ADCC – Category analysis up to 77 kg

The city of Espoo in Finland will host another edition of the ADCC, the most traditional submission tournament in the scenario of grappling. The event, which reaches its eleventh edition, returns to the European continent after six years (In 2011, the event was hosted in Nottingham, England). The format of selection of the athletes remains the same, one part receives invitation from the organization and another part is credited through a continental selection.

The categories system remains the same: Up to 66 pounds, up to 77 pounds, up to 88 pounds, up to 99 pounds and over 99 pounds for men and up to 60 pounds and over 60 pounds for women. There were no changes to the rules of the event. The points are only counted from the fifth minute of each fight. The qualifying matches lasts 10 minutes, and the final matches lasts 20 minutes. In the event of a tie, an extension will be held to break tie.

The BJJFORUM will do a series of articles analyzing the categories and each fighter that will dispute the crown of champion. In this article we will talk about the category up to 77 kg, which will not have the presence of the current champion Davi Ramos, who gave up the dispute to dedicate to MMA

Lachlan Gilles

Entry form to the event: Winner of the first Asian selective

Team: Absolute MMA

Qualified for his second ADCC participation, Lachlan Giles hopes to go further in this edition. In the last edition, the Australian was defeated by Gilbert Durinho in the first phase. Giles divides his time between the competitions and the classes he teaches at Absolute MMA in Melbourne.

Tero Pyylampi

Entry form to the event: Winner of the first European selective

Team: TJJK

With the support of the local fans, Tero Pyylampi arrives at another edition of ADCC willing to make history before its fans. With a participation in the 2013 edition (where it was eliminated in the first phase by Lucas Lepri), Pyylampi comes to another edition willing to go further.

Mansher Khera

Entry form to the event: Winner of the first American selective

Team: Zenith

Mansher Khera arrives at the ADCC after beating the US East Coast selective without a point. Despite the talent, Mansher Khera (along with his partner Dillon Danis) were protagonists of some controversies, fruit of the fright established between the students of John Danaher and the students of Marcelo Garcia. Such an attitude off the mat made Marcelo Garcia expel Khera from his academy. Today training with Robert Drysdale, Khera wants only a good performance at ADCC to erase the bad image.

Felipe Cesar

Entry form to the event: Winner of the first South American selective

Team: Barbosa Jiu-Jitsu – B9

Felipe Cesar has the tools to meddle in ADCC. With a good guard game, Felipe César has improved the technical part with his teammate Murilo Santana at Unity Jiu-Jitsu in New York. To qualify for the ADCC dispute, Felipinho defeated strong opponents such as Gabriel Rollo and Cláudio Caloquinha.

Marcelo Mafra

Entry way to the event: Second South American selective winner

Team: Checkmat

Experienced name in the competition circuit, Marcelo Mafra beat Gabriel Rollo and secured his place in the ADCC. With a great performance at Nogi events and a 6-0 MMA record, Marcelo Mafra arrives at the ADCC to toughen the game against his rivals. In his last appearance, the Checkmat athlete defeated Richie "Boogie" Martinez at Five Grappling.

Osmanzhan Kassimov

Entry form to the event: Winner of the second Asian selection

Team: Kazakhstan National Team / Alash Pride

Sambo athlete and with a great base in Wrestling, Osmanzhan Kassimov arrives at the ADCC after winning the second selective Asian (In the first selective, Kassimov was in third place). In addition to the background in Wrestling and Sambo, Kassimov has a 4-0 MMA record and a few medals at the UAEJJF circuit in the white belt.

Vagner Rocha

Form of entrance to the event: Winner of the second North American selective

Team: Fight Sports

ADCC veteran and with passes through the UFC, Bellator and by the extinct Strikeforce, Vagner Rocha arrives at another edition of the ADCC after winning the second selective North American, defeating strong names like Jon Satava and his dislike AJ Agazarm. In the last edition of ADCC, Vagner Rocha surprised everyone when he defeated Romulo Barral in the first round of the Absolute. The last appearance of Rocha in a submission event was in the defeat for DJ Jackson in Grappling Pro 3.

Oliver Cup

Entry form to the event: Winner of the second European selective

Team: Danaher Death Squad / Tristar

John Danaher's brown belt and with some appearances at events promoted by Eddie Bravo (EBI), Oliver Taza is another athlete who has been appearing at North American submission events. Following the school line John Danaher, Oliver Fort is the foot attacks.

Garry Tonon

Admission to the event: Guest

Team: Danaher Death Squad / Team Renzo Gracie

The year 2017 has been great for Garry Tonon, in five appearances, the athlete obtains 4 victories, being the only defeat was for Antônio "Cara de Sapato" that was fifteen kilos heavier. Garry has already shown that he is not afraid of size and has already ventured into various fight formats, both weight limit and absolute. The student of John Danaher and Renzo Gracie arrives for another edition looking for something missing his collection, a medal of the most traditional submission event of the circuit.

Lucas Lepri

Admission to the event: Guest

Team: Alliance

World Champion and three-time World Champion Nogi, Lucas Lepri arrives at the ADCC as one of gold favorites. Lepri hit the beam in the last edition, when he lost to David Ramos in the final. Owner of a solid game both standing and on the ground, Lepri goes to the ADCC willing to bring the only title missing his vast collection of medals. In 2017, the Alliance athlete has already won the Panamericano (Without taking any point) and the World Cup.

JT Torres

Admission to the event: Guest

Team: Acts

JT Torres returned to the competition scene after a long time organizing his gym and taking care of private appointments. The black belt of André Galvão competed little in 2017, but with success. JT got double gold at the IBJJF's NY Spring Open, having even won a possible opponent in the ADCC, Felipe Cesar.

DJ Jackson

Admission to the event: Guest

Team: Team Lloyd Irvin

DJ Jackson has been getting great results in 2017. After winning the Podium Cup Grand Prix and having made two successful defenses of the F2W title, Lloyd Irvin's athlete arrives at his first ADCC willing to impose his game over . With a solid base in wrestling, DJ Jackson offers tremendous danger with his falls and with his strong base over.

Celso Venicius

Admission to the event: Guest

Team: Ryan Gracie / Gordo Jiu-Jitsu

Team: Ryan Gracie / Gordo Jiu-Jitsu

Experienced and with a very good guard, Celsinho Venicius arrives at his first ADCC after years as one of the top competitors in the lightweight category. Celso is coming off a win at GraciePro, as well as beating UFC Charles of the Bronx in a submission contest valid for the Arzalet Fight Combat event. In MMA, Celsinho has a 5-1 record.

Leonardo Saggioro

Admission to the event: Guest

Team: Brazilian Top Team

Invited to the place of Gabriel Arges, Leonardo "Cascão" Saggioro arrives at his first edition of ADCC willing to surprise just like he did at the last World Jiu-Jitsu when he was only stopped by Cobrinha in the final. His last appearance was in the Lightweight Grand Prix of the Five Super League, where he won the third position.

Enrico Cocco

Admission to the event: Guest

Team: Fight Sports

Last guest for the category up to 77 kg, Enrico Cocco has the experience of having already participated in three editions of the ADCC. Cocco's only appearance in 2017 was at the Shoemaker Invitational event, where he left in the first round. The strong point of his game are foot attacks.

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