsuhime's romance is a setting that can be said to be true historical facts and true and reverse, I definitely feel resistance.


what was the position of Atsuhime at the end of the Tokugawa shogunate and Meiji Restoration?
In this article, I would like to look back on the relationship between Atsuhime and Saigo Takamori from historical facts .

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Katsuyuki Tokugawa Yoshinobu Tatsuharu also goes on

In January of Keio 4 (1868), the shogunate army was defeated in the battle of Toba Fushimi. The last general · Tokugawa Yoshihiro returned to Edo.

Therefore, Yoshinobu Wakamiya (sister of Emperor Takaaki Tokemasa Tokiwa)
"I do not feel like fighting anymore, I will rebuild it"
I will tell you that.

Only one wishes of Keikin at this stage is to leave the name of Tokugawa's family name. I did not make a plea for pleasure about my own life.

If you write like this it might be the impression that Yoshinobu decided to appoint a guardian, but the surrounding quarters are not convinced, and French minister Roche offers help, etc. It seems that there was hesitation.
* France has a background that UK of rival was pushing Satsuma, standing on the side of the shogunate.

However, in February of the same year, Yushin repulsed the main factions such as Matsudaira Osamu and he studied at Ueno Kanonagaji himself.
He insisted that he could not draw a bow to the court so far.

Masaru Katsuno and other Shoguns also believe that "if we make a civil war in this difficult time it will not be for the country," and at the same time, we will decide to keep the lives of the lord Keihi anyhow.

And on March 14, Katsuhiro will meet with Takamori Saigo and decide Edo Castle bloodless castle.

How do you get involved with Atsuhime's romance in the development of this conflict?
Moreover, Atsuhime received severe work from Satsuma of her parents house, and has been driven to a position not to be amusing even if hatred is embraced.

A vivid portion behind history.
Let's see this a little more.

red news which had been dramatic before the bloodless castle in Edo

Unwinding the clock a bit, in October of Keio 3 (1867).
Takamori Saigo sends a group to escort Atsuhime to Edo.

This unit, nominally her escort, there was a back face.

The ruthlessness that Takamori had given to them was disturbed in Edo.
It was literally the purpose of disturbing and provoking public security by raising trouble at the general of the general.

They actually act, criminal acts such as intimidation, robbery, murder, deprivation, and assault occur frequently in Edo from the end of October to December of the same year.
In today's language it is called 'terror'.

The Red Ruling Corps was also the carrier of this case.

On December 23, fire will finally get off from Edo Castle Ninomaru.
Ninomaru is the place where Atsuhime and Wakamiya are.

It is a strange story that there will be a fire from such a place no matter how much it is … ….
And Edo children rumored.
"The people of Satsuma seemed to have done it to get rid of Tenjosan (Atsuhime)"

This rumor is also recording a British diplomat Ernesto Sato in record.
Atsuhime seemed to be like a youkai princess who came from Satsuma who might be acquainted for Edo child.

On the eve of Toba Fushimi battle, Edo was in such a state of chaos.

Something like Atsuhime was attacked by his parents house

Let's return the hands of the clock again.
It was desirable for Atsuhita to avoid the worst result of war in Edo, leading to bloodless castle.

Her interest is disposal to a married house / Tokugawa family after leaving Edo-jo castle and moving to the residence of one bridge.
How much standing will remain?
Where will you live?
Even saying that it left the Edo castle in the first place only showed Kyunsi of disarmament, may not you return it later.
She thought so.

When the prospects are sweet, and knowing the severity of the new government forces, the relief of the Tokugawa family turns into anger.
Tokugawa family left only about 700,000 stones of Suruga.
It is less than a sufficient one of the past responses.

It may have been a natural objection to the new government army to make a new country, but the Shogunate and the bannemen who can not convince of this attitude gathered at Ueno Kananagaji and formed Akiyousai.
Atsuhime also struggles for the Tokugawa family and directly bridges the new government and demands generous disposal.

It is like Atsuhime is not a new government army but people of the parent family · Satsuma attacked. There was also a feeling that it understood by talking, and it may be that it felt that there was meaning that this time was married to Tokugawa.

However, within the new government the theory of hardliness is dominant.
Finally on May 15, the new government army led by the prosperity swept the Ajinomoto into force.

This is called Ueno Warfare and it is known that Ohmura Masujiro headed for the Shogunate Army with a very tough posture (for details see the following article I would like to transfer it).

Look back on the sad result of the former shogunate army of the Ueno wars Akiyoshi went

The request was thrust and as if he was denied his existence

Akiyoshi who was killed in the Ueno war by the time it was not perfect.
How much was Atsuhime 's heartache after the Shogun of Tokugawa was pulverized?

In addition, Atsuhito was also angry that the attack was added to Kanonagaji.

Kaneiji is raised by the Emperor 's Pencil (Shinpitsu) the priesthood is the royal family.
It is deeply concerned with such an emperor, that attacking Kaninaga, which is different from other temples, is not the enemy itself.
Wise woman was crushing the suspicion of the new government army.

Her anger was directed especially to Satsumajima Tsuya.
I guess I could not put up with the behavior that I pulled the request that I relied on as being a parent.
As a married man who is married to connect Tokugawa and Shimazu, even if he feels like being totally denied his existence, it is not amusing.

Actually, Atsuhime who can not abandon hope after this, contacts the leaders of the Oku Ochi row clan 's alliance, and entrusts a whole desire to win over.
But this alliance, especially the Date clan and so on, will also be defeated by the new government army, and her hope of reviving the Tokugawa will be crushed to the edge.

quoted from Wikipedia Takamori Saigo in military uniform appearance

Decline the support of the Shimazu family and do their best to nurture young parents / houses

After that, Atsuhime refused any support from the family shimadzu family.
After Keihiki, who headed for Suruga, they will remain in Edo and will take the back of the Tokugawa family.

And Atsuhime leaves almost half of her maidens at the time of leaving Ooku, and lives a life that purports to be frugal as if it is completely different from the former gorgeous and luxurious days.

The only thing to do is to live up to the young people and houses of Tokugawa.
She lived and died as a kitchen of Tokugawa until the death of Meiji 16 (1883), 47 years old.

In such circumstances, even if Atsuhime had a love for prosperity in a pretty young period before marriage, a hundred years of love would have woken up in the confusion of the end of Edo period. There must have been considerable stress at the time of bloodless castle at least in Edo Castle.

Maybe her feelings before and after that might be one of the highlights of the drama.
If so, will it be interesting depending on how you draw?

sentence: Blue Koyaki

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